20 Best Cabinet Organization Ideas To Deck Out Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets made of wood

Organizing your kitchen cabinets can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! There are plenty of ways you can manage your space and make the most of every inch. The best cabinet organization ideas include everything from utilizing vertical space to re-organizing frequently used items, so they're always visible. 

Check out these excellent tips for organizing your kitchen cabinet and get on top of all the clutter - the smart and efficient way!

1. Utilize Vertical Space (Wisely)

The best way to organize your kitchen cabinets is by utilizing all of the available vertical space. The more items you can store standing up, the better! 

Using overlooked spaces will make a world of difference in terms of both function and visual appeal. Try adding a vertical rack to store herbs and spices, or even a wall of open shelves to stack cutting boards using adhesive hooks easily.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Fridge Game

A full fridge

It's no secret that the fridge is typically a hot mess storage for produce and other perishable items. However, many of us stubborn folks store items inside that can be stored outside. 

Try removing your peanut butter or that can of chili no one ever touches and place them in baskets or clear food containers inside kitchen cabinets for a more thoughtful arrangement that can clear up valuable fridge space.

3. Declutter for Pre-Game Weekends

Instead of displaying all your glasses, bottles, and other goodies in the butler's pantry or at-home bar, think about highlighting a few special ones. 

Create a clean and minimalist look with stylish decor that hides less-than-pretty items behind non-glass-front cupboards. Add a cocktail glass tray, so you can display your tasteful cocktail glasses for happy hour.

4. Add a Pot Rack

An Organized Cabinet Using a Pot Rack

Image by Bright Maison

Lower kitchen cabinets can be the hardest to keep organized. If you have limited counter space or cabinets, add a pot rack to remove all the space pots and pans usually take. It doesn't even need to take up additional floor space. Best of all, it works anywhere besides your cabinets!

5. Customize Empty Drawers for Kitchen Essentials

Empty drawers in any kitchen can be prime real estate for organizing your dining and cooking equipment. You can easily find free printable dividers online and use them inside empty cabinets - you don't have to spend a lot of money or even leave the house! 

Add drawer inserts and dividers to create a designated space for small to medium kitchen essentials. You can also try putting dish pegs to keep your good and unused China for special occasions safely tucked away.

6. Install Corner Shelves

Solution for a kitchen corner storage in a cupboard

You can add your corner shelves if you have any free pantry or large cabinet spaces in the kitchen. These are easy to install, and they don't require a drill! They are simple enough to DIY, and they don't need any experience in construction.

Large corner cabinets often used as a dump zone can be maximized into more storage by adding corner shelves that can double as the perfect place to keep your cookbooks and daily use dishes for easy access.

7. Color Coordinate Kitchen Utensils and Accessories

A great way to update your kitchen routine is to keep it tidy by curating a color scheme for tea towels and utensils. This organization hack exemplifies the visual appeal of perfectly organized drawers filled with pastel-colored linens, measuring cups, and serving pieces. 

When things look visually organized in color, you'll be more motivated to keep them that way! Simple but effective, right?

8. Label Your Drawers

Kitchen Drawers with Ceramic Tableware

Drawer labels are an easy way to keep your kitchen cabinets organized. You can quickly identify what belongs where and maximize all of that space in the kitchen using pre-printed or customizable label stickers (can be found at any office supply store). They're a straightforward solution to your clutter woes.

9. File Cutting Boards and Cookie Sheets

When using your cutting boards and cookie sheets, they mustn't be left out where bacteria can grow. That means storing them away when they are not used to save space by stacking them vertically using tension rods and keeping them standing.

10. Go With The Lazy Susan

If you're looking for a space-saving organization solution for your cabinet, go with a Lazy Susan. One of our favorite cabinet organizers because of its versatility, is simply a rotational plate that can be placed in or out of any cabinet. 

It's an excellent way to adjust minimal shelf space to maximize storage potential. Best of all, they can turn your cabinets into beautiful displays as well!

