40 Kitchen Corner Storage Ideas For A More Functional Space

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An organized kitchen is every homemaker's dream. Cooking and cleaning seem like simple everyday chores, but it takes a lot to complete them. Many supplies, proper upkeep, and storage are involved. So, we've listed the best kitchen corner storage ideas to help you maximize every square foot for a more productive and functional space.

1. Install a Hidden Corner Cabinet Slide-Out

Two-Tier Metal Rack Pull-Out Rack

An excellent kitchen corner organization means utilizing every space. Digging deep into your kitchen cabinets can be a hassle when you're looking for larger pans and pots. 

Try installing a blind corner cabinet slide-out with four shelves that can fit in several small and large cookware. This slide-out accommodates up to 150 lbs and is ideal for occasional kitchen appliances and equipment you want adequately stored.

2. Use Corner Drawer Units for Snacks and Drinks

 Use Corner Drawer Units for Snacks and Drinks

Customized Corner Drawers - Photo by Shelterness.com

Living with kids can be a doozy when you're keeping things from them. Ensure everything they want from the kitchen is within reach to avoid any accidents. 

Create a designated snack zone by customizing your corner cabinet into a snack drawer. It can fit juice boxes, candy, small bags of chips, and even leftover snacks in Tupperwares. 

3. Hang Half-Moon Shelving Units in Corner Cabinets

Ceramic Bowls in Half-Moon Shelves

If you have multiple cabinets than shelves, a terrific alternative for additional exterior storage is half-moon shelving units for corner cabinets. 

This shelving unit is excellent for smaller daily use items like perishable foods, snacks, and condiments. It may not use all the space inside your corner cabinet, but it gives you more accessibility than slide-out shelves. 

4. Use Full Round Lazy Susan Shelves

Full Round Lazy Susan Shelves

A full round Lazy Susan is excellent on a dining table, inside your fridge, and even in your corner cabinet. Add this to your corner cabinet as a pan and pot zone or storage for your canned goods and cooking items. This is a two-tier shelving unit that can hold up to 55 lbs of weight per shelf.

5. Conceal Trash Containers Using Rotary Recycling Bins

 Rotary Recycling Bins

No one likes the lingering smell of garbage in the kitchen. One of the best kitchen corner storage ideas that help solve this issue is getting a rotary recycling bin for corner cabinets.

Rotary recycling bins don’t only keep trash hidden away from your nosy pets; they also make recycling easier since they promote waste segregation.

6. Place Cookware in a Vertical Corner Rack

Pots and Pans Stored in a Vertical Rack

There tends to be a lot of cleaning involved when keeping pots and pans in the cabinets. Separate this essential cookware from each other by storing them individually in a corner pot rack stand

This kitchen corner organization is ideal for bare corners, making it less of a hassle to find pans and lids together. Not to mention, it makes for a contemporary open storage aesthetic.

 7. Keep Wine in a Corner Bar

Corner Bar

If you and your family can't live without wine, then a corner wine bar is a highly recommended option for your dining or kitchen space. 

A corner bar can store several wine bottles for months or years on end for special occasions. It also has bottom cabinet storage to hide all the glassware and other expensive liquors you're saving for a rainy day.

8. Customize a Corner Baking Zone

Corner Baking Compartment 

Another best kitchen corner storage idea that could make your life easier is a designated baking zone. Adding this to store all your baking materials and ingredients will help optimize your work when preparing for an upcoming bake sale. 

This kitchen corner organization has a cabinet door that will close off the two shelves. It is ideal for hiding all the sweet ingredients like candy and chocolate away from children.

9. Get a Two-Tier Corner Spice Rack

Two-Tier Corner Spice Rack

Two-Tier Corner Spice Rack - Photo by Homeedit.com

If you want an easier way to access your spices and condiments without having to find them in the cupboards, a corner spice rack should be able to help you. 

Those who love to experiment with Asian cuisine will appreciate a quality spice rack featuring two tiers that can fit small jars and bottles. It also comes with hooks to hang a couple of smaller cooking utensils like a can opener or wine bottle opener.

10. Make Your Breakfast Station More Visible

Breakfast Station with A Three-Tier Rack 

An open kitchen corner storage is the best solution for people in your household who don't know where to find stuff. Get a multi-tier rack for the corner spaces to store kitchen goods often used for various meals.

A three-tier corner rack won't only add depth to your countertops; it also makes an elegant addition to your breakfast station.

11. Optimize Narrow Spaces with a Sliding Pantry

 Optimize Narrow Spaces with a Sliding Pantry

Sliding Pantry - Photo by Goodhousekeeping.com

Another fantastic kitchen corner storage idea for kitchens with tight and narrow spaces is a sliding rack. It often comes in three or four tiers and is slim enough to fit in between your fridge and your counter's corner.

