29 Best Painting Ideas To Try On Your Next Kitchen Update

Woman painting a kitchen cabinet

When making the big decision of choosing the right color for your home improvement, don't be afraid to take risks. Whether you want a safe but bold look or something more leaning towards neutral tones, select the color scheme that really speaks to you. However, with a wide range of available kitchen paint colors, this can be a daunting task.

To help you find the color that will work well with your chosen style, we have rounded up 29 of the best kitchen painting ideas worth trying in 2023. These shades will give your home a fresh look that's sure not to date quickly.  

Two-Tone For A Cohesive Look

“Are you having trouble deciding which of two colors would be best to boost your kitchen ideas? If that's the case, why not use both colors? Finding a quality that both colors have in common is essential to the success of this two-tone paint concept for the kitchen,” advises Robert Johnson, Founder and Woodworker at Sawinery.

In this particular instance, the colors share an identical tone. It will be easier to feel at home in the kitchen if the warmer paint color is used on the walls, which have a bigger area than the cabinets,” he continues.

Two-tone kitchens are a good idea to embrace as you transition away from your old kitchen and consider trying something for a modern look. You can always have an eye-catching design to make your cooking space more vibrant with a second color in the kitchen. It isn't a specific color, and it can be two colors or two shades of the same color.

1. White to White Paint Color

All-white kitchen with dark brown wood flooring

Most of us begin our days in the kitchen, and white is one of the most energizing colors. It has a light and airy vibe, which is ideal for waking you up in the morning as you stumble into the kitchen in quest of coffee.

“White is always a classic choice for kitchen walls. It reflects light and makes the space feel bright and airy. White also goes well with any cabinets or appliances, making it a versatile option,” says Beril Yilmaz, Architect, Designer, and Writer at Garden Furniture Sales.

White kitchen ideas are always the best solution for making a space appear larger and brighter. Although bolder colors have been increasingly popular in kitchens in recent years, white has never gone out of style. It’s a practical choice and provides a plethora of customization options.

2. White and Black

Black and white kitchen with island

Even if you aren't a design expert, you've probably noticed how popular white and wood are in the kitchen. White and wood color schemes have been taking over living rooms and bedrooms worldwide.

However, by 2023, there will be a shift away from the overabundance of white. Black backdrops and black appliances will be the most popular in the kitchen. If you like the color black, now is the time to experiment with it in the kitchen.

3. Cream and Wood

Modern creamed kitchen

While white makes a room appear larger and brighter, cream tones create a cozier and more inviting ambiance. Kitchen painting can radically transform the atmosphere of a room, but only when the cabinets match the walls.

Incorporating wood accents will dramatically alter the aesthetic, resulting in attention-getting cabinets that add depth to the room without being overbearing.

4. Neutrals and Gold

White kitchen with wooden worktop and gold accents

“Complementing the whites and neutrals with classic gold handles or door knobs adds a luxurious yet sophisticated vibe to the kitchen. Moreover, using gold faucets with no-touch technology in kitchen spaces will add a modern and functional appeal to your kitchen space,” shares Eli Pasternak, Interior Designer and Founder of Liberty House Buying Group.

Gold is another excellent color to incorporate into your kitchen. Not only does it add a touch of class to the overall look of a room, but it also makes it brighter and look larger. Gold has a reflective surface that bounces back light into the room, giving the illusion of space. Plus, it sparkles and adds warmth to any area.

5. Wood and Green

Kitchen with wooden floors and Green cabinetry

“Warm wood-toned kitchen islands and cabinets are very popular right now, especially when combined with a green accent wall for a splash of nature. This design trend helps to make a space feel more inviting. When added to an all-white kitchen, the warm tones offer a more sophisticated, contrasting look,” notes Leigh Spicher, an Interior Designer and National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods.

The combination of green and natural wood creates an earthy ambiance perfect for any room. The warm tones of wood fused with the cool shades of Green result in a well-balanced color palette.

Warmer Tones

When you want to make your home feel welcoming and warm, nothing beats inviting colors. Bold or spicy shades like reds, oranges, and yellows will energize any space in the house while also helping people relax with their natural surroundings- just what we need on these cold winter days.

6. Red for Stimulating Appetite

Modern Red Kitchen

Red is a powerful color that grabs attention. It makes the room feel warm and inviting. Plus, red has been shown to increase appetite in those who see it.

