12 Best Pantry Pull-Out Shelf Ideas To Try In Smaller Kitchens

A Kitchen Counter with Opened Pull Out Drawers

There are many different ways to organize your kitchen, but some of the best ideas involve pull-out shelves. For example, you could install a slide-in pantry or pull-out shelves under your counters. These options will help you save space and keep everything organized in one place!

1. Attempt a Sliding Lid Organizer 

Custom Made Pull-Out Tupperware and Lid Organizer

Custom Made Pull-Out Tupperware and Lid Organizer - Image by T Rice

This kitchen organizer might be a little work-intensive, but building a designated pull-out lid organizer is excellent to add zones in larger kitchens. If you have the space and several cabinets getting dusty, adding a custom-made pull-out organizer for Tupperware and plastic containers and their lids is ideal. You can even use these in deep shelves of your drawers for a more optimized walk-in pantry.

2. Make Use of Mobile Slide-In Pantries

Incorporating mobile slide-in pantries is a great idea for smaller kitchens where appliances and storage space are pushed against each other to maximize space. However, tight and narrow spaces are then forgotten.

You can use the tight space that would be wasted between the refrigerator and your counter by adding a slide-out pantry. These are best used for condiments and other cooking essentials like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, etc. It's also a more practical way to store smaller items in the kitchen that tend to get lost in baskets, pull-out pantry shelves, and storage on cabinet doors.

3. Add a Vertical Peg Board on Wheels


Another excellent way to make the most of tight spaces is by installing a pegboard on wheels. This will help you hang your utensils, cooking spatulas, and even pans that you use daily for easy access. It can also serve as a space saver in small kitchens.

This DIY project may require you to measure the space you wish to use correctly. When deciding on the size of your roll-out pegboard, estimate how much space you have in mind for them. Make sure not to get too large or small because they could make it flimsy and take up more than enough room with their layout!

4. Build Classic Rollouts with a Trash Can

Garbage bin in a pull-out drawer

Using base cabinets with roll-outs can be very functional, but what if you do not have any cabinets in your kitchen? This is where pull-out trash cans come to the rescue. It may seem like an unusual way of saving space in a small kitchen. However, it works best for those who are constantly throwing away garbage or recycling items.

Easy access to trashcans while preparing dinner or lunch is a quick way to dispose of excess fruits and veggies while slicing and chopping away. It's also ideal for those who actively practice composting at home!

5. Try Ankle Level Pull-Out Drawers

Ankle Level Pull Out Drawer

Ankle Level Pull Out Drawer - Image by Furniture Production

For those who don't want to overlook every inch of space in their kitchen, adding a pull-out drawer at ankle level is an excellent idea to consider. Use the bare space under your cabinets as a creative yet functional space to store serving trays, cutting boards, and baking pans.

6. Build a Mini Bathroom Pull-Out

Bathroom toiletries in a basket

If you're the kind of person who likes to buy toiletries and bathroom supplies in bulk, storage can be tricky. Keep your shampoos and conditioners in place with a pull-out drawer, and store toilet paper in an under-cabinet basket for convenient access when you run out!

7. Go for a Pull-Out Corner Shelf

Creating more space in hidden spaces of your cabinets and cupboards is not a problem anymore. With the best corner pull-out shelf, you can free up some space in your kitchen cabinets without needing to change them completely.

You can also get a pull-out organizer for the corner cabinets for those who want to take advantage of corner storage. They're suitable for different cleaning supplies in the laundry room or other canned goods you buy in bulk that you're saving till the end of the month.

8. Incorporate a Hidden Storage in an Existing Pull Out Drawer

Custom Built Wrap Storage

Custom Built Wrap Storage - Image by Pinterest

Some deep drawers are built with more space you intend for it which makes them easily accessible. Try adding an extra sliding drawer to store cling wrap, foil wrap, baking paper, and Ziploc bags.

Ensure that you get the measurements aligned to the drawer to avoid any tension when pulling the drawer out at the same time. This is a nifty space to add a Lazy Susan to for a more optimized bottom-shelf storage. If you have extra spices or small appliances you don't often use and want to hide, this is a trick to try.

9. Try a Sliding Spice Rack

A standard spice rack will do for average cooks who need the basics, but if you're an amateur or professional chef, a pull-out spice rack might be a necessity. It will keep you organized and generate a designated space for just your flavor essentials.

A slide-in pantry is just as convenient, especially if it's something that can be easily installed in your existing cabinets. This sliding spice rack won't affect the cabinet's structure or size at all; it simply requires installing a slider and a two-tier stainless steel rack.

10. Add Roll-Out Drawers

Roll-out kitchen drawers

Small kitchens usually have limited cabinet space, and some have more cabinets than drawers. Add roll-out drawers with a bit of DIY here and there to double space and take back your counter space.

Many people are surprised at how much stuff can fit into one drawer with the help of rollout shelves! If you have enough countertop space, this is the best option for your kitchen because drawers look nice, and it's easy to find what you need if you create zones and add dividers for specific pantry items.

11. Add a Pull out Over Your Fridge

Pull Out Drawer Over The Fridge

This might be a little unconventional, but those who have larger cabinet space than the fridge space can try this nifty DIY. Find a trusty contractor who can help measure out the ideal space for large pull-out cabinets that can best fit over the fridge. If you're bold enough, you can even use an entire wall to maximize vertical space.

Instead of having to grab a chair every time you open the top cabinet, insert sliders and a built-in organizer so you can access it on the side. This way, you won't have to block the fridge when someone needs to get an afternoon snack while storing groceries! Plus, it's excellent storage for heavier and bulkier appliances you only use once a week or occasionally.

12. Add a Pull-Out Resting Tray Below the Oven

A person baking food in the oven

If you are worried about your oven tray sliding out, there is an easy fix for this. Incorporate a pull-out resting tray to create enough space when you remove hot food. It's great for those who frequently bake pies, cakes, and desserts that require cooling before serving. Adding this will prevent accidents and even help reduce clutter on countertops.


Creating a functional kitchen doesn't necessarily mean constant decluttering–sometimes adding more nifty storage can also work wonders. You don't have to buy multiple organizers to keep things intact. Hopefully, our list of the best pull-out shelf ideas could help kick start you and your family members' spring cleaning, and kitchen revamp to a whole new level.

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