19 Creative Ways On How To Organize Kitchen Counters

An Organized Kitchen Counter

An Organized Kitchen Counter - Image by Apartment Ratings

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and it's where we spend a lot of our time cooking, baking, and entertaining. Of course, this means that there are usually many things happening in the space, like pots boiling on the stove, ingredients spilling out of jars, and dirty dishes piling up in the sink. 

So this begs the question, how can you keep your kitchen counters organized? The key to managing kitchen counters is to clear out space as much as possible but still create zones for all the essentials you need in the morning.

Start Clearing the Junk and Claim Back the Space

Cleared Out Kitchen Counter

Cleared Out Kitchen Counter - Image by The Simply Organized Home

The thing about organizing kitchen counters is that it always has to be clean and clear. However, this doesn't mean that they always have to be spotless. Some things that you want in your kitchen just have to have a designated spot.

1. Keep it Minimalistic

First of all, it's essential to understand that less is more. How can you organize your kitchen counters if there are too many things on them already? It might be time for some decluttering! 

Start by making sure everything has its place and nothing else will get in the way when you're cooking or baking. If you tend to keep a messy kitchen counter, there are some solutions. 

For one thing, don't let paper towels take up your valuable space. Instead, stash them on top of the fridge or cabinets and put sponges and dish soap in caddies designed to go inside the sink.

2. Get a Junk Bowl

If your kitchen counter ends up being the repository of random household knick-knacks, papers, and other items, put a catch-all bowl or bin in a corner to hold it all. 

Every week, sort through this collection and place them where they should be. You could also implement new habits such as using dedicated mail holders for bills or jars for change that will help keep clutter off counters!

3. Utilize a Mason Jar for Storing Foods

Mason jars are great containers for holding various items that you need on your countertops, such as dry foods. The glass material ensures the contents stay fresh while maintaining an organized appearance when lined up in one area together.

Ensure the jar is tightly sealed when storing food, so it doesn't spill or spoil if tipped over. Keep these mason jars against a wall near where needed most to keep space clear at the front of your countertop.

4. Vye for Vertical Storage

Kitchen utensils can be stored in a decorative container that will add aesthetic value to the space, like vases. Since they are visible and easy to grab, this will make cooking easier for you! 

You'll also no longer need drawer dividers if your flatware is stored upright, which saves time when setting up an informal meal at home or with guests since all of the cutlery has been set out beforehand.

5. Add a Fold-Down Shelf Storage for More Counter Space

Adding a fold-down shelf is another excellent way to increase counter space. This will allow you plenty of room for storage, and it can even be used as an extension of your kitchen island's design.

The nice thing about this option is that the shelves are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing!

6. Place Stylish Cookware and Kitchen Planters on Top of Larger Appliances

It's like freeing up space in the kitchen cabinets, which gives you more room for other things. This is especially useful if small appliances need to be stored somewhere out of sight but are still accessible at all times.

The top of our fridge may not leave much free counter space because we don't want it to look messy or unkempt. However, you can leave a refrigerator on display near a plant, so its presence cannot go unnoticed.

Divide Counter Space Accordingly

Fresh vegetables on wooden table over blurred kitchen counter interior

To keep your kitchen counter clean and organized, you should divide it into sections. For example, an area where you eat can hold a fruit bowl while another can keep cooking utensils and frequently used spices by the stove.

7. Only Bring Out Essential Cookware and Appliances

Keeping your countertops clean is by storing as much of the clutter away in cabinets and drawers. You should only display essential items like cookware or appliances that you will use regularly.

8. Declutter as Much as Possible

Get rid of any items you don't need. For example, eliminate duplicate utensils and cookbooks that are infrequently used. Paper scraps such as coupons can be thrown away too!

9. Box Up What You Can

Boxes are also great for storing things on counters because they take up little room while still providing an accessible area where you can keep your smaller essentials at bay. This includes tea bags, recipes, and even bread.

10. Touch Up on Trays or Stands

Use trays, turntables, and even a plate to create homes for items on the kitchen counter. The look of a messy hodge-podge will be transformed into purposeful selection as these objects are organized with stands that keep them within reach.