A sliding rack also has built-in wheels for easy push and pull. It's an excellent secret kitchen corner organization for excess spices, condiments, jars, and other stuff like cling wrappers, aluminum foil, and even laundry supplies you want to be stashed away.

12. Put Fruits Aside in a Three-Tier Corner Basket 

Three-Tier Fruit Basket in the Kitchen Corner

Bare corners mean an opportunity for convenient kitchen storage. Those who have unused negative space can take advantage of a three-tier corner basket to store their fruits, significantly brighter citruses like lemons and oranges.

A corner fruit basket is easy to push aside and doesn’t take up any valuable meal prep space on the counter. You can also adjust it to an angled position. This kitchen accessory is deep enough to hold up to 44 lbs of fruits and vegetables.

13. Mount Multi-Level Fruit Baskets

Multi-Level Fruit Baskets

Three-Tier Hanging Fruit Baskets - Photo by diysomeo.com

Another kitchen corner organization to incorporate in your home is a hanging fruit basket. By mounting a multi-tier basket, you can clear counter space or drawer space and prevent the fruits from quickly rotting.

Popular variants of hanging fruit baskets are made of chrome or wicker with metal chains or ropes. The wired design makes it look sleek and helps distribute air evenly throughout the fruits and vegetables to avoid quick spoilage.

14. Install a Floating Corner Shelf for Kitchen Accessories

Install a Floating Corner Shelf for Kitchen Accessories

Organized Corner Shelves - Photo by Drivenbydecor.com

Floating corner shelves are an excellent open kitchen storage idea and visually appealing addition to any space. Install a couple of wooden planks to create corner shelves

It is a terrific space for keeping your favorite and most valuable cookbooks, potted planters, and accessories like a kitchen timer for cooking.

15. Use Hooks for a Grocery-Run Corner

Use Hooks for a Grocery-Run Corner

Hooks Holding Grocery Bags - Photo by Hgtv.com

One of the best kitchen corner storage ideas to try in your home is a grocery corner. Use hooks to hang tote bags and baskets to make it more convenient to grab the necessities when going to the store. 

You can also use the hooks to hang aprons, bags, and coats for those who have a kitchen backdoor.

16. Create a Corner Pantry

Create a Corner Pantry

Custom Open Pantry Corner - Photo by Alextran.me

If you love to buy groceries in bulk, customizing some shelves can make you store goods in the corner pantry. You can easily incorporate a shelving system by adding bins for juice boxes, chips, pretzels, trail mix, and other snacks that people often grab in the kitchen.

You can also install a pull-out bin for canned goods and even wine bottles. It would essentially make it another grab-and-go corner for those always on their feet.

17. Display Your Cookbooks in the Corner

Display Your Cookbooks in the Corner

Magazine and Cookbook Display - Photo by Littleinspirations.com

Get yourself a couple of corner picture ledges. And instead of placing photos on them, open the page to your favorite recipe for display. Who said you couldn't be functional and stylish at the same time?

18. Install Custom-Fit Corner Drawers

Install Custom-Fit Corner Drawers

Custom Pull-Out Drawers - Photo by Fabartdiy.com

Don't neglect the possibility of more storage. If your kitchen has many large cabinets but not drawers to fit miscellaneous items, a custom-fit corner drawer could work for you. 

Customized corner storage is an ideal way to keep essential items in the kitchen safe, including graters, timers, and appliances used for special occasions like cotton candy machines and ice cream makers.

There's a lot you can do. Depending on how large you like the compartments, the more functional your storage upgrade will be.

19. Set Up a Corner Workstation in the Kitchen

Corner Workstation in the Kitchen

Corner Work Station in the Kitchen - Photo by Theorganizedhousewife.com

While most of us cook and bake in the kitchen, many multitaskers like to work. Instead of having a whole dining table to yourself, why not designate a personalized workspace in the corner of your kitchen.

Using a small countertop, leave enough space for your laptop and an area to plug in your phone. You can also add a bar stool to quickly give you a boost when you're cooking and writing a report simultaneously.

20. Customize a Mini Coffee Bar in the Corner

Customize a Mini Coffee Bar in the Corner

Corner Coffee and Wine Bar - Photo by Homebnc.com

A coffee lover deserves a special corner in the kitchen. Why not customize a coffee bar and put up a couple of wooden planks to create open shelving units for mugs and condiments like sugar and creamer.

The bottom portion of the corner bar can store your coffee maker or espresso machine. Meanwhile, the small cabinets would be a good place to keep excess supplies and other essentials you want in your drinks.

