20 Creative Ways On How To Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

 Compact bathroom interior with white vintage furniture

We have a lot on our to-do list in the mornings; this is the time of day when you are scrambling for everything while getting ready for the day. That’s why it is crucial to get creative when organizing under your bathroom sink so that there's less scrambling and more time spent doing what matters most: living life. 

When it comes to organizing items under your bathroom sink, the secret is to repurpose versatile organizers. File organizers and wicker baskets could maximize space, while DIY bathroom storage provides an excellent opportunity to recycle old items - a brilliant way to stay creative and functional!

Here are a few storage ideas and suggestions to help you organize under the bathroom sink cabinet, like cleaning supplies and other essentials.

Organize Under the Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Shower Caddies Will Save You from the Stress

Compact bathroom interior with white vintage furniture

Invest in a shower caddy. This practical item will help you arrange your soaps, shampoos, hair products, feminine products, and razors. It will also organize your whole bathroom!

Aside from hanging the shower caddie above the showerhead, keeping the excess items - which many bulk shoppers will appreciate - under your bathroom sink will save you space from thinking of kitchen drawer organization that will fit your bathroom essentials.

2. Reuse an Old Plastic Jug as Hair Dryer Storage

It's a common sight to see plastic detergent jugs just lying around in your kitchen storage area. You might as well use one of those to store your hairdryer! 

Simply cut the top off with a pair of scissors or a knife and place it on your bathroom cabinet door to store your bulky hairdryer. It's also an excellent alternative to just leaving it around your dresser or undercabinet.

3. Try PVC Piping for Hair Straighteners and Blowers

DIY Dryer Holder - Image by aliciasfacepainting.com

DIY Dryer Holder - Image by aliciasfacepainting.com

If you just bought some hair straightener from a department store or salon, chances are you don't have any storage for it in your bathroom sink, which is typical for those who live in smaller spaces.

PVC piping is a great way to save you some space under your bathroom sink because it's light yet sturdy and can be hung with adhesives on your bathroom cabinet's door for convenient access.

4. Repurpose Shoe Organizers as Compartments 

Some bathrooms have limited under cabinet sink space. In such cases, you can quickly turn your overshoe organizer into storage sections. Just cut it into individual compartments depending on how many small trinkets you keep around. 

Shoe organizers can be used to store hair products, as well as manicure and pedicure products. Using adhesive hooks, hang up the shoe organizer on either cabinet door.

5. Utilize Old File Organizers as Hair Dryer Storage

Repurposed File Organizer Into Dryer Storage - Image by Dream Green DIY

Repurposed File Organizer Into Dryer Storage - Image by Dream Green DIY

Hairdryers often come and go in and out of our bathrooms. You can make use of old file organizers as a nifty way to store hairdryers in your bathroom cabinets. It can also function as storage for hair accessories and cleaning supplies.

6. Upgrade Your Shower Curtain Rods with a Tie Rack

Another way to keep your bathroom organized is by using an old tie rack for hanging various toiletries storage, from cotton swabs and Q-tips to razors, toothbrushes, and bath sponges. There's a lot to do with your bathroom once you organized it the right way.

7. Use Organizer Hooks for Hand Towels and Loofa Sponges

Loofa and Towel Hanging on Organizer Hooks

Another great way to keep your hand towels handy is by utilizing little hooks for hanging them on the shower shelves or cabinets. This will ensure that you always have a clean towel on standby when it's time for another round of activities!

8. Transform Your Old Shower Curtain into a Waterproof Toiletries Hamper

There are times when your old shower curtain has worn out, and you're just too tired to get a new one. Instead of throwing it away, you can simply turn it into a toiletries hamper using some fabric spray paint or plastic bags. Just make sure to seal the bottom and seams first before stashing your toiletries inside.

9. Try a Lazy Susan for Toiletries 

Lazy Susan With Toilet Paper and Soap Bars

A lazy susan is a brilliant idea for those Who don't want to spend time searching through the clutter under our bathroom sink. Try using it for toiletries, first aid, earbuds, cotton balls, and even your petroleum jelly.