11. Group Similar Items Together

To make your kitchen look cleaner and more organized, group all of the objects on your countertops together in eye-pleasing vignettes. This will give a meaningful and artistic appearance instead of having items spread out across the whole space.

12. Carry Over the Cookbooks

Incorporating a cookbook corner is another efficient way to organize your countertops. Prop them up on a stand so they will not fall over or get dirty. 

This little trick can be used for items of different sizes, so place your objects in stands to keep them arranged while staying out of the way visually.

13. Use Dividers to Keep Like Items Separated

Spice organizers for drawers are great for keeping spices separated, putting all of them in a row, and keep them organized. This will be beneficial because when cooking, the last thing someone wants or needs is to get distracted by finding what they need amidst disarray.

Dive Deep Into Categorizing Items

Categorizing Food Items And Organizers Categorizing Food Items And Organizers - Image by Margot Cavin

Countertops are essential in every kitchen. It's one of the first things home buyers look at when they enter a house. 

Having clutter all over the countertops can alter your productivity in one of the home's most occupied and busiest places. Diving deep into organizing all the utensils and appliances will help you in the long run.

Organizing your utensils and appliances by category is an excellent way to keep things in order. However, there are other ways you can improve upon this technique, such as keeping like-with-like items together or color-coding certain items for better visibility.

14. Try a Magnetic Knife Rack

A magnetic knife rack is a great way to organize your knives. It can also be used to store other small appliances such as tongs, whisks, and spatulas! Magnetic knife holders are a great alternative to bulky, counter-space-consuming knife blocks. 

Rather than taking up space on your kitchen counters with a big honking wooden box, you can hang knives from the wall using magnetic strips or even nails. They will still be just as accessible while not occupying any valuable horizontal surfaces in your home.

15. Use Mason Jars to Store Spices or Utensils

Mason jars are popular these days, which is great because they can be used for many things in the kitchen. 

We love using them to store spices because it's easy and neat looking when you have all your spices lined up on a shelf or hung from above. You can also get bigger ones to store cooking utensils and other items that you need for cooking.

16. Designate Storage for Pots, Pans, and Lids

Pot lids should not be stored on the countertop because they take up lots of space. Instead, you can keep them in a drawer or cabinet to save space and make finding the cover that belongs to each pot easier.

Hang Whatever You Can

Kitchen Utensils And Essentials On A Peg Board
Kitchen Utensils And Essentials On A Peg Board - Image by The Home Edit

Another approach to claim more counter space is to hang up whatever you need in the kitchen. This is the next best thing if you don't have much room for small appliances and plants.

How about hanging your favorite pots, pans, utensils - anything that you can think of? Just remember to avoid storing extremely heavy objects on top of cabinets or glass surfaces with lots of knick-knacks because they may break.

17. Add Hooks on Your Backsplash Wall

The backsplash wall is perfect for hanging baskets, pots of basil, or even some kitchen utensils if there's space left over. The idea is to keep the counter front open and uncluttered, so it doesn't ruin your carefully decorated masterpieces on display.

From the backsplash above or right next to a sink, install some adhesive hooks. Attach your dish scrubber and a tea towel to these adhesive hooks so that they are out of sight during regular use but always within reach when needed.

18. Use a Hook-and-Rail System

Luckily, you don't have to clear the countertop every time you want something out because there are also hook-and-rail systems perfect for storing small utensils like whisks and wooden spoons. This simply entails S hooks and a towel bar to create a storage system for your kitchen utensils.

19. Don't Shy Away from Hanging Peg Boards

A pegboard creates a great storage space for items you usually place on your countertops. It can hold oil and vinegar bottle openers, pepper mills, wooden spoons, pots, and pans to store other utensils or cooking essentials.


There are many unique and creative ways to organize kitchen counters and give you back more of its space. We hope this article has given you a variety of options on how to declutter kitchen counters. 

Now that they are free from clutter, it is easier for you to cook and prepare meals without worrying about where everything is placed or misplaced within the countertop space.

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