Red can easily cut through the gloom in a kitchen with many dark colors. A kitchen with stone-gray appliances can look great with a warm red, creating a good focal point for the eyes.

7. Orange Paint

Modern orange kitchen

Orange is a high-energy color that brings warmth and brightness to any space. Associated with optimism, enthusiasm, and excitement, it makes a great color option for busy rooms, such as the kitchen. It also represents harmony, passion, and good health and is said to increase appetite.

Orange calls for attention, so use it where you want to set the focal point in a room. Combining it with cool green and blue tones is always a good idea.

8. Marigold Yellow

Marigold yellow modern kitchen interior design

“I love a yellow kitchen! I believe yellow is one of the best colors for the kitchen because, psychologically, it is a cheerful and happy hue and makes the room seem spacious, clean, and fresh. That’s always a good thing in a kitchen,” shares Charmaine Wynter, a celebrated designer and Founder of Charmaine Wynter Interiors.

The bright and sunny yellow hues in marigold yellow will bring life to your kitchen. With its cheerful shades, it's hard not to be joyful when surrounded by this calming color. If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, this option is great because it allows the color's beauty to shine through during the day.

9. Pale Yellow

Yellow kitchen with cupboards

According to Candace Hoener, the Founder and Creative Content Creator at Neo Candle, “Yellow has a calming effect and is frequently associated with joy and happiness, making it an excellent choice for setting the tone in your house. If you seek positive places, select a shade of yellow for your kitchen. Choosing to paint your kitchen yellow will give you and your family an energizing and pleasant start to your day.”

What could be more appropriate for your kitchen than a sun-inspired color? It's appealing enough to stand out but unusual enough to blend in with most kitchen cabinetry styles.

Yellows reflect the most amount of ambient light, making them an excellent choice for a dingy townhouse or row house. On the other hand, they do not have the sterile quality of white.

10. Terracotta

Stylish kitchen sink with Terracotta-colored backsplash

“According to Fixr.com’s latest Paint & Color Trends Report, Terracotta was revealed to be the most popular color of 2023. Terracotta is a warm and welcoming color that works well in many kitchens,” reveals Charlotte Granville, Writer and Researcher at the home remodeling website Fixr.com.

“Other trending colors include Clay and Creamy White, which serve as great neutrals to follow 2023’s most popular palette of neutrals with pops of bold colors. Neutral colors make a kitchen look clean, fresh, and updated, while pops of color can showcase the homeowner’s personal style,” she continues.

Shades of Gray Colors

“Gray is another popular color for kitchens. It has a modern feel and can be paired with almost any other color. Gray can be light or dark, depending on your preference,” notes Beril Yilmaz of Garden Furniture Sales.

One of the best painting ideas worth trying for your next kitchen remodeling is experimenting with Gray colors. They are highly versatile and are great for creating a neutral background. With a wide range of shades available in the market, you will find the one that best works for you and your kitchen. 

11. French Gray

French gray kitchen unit

French gray looks best in larger features than in little accessories in the kitchen. Replacing or painting your cabinets is one of the best ways to incorporate gray into your kitchen.

Painting a feature wall, replacing your floor with ash-gray herringbone tile, or using gray stone for your backsplash or countertops are more ways to incorporate this new neutral into your kitchen. 

12. Shell Gray

Shell gray kitchen with a small window

Shell gray is a unique type of gray with faint greenish and beige variations, similar to the oyster shells from which it gets its name. This color creates an atmosphere of sedation, sophistication, and formality in any room. However, going overboard with gray is not a good idea because it can be monotonous, depressing, and emotionless.

When paired with certain green and yellowish overtones, shell gray becomes even more mysterious. It works well with a wide spectrum of colors, including deep blue, orange, and gold.

13. Gray Screen

Gray Screen Kitchen - Images by HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

Gray Screen Kitchen - Images by HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams is the ideal neutral for mixing and matching. It interacts easily with other colors and looks beautiful doing it, whether you want to bring bold colors in the form of a patterned backsplash or you wish to provide drama with melancholy blue cabinets.

14. Stone Gray

Stunning kitchen with Stone Gray cabinets and wall shelves

“For lighter tones, I would endorse a Stone Grey finish as a smart option for creating kitchen spaces that breathe. The interplay between the stone units and natural light sources maximizes and enhances the brightness of your room, making it feel larger and airier,” recommends Massimo Buster Minale, renowned Interior Designer and the Founder of Buster + Punch.