11. Install A Toe Kick Drawer Where You Can

A Toe Kick Drawer with Fine China and Ceramics

Image by Kraftmaid

If you're handy, a small DIY installation might give you more cabinet storage to help organize your kitchen. Full kitchen cabinets and drawers where you have to turn sideways and shimmy down the aisles are endlessly frustrating.

Try adding hidden drawers under your toe kick areas. This storage hack is more complicated than it looks and will depend on the type of cabinet storage you have. But you can maximize cabinet space by stashing flat or rarely used items in there for safekeeping. If you're looking for some DIY project ideas, this is a good start.

See the tutorial here.

12. Use the Space on Top of Cabinets 

If your cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, you can still make use of that above-cabinet space. Turn it into storage for bulky pots, cookbooks pulled out every once in a while, extra ingredients, or even a spot to show off the collection.

You can also keep appliances you barely use on top, like your bread machine or juicer.

13. Use Shelves on Cabinet Doors

Use the space on the inside of your cabinet door to create a spot for smaller items and spices you use often. It's like having an extra set of shelves right in front of you whenever you open up the cabinet! 

Install a cabinet door organizer that will hold additional cutting boards or cookie sheets for your next baking weekend.

14. Use a Drawer for Spices 

Spice drawer

Spice drawers may be an obvious choice, but they also happen to be one of the most convenient and organized ways to keep your spices within reach and clustered neatly together. 

Store like-spices together and label them, so you always know what's in each drawer. You could even organize by color if you please.

15. Use a Pot Lid Organizer 

If you love cooking foods that require many pots and pans, you know how annoying it can be to have your lids all over the place. 

A pot lid rack is a fantastic way to keep those tight-fitting cones close by so you never look up at them empty-handed again! You can hang them on the cabinet doors or even outside your cabinets in other empty kitchen corner spaces.

16. Keep Snackable Items in a Sponge Holder

Have you ever been annoyed by how your kitchen sponge holder sticks to the side of just one sink, leaving no room for storage? With some adhesive strips, stick that onto the sides of the pantry or cabinet door. Then place small snacks at reach!

This isn't too elaborate, but it can be a great way to keep your countertops and cabinets free from excess clutter. You could even use this hack for keeping some utensils in one place if you like.

17. Use a Shower Caddy for Condiments 

Spice rack on a wooden wall

If you love cooking with condiments such as ketchup or BBQ sauce, but you hate how they are just thrown in the same cabinet with everything else - try a caddy and place them in your upper cabinet. 

Get a shower caddy and keep all of your condiments together. It's easy to grab when you need it and frees up some space for other things like spices or bowls.

18. Organize Utensils in a Shoe Organizer

If you want to get your utensils in order, try putting them together using a shoe organizer. You can hang it on the wall or inside one of the lower cabinets - the options are endless! 

It will keep all of those spoons, knives, and other things right where they belong. This is especially helpful when guests are over and mix them up and put them out of order.

19. Try a Tension Rod for Your Cleaning Cabinetry

An oldie but goody, this tip makes use of the awkward cabinet space beneath your kitchen sink. Use tension rods to hang cleaning sprays while also keeping them conveniently out of the way and accessible at all times.

20. Add Wire Drawers to Cabinets 

Adding wire drawers to your cabinets can make them more organized spaces that provide easy storage for specific items. For example, small and lightweight objects like utensils or towels are best stored in smaller shallow-depth drawers, while heavy pots and pans should be placed inside larger deep ones.

If you're unable to install the new units yourself, consider buying a freestanding or sliding drawers unit that fits perfectly within existing cabinetry without any additional modifications required. Note that not all kitchens come with enough cabinet space, so adding extra built-ins is always an option!


When it comes to achieving the best cabinet organization ideas incorporated into your kitchen space, large or small, there's always a solution. 

The best thing to do is assess your own home and draw up an ideal cabinet layout. This way, you can work towards achieving the most functional kitchen space possible; the world - at least your kitchen, is your oyster!

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