Best Sink And Under-Sink Organizers In 2022 - Reviews & Buying Guide

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Under-sink organizers are designed to maximize storage space for your kitchen. Additionally, they can be installed in a variety of ways to fit the needs of any homeowner. One way is by installing them directly in or over the sinks or mounting them on your under cabinet doors. 

Another way is by using an adhesive strip to attach the organizer below the sink and run it along the backside of your cabinet. Whichever way you prefer, there's at least one in our list that might be what you're looking for. Let us show you our best recommendations!

Our Top Picks

YouCopia RollOut Caddy
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Best Overall - YouCopia RollOut Caddy

• Stylish design
Smooth-rolling feature

simplehuman Sink Caddy Sponge Holder
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Best Budget - simplehuman Sink Caddy Sponge Holder

Stainless steel and durable materials

mDesign Metal Farmhouse
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Best Two-Tier - mDesign Metal Farmhouse

Comes in multiple colors
Easy setup

1. YouCopia RollOut Caddy - Best Overall

YouCopia RollOut Caddy
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 Pros Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable
  • Easy setup
  • Smooth-rolling feature
  • Portable
  • Sizes could be bigger

What Recent Buyers Say 

Those who spent money on this product reviewed that it was a convenient addition to their kitchen. They "can easily get to everything they needed when trying to get through cleaning day," said one buyer. Kitchen items or cleaning supplies that were previously "inaccessible" are now easily retrievable thanks to this product.

Why We Think It's Great

Many said they liked that when the caddy was rolled out, it didn't interfere with their use of the sink and still gave them plenty of room for washing dishes; others added that even those with large pots or pans had no problem fitting these items.

Cheaper than a trip to the hardware store, the RollOut Caddy by YouCopia is ready to go wherever you need it! Put all your cleaning supplies, tools, and other essentials in this handy organizer for an easy no-fuss way to keep everything tidy. It also features two dividers that can be adjusted to keep items upright and orderly.

With its easy carrying handles and wheels, simply place your caddy where you need it. The bottom of each tray has feet, so even if it's not sitting on carpeting or flooring like tiles or linoleum, make sure there's some little bit of surface before letting it roll away!

Who Should Buy It

This is great for those who want a stable but mobile caddy that can be used for all kinds of tasks in the household. It's perfect for holding cleaning supplies and tools, including brooms, mops, vacuums, or any other essential items needed daily to keep your home spotless! If you do all the cleaning in your home, this product is a great way to keep all of your supplies in a zone.

2. simplehuman Sink Caddy Sponge Holder - Best Budget

simplehuman Sink Caddy Sponge Holdercheck price button
 Pros Cons
  • Quick-drying
  • Stainless steel and durable materials
  • Convenient pop-out silicone brush holder
  • Snug suction cups
  • Inexpensive
  • Suction cups are a hit or miss

What Recent Buyers Say 

Many buyers found this sink organizer by simplehuman a superb add-on to their kitchens and bathrooms. A recent buyer said it was "best with smooth surface sinks" but worked well with keeping the sink area a convenient and organized space for cleaning tools and supplies like their brushes and soaps.

Why We Think It's Great

Don't let your sponges clutter up your sink, spice rack, or oven drawer. The simplehuman Sink Caddy's clever design keeps them neatly stored in the corner of the sink for easy access and quick drying time.

This handy scouring pad holder is made of rust-proof materials that will not discolor with long-term use or emit any toxic fumes to tarnish nearby surfaces. Innovative pop-out silicone brush holders are designed to hold longer brushes, so you'll never lose sight of your sponge again!

Simply place on a flat surface beside the sink and unsnap for instant drainage space--the stylish brushed stainless set comes in stainless steel color options with two convenient hangers levels for beauty or function.

Who Should Buy It

This convenient and smart-designed sink organizer is best for those who love to cook and prepare food, as well as those who are very particular about their clean kitchen surfaces. Best of all, this sink organizer is highly durable--it's made from high-grade material that won't rust or corrode over time.

3. mDesign Metal Farmhouse - Best Two-Tier

mDesign Metal Farmhouse
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 Pros Cons
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Two-tier
  • Easy setup
  • Wires tend to bend with bulky objects

What Recent Buyers Say 

"Love it!" said one buyer who thought the caddy was perfect for the inside of their kitchen cabinets. They liked how it could hold all their dishcloths, sponges, and detergents to steer clear from the clutter on their sink.

Why We Think It's Great

Keep your cabinets clutter-free with the mDesign Metal Farmhouse Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Holder or Basket. This storage piece is perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, utility rooms, and more!

