The Expert's Guide On How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play an essential role in the overall design and look of your kitchen. They not only make it look complete but also help to organize all your stuff. 

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets depends on your taste and the level of functionality you want to achieve. Always think about your kitchen’s size and how many appliances and cooking items you need to store away.

Kitchen cabinets come in various styles, colors, and differing wood patterns. This article will show you how to choose kitchen cabinets depending on your kitchen’s design, color scheme, and structure.


When choosing a cabinet, it is essential to consider its functionality first. The kind of stuff you usually store in the cabinets will determine what kitchen cabinets you buy for your kitchen. From your favorite cereal to that pesky can opener, all of our kitchen items are safe and sound in their designated spots. 

From the pantry to the ovens, here's everything you need before browsing through cabinets online: measuring cups for baking needs, a cutting board for easy prep work, pot holders when dealing with boiling water, or searing meat.

The primary purpose of a kitchen cabinet is to hide away any clutter from owning an entire functioning space! This includes food appliances, cooking supplies even China best used only during special occasions - so it's essential not just to know what size works but also how many do as well!

Price Point

Blue Cabinet Doors in Kitchen Cabinets - Image by This Old House

Blue Cabinet Doors in Kitchen Cabinets - Image by This Old House

It's always good to plan early for home additions or renovations. Achieving the perfect look in your kitchen can be a difficult task, which is why it's essential to know that cabinetry comes in three variants.

Cabinets can be the plainest choice for your kitchen for smaller and simpler homes. It can also be dynamic with high-end prints usually found in designer homes with an overall very modern or contemporary decor theme.

Budget and design should also matter when choosing between mid-level and high-end. The kitchen cabinet price also depends on the material, whether you want wood or metal, and how much customization you would like to have.

Stock cabinets are generally cheap because they come with preinstalled options; however, this limits what colors and styles are available for purchase. Suppose you want more customized features such as color choice are desired, semi-custom kitchen cabinets will offer a better selection while still giving customers some level of control over their design decisions.


Another big decision for choosing cabinetry is determining whether they'll have an open face (or frameless) or framed piece around them. This choice affects how much space on each side, where those spaces might go, and if any cabinet doors should swing out.

Open-faced frames generally offer more flexibility with placement than traditional styled ones due to their more open design. Since they're also just a little narrower than their framed counterparts, this can make them ideal for more practical uses. 

This kind of frame is easier to clean and doesn't hold onto dust or odor the way a solid wood-framed one might, but with that ease of cleaning comes less durability.


Stylish and Minimalist Kitchen Drawers - Image by Semi Hand Made

Stylish and Minimalist Kitchen Drawers - Image by Semi Hand Made

When choosing new cabinets, ensure that features are included so your workspace remains seamless throughout all activities without getting stuck on something as simple as opening or closing doors. Take a look at the following features to ensure you're ticking off quality from your purchasing checklist.

  • Cabinet Doors

If you are looking for a cabinetry solution that will last, make sure to choose the suitable material for your doors. There is no point in selecting materials that won't stand up against use and abuse without getting spoilt with steam. Go big by investing in sturdy wood or plywood options instead of cheap knockoffs, which can look like something out of an Ikea showroom after a couple of months!

  • Drawers

Do you hate dumping everything into the sink to get one utensil out? Look for kitchen cabinets with pull-out drawers instead of lazy Susan turntables. This is a little hack to make your workflow easier and save some frustration from rummaging around inside a few drawers.

Drawers maximize your ability to create more storage space because they are built into any reliable kitchen cabinet in many different sizes. Check every crevice and corner of the drawers, like the wood sides and plywood bottom, to ensure they pull out smoothly without quickly falling off the frame.

  • Handles / Knobs

Buying kitchen cabinets means looking into the accent of the cabinet. Whether you plan to repurpose a couple of rose quartz crystals as a DIY project or have your customized drawer and handle, there is always room for creativity in making something like handles on doors fun yet functional.

Choose a color or print that goes with your kitchen. Look for a good fit that works well with the rest of the kitchen cabinet without being too hard on the hands or eyes. What makes available handles excellent is their ability to blend with any style while still serving some practicality to the whole cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Type and Configuration 

Corner Cabinet Storage

Handleless kitchen cabinets look great but require more cleaning effort. Some prefer the minimalist look of an all-white wardrobe or a laminate countertop with no handle. It's up to you and your personal preference, but best to know which type and how to configure it in a small or large space for longevity.

  • Sink Base Cabinets

The sink base cabinets and kitchen counter are essential parts of the kitchen. They are found next to the kitchen sink, usually covered with stone, ceramic tiles, or stainless steel finish.

Sink base cabinets are an exciting design choice as they can be used with a sink. 

They feature false drawer fronts and open backs to fit around your kitchen plumbing, making them ideal for kitchens that have sinks in the center of their layout but also need storage space. 

This is a unique type of cabinet because it features an open back, so water from your faucet or sink drains directly onto the countertop surface instead of soaking into the wood like traditional cabinetry would do - this makes cleanup much easier compared to the rest.

  • Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are available in several design styles, including glass fronts to make the most of your kitchen space. A blind cabinet looks like a standard base cabinet but uses rotating shelves that allow you easy access to items at the back of corner spaces. There is also something called a Lazy Susan rack which rotates with ease and allows for quick accessibility into those hard-to-reach areas on its sides!

  • Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are also available in countless styles - the common ones are deep, shallow, and wide wall cabinets. They can be either single-door or double-door and provide a home for all your kitchen odds and ends.

Corner wall cabinets are angled so that the storage space bridges around corners to use limited cabinet space efficiently. Wall unit shelves can range in height to cover appliances like ovens or refrigerators up to taller units with two adjustable shelves on top and an open bottom panel below for ample roomy storage!

  • Pantry Cabinets

There are corner wall cabinets with adjustable shelving for additional storage of the kitchen pantry items. There are also under-counter cabinets that can be used for wine storage, hidden TVs, or other unique decorative home features that utilize this great space!


Taking the time to streamline what you want from a kitchen cabinet can make all the difference in storage. It won't only hide clutter or major appliances but also give you a whole new perspective on creating an efficient kitchen system. 

When it comes down to knowing how to choose kitchen cabinets, be meticulous with the features and material to sustain your storage needs for your next kitchen remodel.

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