30 Best Laundry Room Organization Ideas To Help You Survive A Busy Day

Organized Laundry Room

Do you have a small apartment and feel like your laundry room is becoming too cluttered? Well, this list of the best laundry room organization ideas will help! 

These organizational ideas are creative, easy on space, and will keep everything in one place. You'll be able to find what you need on laundry day so quickly without hassle, so read on!

1. Set Up a Laundry Supply Caddy 

This is the perfect laundry room organization idea for you if you're the type of person to take your laundry somewhere else! Prepare a laundry supply caddy that is constantly refilled and kept in a convenient place near the door so you can leave with all your laundry supplies for the laundry shop with ease. 

2. Mount Dryer Racks to the Wall

This DIY project will save you so much space and give you more room for ironing. With a few creatively placed drying racks, you can free up floor space by mounting them directly to the wall. These handy mounts fold flat so your room doesn't look cluttered or incomplete anymore.

3. Try a DIY Clothes Hanger for High Ceilings

This idea is excellent for those with high-ceiling homes and doesn’t want to hang their clothes on a clothes rack. If you can find or buy some extra closet rods, this would be an easy project!

It's also conveniently placed near laundry baskets which makes it very convenient when hanging up clean clothes. One of the best ways to keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free is by suspending an old ladder from the ceiling and then hanging them on ceiling hooks.

4. Create Zones for All Laundry and Ironing Activities

With a mix of drawers and pull-out shelves, you can store the right product in their designated spaces. This will help keep hampers out of your way when it's time for laundry day and when you try to multitask and iron the dried clothes you've been avoiding for days.

5. Go With a Trusty Hanging Rod 

Laundry room With Hanging Rod

Ample counter space is a must in any laundry room. But by adding rods, this extra feature will come in handy when using your garment steamer. So, if you’re a fan of hanging all your blouses and coats, these rods would create more efficiency and convenience for laundry days.

6. Make Use of the Washing Machine's Exterior

One of the most neglected areas in a laundry room is on the tops or the sides of the washing machine. Take advantage by turning it into mudroom storage with hooks for coats and jackets.

If you have many stackable machines, make sure they are all equipped with bins to keep your inventory organized. Flat-backed wire baskets work well and can easily be removed when dirty or need another storage space.

7. Stack Hampers on Top of Each Other

One of the simplest ways to use more space is by stacking your collapsible hampers on top of each other. This way, they aren't taking up any floor room, and you can easily pull one out instead of digging through several at once!

8. Incorporate a Free-Standing Shelving System

You'll never have to bend down again when you need something from the laundry room. The free-standing shelving system can hold all of your supplies without getting in your way while doing chores. 

Also, you may have space for handheld appliances that are too big or heavy for a regular cabinet.

9. Add Rolling Carts in Between Tight Spaces

Living in a small space can be challenging, especially if you have a side-by-side washer and dryer. The struggle with these machines is getting cluttered quickly from lost socks or another laundry, which takes up room for your clean clothing!

If this sounds familiar, then here's how to save yourself some trouble: buy an affordable rolling cart for extra storage. Then roll it out when needed - no more messes on top of one another anymore!

10. Make Use of Light to Create Warmth in the Room

Laundry Room with Light Shade

For a cozy, inviting space well-stocked with modern farmhouse elements like brick walls and wire baskets-- consider adding some warmth through a stylish faux finish on your drywall. Add as much yellow light if you don't have any windows in your laundry room to add more brightness into the busy space.

11. Double Up on the Hanging Bars or Poles

Laundry Room with Hanging Bars

Tension rods can be used to hang clothes before they go into the closet. Plus, baskets on wheels make it easier for you to move items around your house and also keep things from tangling with one another!

12. Custom-build a Countertop

If you don't have enough cabinet space, consider building a new countertop. Add some storage underneath for more room. 

Make use of plywood, some polyurethane finish, and a few brackets to create a spacious and sturdy DIY countertop in your laundry room.

13. Go Vertical

Consider going vertical for extra storage by hanging wire baskets on the backs of doors. It will keep items you use less frequently in one place rather than scattered all through the room. 

You may also use shoe organizers to hang extra laundry and cleaning items behind the door.

14. Add Softness with Rugs or Towels

Don't forget about softening up the space by adding some rugs or towels to your hard floors. Even a thin mat can do wonders in making everything feel more cozy and homey in a room.

But in an area where people spend a lot of time on weekends, the very least you could do is make it comfortable and enticing to wait in.

15. Install a Collapsible Ironing Board to Your Countertop

Small laundry room with sofa and ironing board
Small laundry room with sofa and ironing board - image by

An ironing board makes it easier than ever before to keep your laundry room organized- all while giving you added counter space! 