With its bottom basket that provides plenty of room to store taller bottles on one side and top-shelf where smaller items can be kept conveniently nearby, this organizer will do wonders in freeing up space in any cramped kitchen cabinet.

The best part? It arrives assembled, ready to hang on standard closet doors without drilling or attaching hardware. Hanging this over the door is just what you need for sorting out small but essential items while cooking and doing meal prep for the kids.

Who Should Buy It

mDesign Metal Farmhouse Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage is ideal for those who is often inthe kitchen and have many small items to store. It's a good thing to have even in professional kitchens and bakeries.

This under-sink organizer provides ample storage space thanks to its four adjustable shelves that can be arranged based on your needs, as well as seven hooks for hanging smaller tools or supplies nearby.

4. SimpleHouseware Under Sink Expandable Shelf

SimpleHouseware Under Sink Expandable Shelf
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 Pros Cons
  • Two-tier
  • Anti-skid base
  • Expandable rail
  • Durable steel panels
  • Good for complex piping
  • Much smaller than stated

What Recent Buyers Say 

This product is a superb option which many buyers thought to be worth their purchase. "Great for utilizing that dead space in cabinets," said one buyer who found it to be an outstanding way to keep their apartment in check.

Why We Think It's Great

This Expandable Shelf by Simple Houseware is the ultimate choice in versatility. Whether you're looking for a large monitor or something small, this two-tier undercabinet organizer can accommodate your needs and more!

The adjustable height allows it for various occasions. It has three steel panels measuring 6-3/8" each and four smaller ones measuring around 3 18" total width measurements; perfect if space may be an issue where these items will be stored after use.

The base is secure and suitable for clumsy folks who are constantly dropping things under the sink. You can say goodbye to your broken bottles and trinkets because this base acts as a protective barrier so that you won't have any accidents! It is easy to clean, take apart for maintenance purposes, or if it needs to be moved elsewhere.

Who Should Buy It

This product is perfect for those with complex piping under cabinets and wants something adjustable and extendable. It's a mindless purchase that's guaranteed to provide ease and organization in the kitchen!

A Best Seller on Amazon with over 14,000 reviews, this product is a steal! It's built for individuals looking for something to protect their under cabinets from falling objects while also giving them double their storage space.

5. mDesign 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable

mDesign 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable
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 Pros Cons
  • Two-tier
  • Stainless steel ball bearings at the base
  • Multi-functional
  • Heavy duty
  • Comes in multiple designs
  • Not dishwasher-friendly

What Recent Buyers Say 

"Easy to assemble," said one happy customer who found it to be a great add-on to their under cabinet in the bathroom. They were thrilled because they could add eight cans of hairspray, dry shampoo, and hair gel, among other bathroom essentials.

Why We Think It's Great

This product is a superb addition to under-sink cabinets that highlights many valuable features. The two-tier design gives enough room for storage, and the stainless steel ball bearings at the base allow it to slide out when it's needed quickly, so you don't have to fuss with it so much!

The mDesign 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Food Storage Container is a must-have for any season and makes for an excellent kitchen cupboard add-on. With its easy glide motion, 360 degrees of rotation, and durable construction, you'll navigate your items with ease.

These containers will keep all your bathroom supplies or essentials organized from open shelving to more closed cabinets like those seen in RVs and campers. Plus, it's made out of shatter-resistant plastic, not to mention, it’s also dishwasher safe!  

Who Should Buy It

People who want to add a touch of class and elegance to their kitchen will love the sleek stainless steel look. This looks great in modern kitchens but would fit right into other rooms too! It also comes in glass and rose gold which is complementary to stylish and glamorous side tables in the bedroom or bathroom.

6. mDesign Plastic Over Cabinet Door Storage

mDesign Plastic Over Cabinet Door Storage
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 Pros Cons
  • Versatile
  • Free of BPA and Chlorine
  • Strong mountability
  • Easy installation
  • A bit pricey

What Recent Buyers Say 

Most recent buyers say that this product is easy to install and very functional. It can fit in various spaces under cabinets or on cabinet doors, making it perfect for any kitchen setup! A well-satisfied customer declared they "would buy again" because of its stronghold and heavy-duty capacity.

Why We Think It's Great

Look, we know you're busy, and with a household full of kids and pets, it can be hard to keep your kitchen organized. Keep the snacks from younger siblings and paws out of reach by adding this over cabinet door organizer to your kitchen space.

Made from sturdy material free of BPA and chlorine, this organizer is designed to last years. Best of all, it uses a non-slip design, so you don't have to worry about food that drops into the sink or on the floor below when grabbing your favorite snack!

