25 Best Corner Pantry Storage Ideas To Organize Food & Utensils

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When it comes to arranging and organizing food items and utensils in your pantry, a corner pantry storage should do the trick. It’s a flexible yet uniform way to keep your favorite drinks, snacks, and condiments in a designated zone for easy navigation. 

Check out these best corner pantry storage ideas for your kitchen.

1. Switch to Slim and Tall Storage Containers

Dried Goods Stored In Long And Clear Containers
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These OXO Good Grips Pop Food Storage Containers are excellent for storing dry food and baking supplies. 

If you love pasta and enjoy buying more than just type, vertical storage containers can keep spaghetti noodles, macaroni, and penne pasta with ease. Other goods that will also store neatly include cereal, flour, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips, among others. 

2. Lay Canned Goods in a Rack 

Roll-Out Can Organizer
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Another simple yet one of the best corner pantry storage to add to your counter or pantry is a three-tier rack. It allows you to gather your canned peas, soup, and beans on one shelf and store them lying down for more convenience. 

This nifty hack is a much better alternative than stacking cans over another. Simply pull one out, and the next can will roll out. It’s a great addition to pantries that store items in bulk.

3. Create Zones in Your Pantry

Create Zones in Your Pantry

Organized Pantry Zones - Photo by Everydayhelper.com

Establishing zones in your corner pantry will streamline your kitchen organization. Keep similar items together, such as cans, bottles, and boxes, and add baskets to highlight the storage. 

If you prefer to group items by use, like baking ingredients or sauces, adding zones with labels will make the navigation easier.

4. Store Bulky Items in Straw Bins

Store Bulky Items in Straw Bins

Straw Bins with Labels - Photo by Bobvila.com

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While clear plastic bins are great for visual people who want an easier time locating their pantry items, straw bins are just as convenient to have in your corner pantry. 

It is one of the best corner pantry storage ideas for storing appliances you don’t always use in the kitchen. Some of which include cotton candy machines, ice cream makers, mixers, and bread machines.

5. Stack Plastic Containers Together

Utopia Home Set of 8 Pantry Organizers
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Another corner pantry storage idea is to keep dry food or pantry items like rice, quinoa, breadcrumbs, and nuts in a clear stackable storage rack. You can customize your corner space to fit these transparent and stackable racks to make it slide seamlessly.

6. Opt for Canister Sets

Opt for Canister Sets

Canister Sets for Dried Food - Photo by Realsimple.com

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For kitchens with an open-concept design, opt for glass canisters to store your food items and condiments. They are popular storage ideas that many organizers like to incorporate in pantries and smaller kitchens. 

Canister sets make it hassle-free to locate everyday cooking ingredients like rice, pasta, and morning cereal.

7. Add Two-Tier Rotational Storage

 Add Two-Tier Rotational Storage

Lazy Susans in a Pantry - Photo by Houzz.com

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In terms of functionality, a Lazy Susan storage for your corner pantry would be an excellent addition. Rotating it will save you the time trying to dig through the corner to find your Asian sesame oil.

It’s a no-hassle when it comes to navigation while also grouping condiments for a more streamlined approach to arranging your corner pantry.

8. Hang a Chip Hanger

Chip Hanger with Built-In Hooks
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Those who like to keep bags of snacks like chips, pretzels, chocolates, and biscuits can hang their snacks up in the corner of their pantry. With simple adhesives, install a chip hanger for your favorite chips and pretzels similar to the way groceries stack them together. 

Some designs even come with built-in hooks, so you can also hang them over your pantry door. This little tool will make it easier to grab your favorite bag of potato chips without sorting through other packs in the drawer. 

9. Utilize Wasted Storage and Mount Your Spices 

Utilize Wasted Storage and Mount Your Spices

Stored Pantry Items in a Two-Tier Mesh Organizer - Photo by Tlonghorns.com

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Depending on how your pantry was built, some spots can be utilized for more storage. Use mesh baskets to keep your spices to prevent it mixed up with other condiments. 

You can also use adhesives or screws in small brackets to hold them up the negative space.

10. Pin Your Pans on a Peg Board

Pin Your Pans on a Peg Board

Kitchen Items Hung on a  Pegboard - Photo by Wallcontrol.com

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Instead of pushing another storage rack towards the wall of your pantry, install a pegboard for a more stylish and versatile way to hang pots, pans, and baking tools. 

Add more pegboard hooks to mount other cooking utensils to save some drawer space.

11. Go with a Standing Rack for Your Pans

Four-Tier Pan Organizer
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An efficient corner pantry storage idea to bet on is a standing pan organizer. You can quickly push it in the bottom corner of your pantry to avoid bulky appliances on the counter. 

This standing rack is ideal for households who love cooking and collecting pots and pans for special occasions. Paella skillet and a saute pan, among other variants, will fit nicely in each tier and make it easy to pull or slide.

12. Try an Over the Door Pantry Storage

Try an Over the Door Pantry Storage

Over the Door Pantry Organizer - Photo by Homeedit.com

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For those with full-length pantries, utilizing your door as storage is highly recommended to double the space. 

You can simply hang over-the-door pantry storage to group bottles, jars, and boxes of snacks on every level. Some units come with bars to add hooks for storing vegetables like onions, garlic, and potatoes.

13. Arrange Your Tea Bags in a Packet Bin 

Teas Organized In Compartmentalized Clear Bins
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Tea lovers should consider a packet bin organizer for tea bags. These would save you time going through every tea box looking for your favorite flavor. 