10. Turn Your Tea Bag Organizer into a Cleaning Supply Storage

This creative bathroom storage hack can double as a solution to your kitchen drawer organization. It can be installed using command hooks and promises so much space to be saved! 

For those with a massive stash of magic erasers, scrub brushes, and sponge toothbrushes to clean up the messes you make, you can finally easily access them within arms reach! This way, everything's ready when it needs to be used again because that means there'll always be less work left undone.

11. Use a Hanger to Hang Your Makeup Bag

Designate a space for your makeup and accessories on the back of the under cabinet sink door using an old clothes hanger with clips. You'll have more than enough room to hang all sorts of things like hairdryers, curling irons, flat irons, and even pants!

12. Place a Rolling Cart on the Side of Your Sink Cabinet

Rolling Cart With Bathroom Essentials

Your sink needs to be kept clean at all times, especially when it comes to the area under it where dirt and dust tend to build up. You can make sure it's clean by placing a rolling cart on the side so that you can always move the cart around when looking for your trusty tweezers or cotton buds.

13. Use a Handy Dandy Hook on the Front of the Bathroom Cabinet 

Keep hair accessories and headbands in one place. Many women leave their hair ties and headbands in various parts of the house. Placing them in one spot in the bathroom will save them the trouble of buying a new pack from the accessories store.

14. Utilize a PVC Pipe as a Razor Holder 

If you have an extra PVC pipe laying around your home, convert it into a make-shift holder for razors and shavers. Attach it to the sides of your bathroom caddy using plastic tie wraps to hold it in place. Simple yet functional and easy to access once hair growth becomes unstoppable!

15. Mount Electric Tooth Brushes on the Side of the Medicine Cabinet

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than regular ones. These rechargeable battery-operated tools should be kept within reach, so brushing your teeth won't be such a hassle after every meal. By installing large grip-type clips, you'll be able to mount your toothbrushes and keep them secure.

16. Get Stackable Drawers for Under the Bathroom Sink

Stackable Mesh Baskets For Toiletries 

If your bathroom sink is not spacious enough or if you have obstructions under it, get stackable drawers that will flexibly accommodate all your bathroom supplies. This is a practical way to keep earbuds, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, and other supplies you keep around for a refill in one place.

17. Hang Towels on the Inside of Your Cabinet Door with Metal Hooks

Why buy expensive plastic hooks when inexpensive metal hooks are even more effective for long-term use. You can buy a bulk of these and mount the inside door of your cabinet. It is practical, sensible, and you won't break the bank.

18. Mount a Magnetic Strip to Hold Tweezers and Earrings

Now I know what you're thinking "what if there are more than two people in the house" well, it's simple. Find some magnetic strips that can be mounted on the backside of your cabinet door, and you'll be able to use them as multi-purpose holders.

19. Repurpose Rods for Inner Cabinets

A few strategically placed rods can help you organize your space and fit more things into the limited area under the sink. Rods are an excellent way to maximize small spaces in any room, including those beneath sinks that seem so cluttered with wrenches, pipes of all sizes, and dish towels draped over every surface imaginable. 

Placing a rod across from each side or end is an excellent solution for storing these seldom-used items without cluttering up countertops elsewhere in your home.

20. Make a Cleaning Caddy for Big Cleanup Days

A woman with her cleaning caddy wiping the kitchen counter

Cleaning is easier when you have all of your supplies on hand, so save time by assembling a cleaning bag! This handy storage container can help you organize everything from sponges and cleaners to microfiber cloths so that they're easy enough to get at for any task or spot around the house.


Clean-up has never been this simple, thanks to these innovative under-sink organizers explicitly designed for bathrooms. Remember, keep things like cleaning products off high shelves where small hands can't reach them. 

If you found these tips helpful, comment below which one worked best for your bathroom.

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