10 Creative Ways To Store & Organize Pot Lids

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While pot lids are helpful in cooking, like keeping the heat and water vapors in or preventing oil from attacking you, they can be annoying to organize. You might be asking yourself, how to store pot lids?

Their flat round shape and handles sticking out make pot lids bothersome to put away. One of the ways to organize pot lids is by sorting, pairing, and arranging your cookware. After that, you can use hooks, dividers, organizers, racks, railings, and even magnets to keep pot lids in place.

A Quick Guide on How to Organize Pot Lids

1. Sort through your cookware

A pile of old pot lids

We tend to hoard pots and pans because they become an afterthought when it comes to cooking. Check which ones are broken, and set them aside.

2. Pair your lids with their pans

3 different sized pots

After getting rid of broken cookware, find all of the lid pairings. If you find a lid with no partner or can’t find an alternative pot and pan that fits, set it aside.

3. Arrange them according to how often you cook

A person sauteing tomatoes

If you like fried foods, then organize your frying pan front and center. If you’re more into pasta, the pot needs to be easily accessible for you. This step will make a difference when learning how to organize and store pot lids.

4. Throw, fix or replace

A pile of lonely pot lids

After setting aside the broken or lonely pot lids, you have the option to throw them away, get them fixed, or get a replacement. Throwing away should only be done if there’s no hope in fixing them.

Most of the time, the thing that breaks with any lid is the handle. See if you can find a quality pot handle or knob to screw it in to make it look brand new.

Finally, finding a replacement pot for your lone pot lids can be easy. Just use a measuring tape to get the lid’s diameter and check online to find its partner. If you can’t find a way to fix or get a new pot for the lid, then maybe it’s time to get rid of it.

Creative Ways on How to Store Pot Lids

1. Wall Hooks

Lids stored with hooks
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Wall hooks are an imaginative way on how to store pot lids in place. This works best for those who only have a few pot lids, but we also provided other methods to organize a large number of pot lids.


  1. Pick a spot on your wall or cabinet. If you opt for the kitchen cabinet, choose one where there’s plenty of space between the door and the shelves.
  2. Measure the wall or cabinet door using the pot lid you plan to store. Mark the two spots where the lid can be hung in place.
  3. Stick your wall hooks on the mark, and place those lids.

2. Cup Hooks

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Cup hooks can provide convenient access to your pot lids but could alter your kitchen cabinets in the process. It also works for people who only need to store a few pot lids. This method is specifically for lid handles and not lid knobs.


  1. Pick a location where you want to place your pot lids. The preferred location is over a dish rack with a cabinet on the wall.
  2. Drill the hook under your cabinet. Place your pot lid there, ready for cooking.

3. Tension Rods

Tension rods being used to organize pot lids
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Tension rods are perfect for large drawers to create separation between lids. They are easy to use on shelves or cabinets to organize your pot lids.


  1. Select an area where you plan to use the tension rods. If you want to use a drawer, it’ll be easier to place the rods evenly. But if you choose a shelf, the rods would need to be alternating.
  2. In a drawer, put the tension rod at an even level and provide enough space for the pot lid.
  3. On a shelf, put your tension rods at the bottom and another at a medium level. This prevents the lids from falling over. Be sure to provide enough space for the lids.

4. Lid Organizers

Lid Organizer

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Lid organizers are similar to plate racks but have a taller and sturdier built to accommodate pot lids. You can place them near your dish rack or inside a shelf or drawer to organize pot lids.


  1. Choose a secure spot and does not have much traffic compared to other areas in the kitchen.
  2. Secure your lid organizer by putting a towel below it or a dish board.

5. Pot Rail


Pot rail


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Pot rails are a neat way to store pot lids. These hooks are designed for pots and pans, but did you know that you can also place lids above the rails?


  1. Pick a location on the wall to install your wall-mounted pot rail. Make sure to choose an area where you can place the lids away from windows.
  2. Using the pot rail and a pencil, mark where you’re supposed to screw in the wall mount.
  3. Install your mount, and test it before adding your pots and pans.

6. Lid Rack


 Pot lid rack


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Lid racks are similar to lid organizers, but you need to drill them against a wall or a cabinet door to store pot lids. This method helps save counter space since you're using more of the vertical space in the kitchen.


  1. Select an area to secure your lid rack. If you choose a wall in your kitchen, be sure to pick a location that’s easy to reach and away from the stove. If you select a cabinet or shelf, choose one that has enough space for the rack.
  2. Using your lid rack, mark the screw areas with a pencil.
  3. Install the rack and test it out before using it.

7. Magnetic Bar 
Kitchen magnet

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Magnetic bars are used to store pot lids most conveniently. It is important to note that you can only use this method to keep metal pot lids, not glass pot lids.


  1. Choose a place in your kitchen to stick the magnetic bar. Remember to choose a spot where it’s easy to reach, with no fragile items below it.
  2. Peel off the adhesive and stick the magnet. Make sure it’s straight.

8. Hanging Pot Rack


Hanging pot rack


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Hanging pot racks are both stylish and practical for freeing up space and storing difficult cookware such as pots and pans. There are two types of hanging pot racks: wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted.


  1. Pick a spot to install your hanging pot rack. If you select a wall-mounted installation, choose an area on the wall that’s away from the stove. If you want a ceiling-mounted rack, the usual way is to install it at the center of the room.
  2. Using a tape measure, calculate how low you want your pot rack to be. Typically, it’s four feet below the ceiling but adjust it accordingly.
  3. Using the proper tools, mount the pot rack and test it out before using it.

9. Standing Pot Racks

Standing pot rack
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Standing pot racks are helpful when organizing and storing your pots and lids together. This accessory is an excellent addition to your kitchen since there are times when the pan cover goes missing from the pile.


  1. Select the right location to place your rack, preferably near the sink or the cooking area, for easy access.
  2. You can also use a dish tray along with the standing pot rack for your newly washed pots and pans.

10. Dedicated Drain Basket
Drain baskets
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Drain baskets are regularly used to dry dishes before putting them away. However, you can also use them to keep your pot lids from rolling out of the kitchen shelf.


  1. Pick an area to place your drain basket. You can put it near the sink or inside a shelf where you store your pots and pans.
  2. Make sure it’s on an easy-to-reach spot to avoid any accidents.


Knowing how to organize pot lids can provide more space for new kitchen appliances and utensils that you might want to buy in the future. Pot lids can be a hassle to store, so make sure to try one of the methods we mentioned.

Which creative pot lid storage solution is the most helpful for you? Do you know other ways to organize pot lids? Let us know in the comments below.

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