21. Incorporate a Corner China Cabinet in the Dining Area

Incorporate a Corner China Cabinet in the Dining Area

White China Cabinet - Photo by Thecraftpatchblog.com

Keep your fine China neatly displayed and organized in a built-in corner glass cabinet. It's a stunning piece to add to your dining room or kitchen. 

Corner China cabinets are an excellent way to show off fine dining ware for special occasions. You can even store wine or champagne glasses in the top or bottom cabinets for easy access.

22. Create a Special Corner Cabinet for Bakeware

Create a Special Corner Cabinet for Bakeware

Bakeware in Corner Cabinet - Photo by Shelterness.com

Don't mix your daily ceramics with your bakeware. Use your corner cabinets with sliding doors to provide a designated spot for small to large baking equipment. 

Amateur and professional bakers at home will appreciate a fixed space for bakeware, creating convenience and accessibility in the kitchen.

23. Get a Corner Bread Box

Teal-Colored Bread Box on A Kitchen Counter

If you like to bake fresh bread daily, then one of the best kitchen corner storage ideas to consider is a corner bread holder for your counter. 

This container comes with a cover to keep the bread from molding fast. It is ideal for families who like to bake and experiment with bread. Plus, it's a quick and easy way to store food without having to make room in the fridge for your leftover loaf.

24. Transform Old Crates to Bookshelf for Recipe Books

Bookshelf for Recipe Books

Upcycled Crates as Corner Bookshelves - Photo by Nikki Keenum

If you're done with spring cleaning and find yourself a couple of old crates from the garage, try and transform them into bookshelves. Paint and finish with some gloss to maintain their natural wood aesthetic. 

Hang them up in an alternating pattern to cover both sides of the corner space. Place your favorite books and cookbooks for a unique yet eco-friendly way to store your kitchen essentials.

25. Customize Corner Shelves for Keys and Accessories

Customize Corner Shelves for Keys and Accessories

Corner Key Shelves - Photo by Vtwonen.nl

Another one of our stylish yet efficient kitchen corner storage ideas includes these simple DIY corner shelves. Simply drill holes for keys and bag holders on the rim of each shelf. 

You can also place wallets, glasses, and car essentials you need before dashing out the door. Corner key shelves won't only look nice in your foyer but also any kitchen corner near the back door.

26. Build a Dual-Purpose Corner Breakfast Nook and Storage

 Dual-Purpose Corner Breakfast Nook and Storage

Dual-Purpose Breakfast Benches - Photo by Visualhunt.com

If you recently removed a huge appliance from your kitchen corner, don't let space go to waste. Set up a breakfast nook while adding extra storage in the benches. If you're not into DIY projects, get some help from your contractor friends and layout a frame for your dual-purpose storage.

Make sure they're deep enough to store Christmas decor, camping gear, or other special occasion items you want to be hidden away. You can also place cushions on the top of the benches for more comfortable seating. Add a square or round-top table to finish off your breakfast nook corner.

27. Get a Three-Tier Plate Rack for the Corner Cabinet

Three-Tier Plate Rack for the Corner Cabinet

Corner Plate Rack - Photo by Indiamart.com

For tiny kitchens, the best kitchen corner storage idea for dishes is a three-tier corner rack. It's ideal for stacking bowls, saucers, and plates, which can be easily pushed to the corner of your countertop. 

This kitchen accessory is ideal for those who live alone in smaller apartments and home cooks who wish to use the cabinet space for appliances.

28. Designate an Alcove for Daily Kitchenware

Alcove for Daily Kitchenware

Corner Alcove for Daily Cookware - Photo by Dekkor.com

Consider a small zone for storing daily cookware. Add a hanging door to create an alcove for your coffee mugs, saucers, and bowls that you use for breakfast and lunch. 

This kitchen corner organization is terrific for corner spaces and can also hide old appliances that don't look nice on the counter.

29. Revamp Your Kitchen with a Built-In Corner Oven 

Built-In Corner Oven

Built-In Corner Oven - Photo by Inmagine.com

When it comes to redecorating your space, it's always ideal to plan and go for a functional design. If you're re remodeling your small kitchen, try installing a built-in corner oven and storage. 

Perfect for those who like to bake and cook a lot, the top cupboards and bottom cabinets are also excellent for keeping other kitchen supplies like aluminum foil, cling wraps, and bakeware.

30. “His and Her” Sinks in the Kitchen Corner

“His and Her” Sinks in the Kitchen

His and Her Sinks in the Kitchen - Photo by Asweetandsavory.com

A fantastic idea for those who like to cook with other people; try adding two sinks to your kitchen corner for more flexibility. You can also add bottom cabinets to keep paper towels and other cleaning essentials.