It requires a little DIY which usually needs little more than some fabric or plywood. However, it is best to consult your trusty contractor if you need basic carpentry to install one.

16. Add a Slot for Your Laundry Basket Under the Sink

Don't just leave your basket on the floor- keep it in its place by adding a slot under any sink cabinet! You can either do this with paint or even scrap pieces of wood, but you'll want to make sure it will fit your specific laundry basket.

17. Install Shelving on an Exposed Wall

You may install open shealving to store towels and other laundry accessories if you have an exposed wall. A shelf will work best for those with limited floor space to spare but still want that touch of storage in the laundry room!

18. Create a Hanging Lid Organizer

This organizer may require some basic carpentry. But the result is worth all that time spent! You can even add other supplies such as cleaning products or special laundry detergents you save for the guests' sheets.

19. Add a Small Pantry Under Your Sink

Under the sink pantry is one of the best laundry room ideas, which requires you to add a small pantry organizer under your sink cabinet! This will help you store all the supplies you need to keep your laundry room clean and tidy.

20. Add a Pegboard for All Your Supplies

A laundry system using pegboard

A laundry system using pegboard - image by Sincerely Sarah D

This is one of our favorite best laundry room organization ideas to help homemakers stay organized with their hanging clothes! 

Pegboards can be installed on a wall or even in front of a door. Simply hang your liquid solutions, soap detergents, and other supplies on it. 

Make sure you label them for easy access. You can even lock in the ironing board if it's strong enough.

21. Convert a Small Abandoned Closet into a Laundry Zone

Of course, not everyone has a laundry room. It's not a problem! 

Convert a bare closet into a laundry room by putting up shelves and rods. This way, you can hang all of the supplies needed for making clothes clean without having to get out there on those dirty stairs.

22. Match Everything You Can

Identical wire baskets are an excellent way to add a uniform look and feel to your open shelves. Opt for the ones you often use at eye level.

Then, store the items that get less love up top, so they're easier to access if something is needed without having to dig through everything!

23. Hide Stepladders in between Machines

A stepladder is a great way to maximize storage space! To keep yourself from having to dig through the garage, buy one of those large plastic bins.

Cut out enough room for it. Then slide in between two full-sized washers or dryers. You'll never have to worry about losing a little extra bit of support to reach those pesky detergents.

24. Opt for Floating Shelves

Soak up the tranquility of this dreamy space with its white walls and floating shelves. Store your everyday necessities within reach while leaving room for books or other belongings you want to display attractively at eye level instead!

25. Create a Sorting Zone

An organized laundry room with sorting zones

An organized laundry room with sorting zones - Image by BHG

The sun streamed through the laundry room windows. Filling this cozy room with light is great for those industrial rolling baskets lined up on one side to make sorting easy for anyone who needs it done!

Invest in some durable ones that have wheels or a sturdy base so that you can roll your dark and lighter clothing around at will without worrying about tiring yourself out or breaking anything while transferring items.

26. You Can't Go Wrong with Labels

Nothing screams organization with perfectly labeled baskets and bins. Go with chalkboard labels, so you can easily rewrite when needed!

27. Pick a Stylish Hamper

A pretty hamper is a fun way to show off your sense of style. You can make it so that you're saving space in the house for other things, aside from dirty clothes like kids' art or craft projects!

A quick tip - keep an eye out on how often people put their dirty laundry away since this will give clues as to what they might need help with most and when those times are; just be sure not to let them slip up by forgetting themselves, too loudly under any circumstances.

28. Install a Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

A wall-mounted drying rack is a very space-efficient way to dry your clothes. 

If you're short on space, then this option might be the best for you! It’s expandable and ideal for apartments and rental spaces. 

29. Use Stylish and Minimalist Containers for Laundry Supplies

The glass container and scoop make for a great decoration in your home. You can use detergent, laundry pods, or other cleaners with this setup as well! 

Just be sure the jars are out of reach from children, so they don't accidentally receive cleaning solutions when using them like us adults sometimes do.

30. Use Trays for Bottled Supplies

This is a great way to keep your detergent and other supplies organized. You can use woven and metal-framed trays for bottled supplies or even clear shoe organizers to prevent spillage. 

Keeping your bottled cleaning products on countertops for long-term transparency and functionality is also a great way to maximize underutilized storage.


The fact that your laundry room isn't the most glamorous area in the house doesn't mean it can't be properly organized.

Hopefully, our list of the best laundry room organization ideas can help you in doing a heavy load of laundry. It doesn't have to be huge or drastic changes to enhance the productivity of your laundry room for long-term sustainability.

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