Who Should Buy It

This would be an ieal gift for anyone with younger kids and pets! It boasts a custom-fit storage container that locks up snacks from young children or can conveniently hold cleaning essentials like sponges or soaps.

This storage container is die-cut for a perfect fit on any cabinet door, so you don't have to worry about falling children, minor injuries from "snacking" dog noses or kitty claws sticking their heads through the bottom shelves. Not only does this lock up your home snack supply, but it covers those unsightly items behind the refrigerator where everyone hides their leftovers!

7. Two-Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet Storage

Two-Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet Storage
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 Pros Cons
  • Convenient setup
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy- slide
  • Heavy-duty
  • The Top-shelf is a bit flimsy

What Recent Buyers Say 

"A little pricey for the quality," preached one customer who thought it was sturdy and reliable in terms of quality.

"I love this product overall," said another customer who appreciated the design. They also pointed out how easy it is to set up and move around, even though they first had problems with putting everything together.

Why We Think It's Great

Place this multi-functional organizer under your cabinet and get organized. Fit these two-tier pull-out baskets neatly under a small guest bathroom sink, or use it to store what you need around the house, from paper products to cleaning products. Whether for a kitchen storage upgrade or just a way to create more space in an open room, this simple purchase will come in handy time and again.

This heavy-duty kitchen organizer is sturdy enough to hold your hairdryer, soap solutions, cleaning supplies, or whatever you store in the under sink or bathroom cabinet. The slide-out shelf and organizer will catch all those items falling at once! The clever design makes it easier for anyone to grab what they need without rummaging through cabinets.

Who Should Buy It

If you're looking for a new cabinet organizer that's convenient to set up and want to bring some order to your kitchen, this is the one to consider. It's the right product for anyone who wants an under-the-sink organizer that's easy to install and is highly dependable.

8. STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers

STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers
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 Pros Cons
  • Transparent design
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Stackable
  • Suitable for medicine or bathroom essentials
  • Some friction when pulling the bottom drawer

What Recent Buyers Say 

"Excellent product - highly recommended," said one recent buyer. People who have bought this organizer say that they've had no problems with it being flimsy or breaking down from use. It's been a great addition to many homes looking for stylish containers and storage for their bathroom essentials or kitchen supplies.

Why We Think It's Great

These two clear drawers stack snugly together, letting you create dressing room organization that securely preserves all of your skincare and beauty items! This set is an affordable way to show off your organization and sense of style without having any additional clutter in your life.

These pull-out organizers are stackable and make for great extra bathroom storage; no worries if you don't have space to spare! You can tuck these under your sink for additional kitchen organization. It can also function as a medicine organizer, placed on the vanity or the bathroom shelves next to your face wash. They're excellent for those who enjoy straightforward and convenient storage.

Running out of space is no longer an issue with these stackable two-drawer sets from STORi ; they make great vanity drawers or cupboard organizers, not to mention, they’re ideal for those who like to visualize their essentials from across the room!

Who Should Buy It

The STORi Audrey Stackable Organizer is a great birthday present to your girlfriends who enjoy simple and convenient storage, as well as those looking for stylish and stackable two-drawer sets. It helps keep clutter in one place and still be visible from across the room for convenient navigation; great for your roommates who have a hard time looking for things.

9. NEIIRO Stainless SteelTelescopic Sink Rack

NEIIRO Stainless SteelTelescopic Sink Rack
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 Pros Cons
  • Self-draining mechanism
  • Expandable
  • Great for large dual sinks
  • Rust-proof
  • A bit flimsy

What Recent Buyers Say 

"Easy to assemble," said one buyer who thought the NEIIRO stainless steel sink rack was easy to expand and install. Another user stated that the rack is well-made, sturdy, and spacious. They also reported that it would be great for large sinks or more storage space in their kitchen cabinets.

Why We Think It's Great

The NEIIRO stainless steel sink rack is a great organizer that can be quickly and easily installed in the kitchen. It's expandable, which means it will fit into any cabinet or sink; the telescoping feature also ensures this. Best of all, you'll never have to worry about it rusting because it won't!

Get ready to transform your sinks into the ultimate drying station. With NEIIRO, it's a combination of two product must-haves: reliable stainless steel and space-saving engineering. The expandable drain baskets offer a self-draining mechanism, so you don't have to struggle with worn out sponges and brushes ever again! This solid device is excellent for large dual sinks and saves you counter space.

Who Should Buy It

Anyone who wants a space-saving water drain basket will appreciate this product. Best of all, if you have any double sinks in your home or apartment, it will give back your already limited counter space; definitely a valuable addition to any small home.