Two sinks give you and your significant other enough space to wash and dry simultaneously. Who said his and her sinks are just for the bathroom?

31. Install a Mini-Entertainment Corner Unit 

 Mini-Entertainment Corner Unit

Mini Entertainment System in Kitchen Corner - Photo by Decoist.com

This kitchen corner storage idea is ideal for those who like to watch television while cooking. You can modify smaller corners and install a mini-entertainment unit with a dynamic shelving system. 

You can even add compartments to fit books, magazines, and other small appliances. Install bottom cabinets for more utility storage so you won't have to wonder where your cooking supplies are.

32. Add Pull-Out Bins for Vegetables in Corner Cabinets 

Vegetables in Corner Cabinets

Vegetable Pull-Out Bins - Photo by Decoist.com

Adding a pull-out bin in the corner drawers is an outstanding kitchen corner storage idea you can try. It's a great spot for vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions, or other fruits that thrive in dark corners, making them easier to grab for meal prep.

33. Go for Vertical Utensil Storage

Vertical Utensil Storage

Pull-Out Sliding Storage - Photo by Kitchensource.com

Another kitchen corner organization trick is installing a sliding rack specifically for cooking utensils and baking ladles. It will not only give you back your drawer space but also makes it easier to separate larger stirrers and wooden spoons.

34. Use the Corner Space for Laundry Supplies

Laundry Supplies

Corner Laundry Closet - Photo by communities.dmcihomes.com

Those who live in smaller homes in the city could use all the corner space available. If your kitchen and laundry space intertwine, you can create a corner closet for all your laundry supplies. 

A corner laundry closet is a better alternative than storing your items in the bottom cabinets. Plus, a vacuum cleaner and ironing board could even fit inside.

35. Place Your Mugs in an Open Corner Shelf

 Open Corner Shelf

Mounted Mug Shelves - Photo by urbancompany.com

If you're an avid mug collector, then an open shelf by the window is perfect for you. Hang up your favorite mugs on mounted open shelves for easy accessibility and a stylish kitchen corner.

36. Designate a Corner Space for Your Herbs

Corner Space for Your Herbs

Floating Herb Shelves - Photo by Lear.kregtool.com

Those with a green thumb will love this best kitchen corner storage idea. Instead of placing herbs by the window seal, designate floating shelves so they can thrive in natural sunlight. This won't only make your herbs grow better; it also adds a pop of color to the kitchen.

37. Separate Your Chopping Boards in the Corner Cabinet

Chopping Boards in the Corner Cabinet

Chopping Board Compartment - Photo by Housebeautiful.com

If you have a barely used kitchen corner cabinet, customize it solely for your chopping boards. Add compartments for each board and adjust its width according to your preference. 

This best kitchen storage idea does not only hideaway cutting boards; it also provides a designated zone to get acquainted with tools and supplies during meal prep quickly.

38. Install a Floating Cubby

Floating Cubby

Floating Cubby - Photo by Housebeautiful.com

Try an edgy addition to your kitchen corner by adding a floating cubby. This is excellent for people who like to take their coffee on the go, specifically espresso lovers. 

You can also customize it by installing a drawer for kitchen essentials. Also, adding a floating cubby by the corner of your kitchen back door makes it convenient to grab stuff before heading out of the house.

39. Set Up a Multi-Purpose Laundry and Kitchen Corner Storage

Multi-Purpose Laundry and Kitchen Corner Storage

Organized Storage for Kitchen and Laundry Space - Photo by Decorpad.com

If your laundry area is merged with your kitchen, creating a multi-purpose storage space would greatly help. 

Corner spaces in small kitchens can efficiently be maximized using large pull-out bins on shelves to hide clutter. You can also add hooks and corner bins as a hamper for easy come-and-go storage.

40. Turn a Corner Into a Fully Decked Out Wine Zone

 Fully Decked Out Wine Zone

Custom Wine and Liquor Zone - Photo by Homestratosphere.com

If you're a keen drinker, a custom-built corner bar would be an excellent addition to your home. Apart from being a brilliant kitchen corner storage idea, it's also a convenient and safe way of keeping high-quality spirits and liquors.

A corner bar is perfect for wine connoisseurs since you can add a wine fridge and compartments for drinking accessories. Hang your favorite copper mugs, or get an upside-down wine rack for your champagne glasses.


Knowing how to maximize the corners of a small kitchen is a brilliant way to showcase your creativity and make the most out of tiny spaces. We hope these best kitchen corner ideas helped you decorate some areas in your house.

Let us know in the comments which kitchen corner organization is your favorite. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends who plan to remodel soon.

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