These packet bins are clear and come with compartments to group several flavors in a tightly neat container.

14. Reuse Hangers to Hang Opened Bags of Chips 

Hang Opened Bags of Chips

Reused Hangers for Bags of Chips - Photo by Thekitchn.com

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Another excellent corner pantry storage hack is to reuse your plastic skirt hangers. They don’t only hang on the shelves with ease; they’ll also keep your chips and snacks from going stale and avoid taking unnecessary refrigerator space.

15. Repurpose Crates

Repurpose Crates

Repurposed Wooden Crates in a Pantry - Photo by Chaos Cleared

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Incorporate this corner pantry storage idea to spice up your kitchen. Try repurposing crates into pull-out drawers for unused but necessary kitchen items, such as tote bags, extra hand towels, and aprons, to name a few.

Heavy-duty crates also make it possible to keep heavier items like a mixer or a pressure cooker. Store them at the bottom-most part of your pantry for easy access and avoid toppling over food items in the middle shelves.

16. Add Pull-Out Drawers 

Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-Out Shelves In Pantry- Photo by Drivenbydecor.com

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If you’re willing to do a little woodwork, you can install pull-out drawers in your corner pantry for additional storage. Pulling and pushing them out is so much more convenient than having to sort through items in cabinets just to find your favorite cereal box.

With some measuring, a couple of screws, adhesives, and some light drilling, you’ll be able to customize your pantry into an organized zone for multiple kitchen items.

17. Reuse a Shoe Organizer as Bottom Storage 

Shoe Organizer as Bottom Storage

Repurposed Shoe Organizers in the Pantry - Photo by Housebeautiful.com

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You can reuse your extra shoe organizers (after cleaning them) as bottom pantry storage. They’re spacious and automatically doubles as a pull-out drawer, perfect for families who buy in bulk. 

Shoe organizers are ideal for light snacks like chocolate bars, microwavable popcorn, juice boxes, and packed cookies that kids enjoy. They are typically straightforward and see-through, making it convenient to navigate for anyone new in the kitchen.

18. Use Drawer Separators

Drawer Separators

Drawer Separators - Photo by Martha Stewart

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If you’re a wine and spirit enthusiast but don’t have a good mini-bar, your drawers are probably filled with leftover liquor rather than essential cookware. 

Grab a drawer separator to organize your bottles accordingly. Separate the red from the white wines and make it more convenient to find the vodka for weekend cocktails.

19. Designate a Spot for Your Market Bags

Market Bags 
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If the grocery store is the happy place you enjoy once a week, then a market cart should be in your home. Another best corner pantry storage idea is designing a space to park your market cart or hang your grocery bags.

It is ideal if you’re always in a rush when leaving for the store or if you’re used to buying in bulk. Plus, it can also double as umbrella storage for rainy grocer runs.

20. Go for a Pull-Out Rack

Pull-Out Rack for Spices
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If you have narrow spaces in between your pantry racks, you can add a pull-out frame. A pull-out stand would help create extra room for taller items in your pantry like bottles of cooking oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

Depending on the level of tiers you get, the more you can group your condiments, including spices and syrups.

21. Hang Pot Mittens, Holders, and Aprons

Cooks kitchen aprons hanging in a vintage setting
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For smaller pantries close to the gas range or oven, consider hanging your aprons, pot mittens, and holders inside the pantry door, making them easy to grab once the oven dings. 

You can use adhesive-backed hooks for this corner pantry storage idea since they’re lightweight. They are perfect for tenants and those who don’t want to ruin their wallpaper.

22. Attach Mountable Lid Organizers on Your Pantry Door

Mountable Lid Organizers on Your Pantry Door

Lid Organizer - Photo by Woohome.com

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To maximize every surface and corner of your kitchen, a pantry corner storage idea to consider is adding lid organizers. Mount them up with some screws and keep your pans and pot lids in a separate compartment according to size.

It is excellent for pantries with pegboards, making it a grab-and-go trip without having to hear pots and pans clanging.

23. Mount an Over the Door Organizer for Chopping Boards

Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder
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Gather your chopping boards and place them in an over-the-door organizer. Hang the unit on the pantry door facing inwards. It is an excellent alternative to taking up counter space while holding all chopping boards in one place.

24. Repurpose an Antique Wardrobe 

Repurpose an Antique Wardrobe

Repurposed Antique Wardrobe into a Kitchen Pantry - Photo by Thelovelylauralife.com

You can repurpose or recycle something old but sentimental, like a family wardrobe. With a bit of sanding and varnish, you can turn it into a stylish corner pantry storage. 

It is ideal for smaller homes with no built-in pantry space. Adding in baskets and racks to group smaller items inside will add some uniformity to the storage system.

25. Use Rolling Hampers for Plastic and Reusable Bag Storage

Rolling Hampers

Rolling Hampers - Photo by Goodhousekeeping.com

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Besides holding dirty clothes, laundry bags and rolling hampers are flexible for other applications. 

You can keep a couple of them at the bottom of your pantry corner to store plastic bags for the trash can, as well as tote bags and grocery bags for trips to the farmer’s market or co-op store.


Corner pantry storage ideas are endless if you’re creative and willing to organize your space. Whether it’s adding clear bins or mounting over-the-door organizers, there’s an opportunity to double your storage space. 

Let us know in the comments which best kitchen organization idea is the most helpful when revamping your corner pantry.

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