10. Richards Homewares Under The Sink Pull Out Drawer

Richards Homewares Under The Sink Pull Out Drawer
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 Pros Cons
  • Smooth slide-out motion
  • Multi-functional
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Convenient installation
  • Expensive

What Recent Buyers Say 

"A good story unit," said one buyer who liked this pull-out drawer. It worked well for their under cabinets where they stored their heavy items. "This is great for the bottom of a cabinet where you have plumbing," said another user, as it helped them hide their cleaning supplies from being seen by guests.

Why We Think It's Great

Sometimes the under-sink space is so hard to clean! You're constantly rolling your sleeves up and getting right in there—and then you pull out this drawer, with its tiered shelves that are just waiting for all that dirty stuff to have a home. Not to mention, it's easy to clean too. 

This pull-out drawer organizer has two shelves of wide space, perfect for all kitchen gear, cleaning, and bath solutions. Nothing will get lost in your cabinet again, thanks to this organizational system that is engineered with the smoothest slide-out ever thanks to its ball-bearing system. Finally, you can easily get organized!

Its sleek, sturdy design makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen, from tiny homes with limited space to more traditional larger kitchens too. With a weight capacity of 50lbs, this drawer can hold a range of large and small pots and pans with its bottom shelf for even more storage! Make your home beautifully organized today with this trusty under-sink organizer.

Who Should Buy It

Kitchen owners looking for a way to bring order and organization to the messy under-sink space should invest in this pull-out organizer. However, for smaller cabinet space, best not to buy this unit if you have limited cabinet or drawer space because once it's in there, that is all of your under-sink storage gone.

Sink and Under-Sink Organizers Buying Guide

  • Durability

The durability of the organizational system you choose is significant. If it isn't durable, it'll break and be useless within a short time.

Make sure the pull-out organizers have a sturdy pull, especially for mesh or wire under sink organizers, built enough to prevent bending or make holes with a few heavy items you store in the organizer.

  • Price

The price should always be taken into consideration when purchasing anything, including sink organizers. The more expensive something is doesn't mean that it's better, though! Take into account the value for money you'll be getting in exchange. Check the warranty and return policies for extra precaution.

  • Sink Size or Space

Another factor to observe is the size or the space of your sink or under-cabinet. Measure out your space and get the correct measurements for this product to ensure it will fit properly in your sink or under-sink area. Make sure you think about what you would like to store inside and where they all go so that they don't take up too much room!

  • Anti-Skid Base

The base of any organizer should be anti-skid not to move while you are working or washing dishes. If the product is rattling around and sliding, this can cause a great deal of annoyance and even some potential damage to your essentials.

  • Drain Area 

Most organizers will have another area for water drainage. This is very important because having an open space for drainage will make your essential items last longer. If they are sitting in water or other liquids, the product can quickly become damaged and corrupted!

Sink and Under-Sink Organizers FAQs

1. How do you organize bathroom sink cleaning supplies?

There are many different ways to organize bathroom sink cleaning supplies. Some of the most popular methods include stacking them neatly in a basket. You can also position them on shelves or keep them in drawers with dividers or compartments, hang baskets from underneath shelves, and use tension rods to hold up shower caddies filled with items such as shampoo bottles and body wash.

2. Are pedestal sinks outdated?

Pedestal sinks are not outdated, but they have been replaced with more modern sink styles. They can be an excellent idea to add some style and flair to your bathroom.

3. Should you store cleaning products under the sink?

It depends on the product. Many cleaning products are hazardous, so it is important not to store them where small children or pets can get into them.

4. How do I declutter under my kitchen sink?

You can start by removing everything from the cabinets. Sort through all of your items and get rid of any that you no longer use or need. Then, organize what is left into clear containers with lids so that it will be easier to find what you are looking for when cooking a meal or cleaning up after one.

5. What do you put under a sink?

Many under sink cabinets are used to store cleaning supplies, but they can also store food items. For example, many people like to keep canned foods under their sink for easy access if there is an emergency and the power goes out.


Achieving the most optimal sink and under sink area is not always easy, but it is worth the time you put into streamlining your kitchen that works for everyone in the house.

We think the best budget option on our list is simplehuman's Sink Caddy Sponge Holder which is less than $20 and offers durability and rust-free stainless steel build. It also features a convenient pop-out silicone brush holder for multiple brushes and those who like to handwash everything in their kitchen. 

Another good under-sink organizer to consider is the mDesign Metal Farmhouse Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage is mountable to any cabinet door. It comes in multiple colors for those who want to match with their cabinetry. It has two tiers that are made of sturdy material and is easy to set up.

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