“Personally, I like using gray combined with Caesarstone countertops and steel cabinet hardware in a kitchen with skylights as it really evokes a feeling of drama and atmosphere,” he adds.

Stone gray is a combination of saturated gray and clay beige with a khaki undertone. It goes well with natural and deeper wood tones. If you want a more elegant and sophisticated look, try pairing it up with classic black. 

Blue Soothing Shade Palette

“The best paint color for kitchens is blue. Blue is the color of calm and relaxation, and it helps you to feel happy and relaxed. It has a cooling effect on your body and mind, so it's perfect for a kitchen,” explains Penny Waugh, a Design Services Specialist at Patio Productions.

15. Energizing Blue

White and contemporary blue kitchen

While not the most common color for kitchen paint, blue may be stunning in the correct hue. Lighter shades of blue are perfect for walls, cabinets, and ceilings because they evoke a crisp, clean look. But be aware this color can make your space seem very cold - only use it sparingly.

You can use blue as much as you want, but make sure to add hints of white, gray, or other neutral tones to the rest of your kitchen paint colors to keep it from feeling too cold and gloomy.

16. Serene Navy Blue

Navy blue kitchen with a bar

The intriguing color of the navy is always a hit with today's kitchens. It adds an airy, classy vibe that can be paired with any style or decorating theme - from sleek white cabinets and dark suits down to gold accents on hardware pieces like light fixtures.

If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen, adding some navy flair is easy. Try modern painted subway tiles or patterned ones with a combination of the two for style points. Don't forget about accessories like chair cushions and bar stools that would look great in this newly renovated space.

17. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue cabinet and white kitchen - Image by House Beautiful

Cobalt blue cabinet and white kitchen - Image by House Beautiful

Cobalt blue is a rich and luxurious color that can make any space appear more modern. It goes well with white walls that can serve as a neutral background for other features like kitchen cabinets or cupboards in this color. Moreover, it also works when paired against darker hues, such as black, thoughtfully applied for a paint job.

Cobalt Blue is often used in paintings to depict the sky or sea. It offers your kitchen walls a sense of tranquility, seriousness, and dignity as an oil color hue.

18. Duck-egg Blue

Duck-egg blue kitchen cabinet and sink

Duck-egg blue is a timeless shade that will work with modern and traditional interiors. The color brings out the best in hardwood floors while making light wood cabinets look more beautiful. White appliances against a kitchen wall painted in this color will create an inviting space for you and all your cooking needs.

The best way to incorporate duck-egg blue into your kitchen is by combining it with similar shades, like turquoise and spring green. It creates a clean, tranquil look that evokes relaxation and comfort. If you prefer contrasting colors, this mid-tone blue with a green undertone will go perfectly with pink and warm reds.

19. Turquoise Blue

Turquoise kitchen wall -Image by Decoist

Turquoise kitchen wall -Image by Decoist

Darker blues, such as navy blue, might be overwhelming in a kitchen. Their deep tones can be overbearing, making a space you spend a lot of time in feel walled off and heavy. Many people choose a brighter color palette when repainting their kitchens to sell their houses.

Coral and lighter shades of blue, like turquoise, give kitchens an airiness and space that darker colors can't match. Consider the mood you want to convey when choosing a blue paint color for your kitchen.

20. Sky Blue

Sky blue bricks kitchen wall

What's not to like about sky blue? It conjures up images of the beach, picnics under a clear sky, and springtime gardens. You can use it to provide a light touch to any space in the house, including the exterior, ceilings, bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

Sky blue is a timeless color that is versatile and easy to live with. When it comes to big-ticket things in your houses, such as cabinets and tile work, it's best to choose a timeless color that won't look worn or tired after a season or two.

21. Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal Kitchen - Images by Architectural Digest

Aegean Teal Kitchen - Images by Architectural Digest

Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore is intriguing, fresh, and vivid but not too colorful, and it checks all of the boxes for the perfect kitchen hue. 

The interior designer uses this light and airy hue to bring a quiet, cooling vibe into the kitchen and watches as it enhances the beauty of popular finishes of butcher blocks, concretes, and coppers.

Millennial Pink Color Scheme

22. Flamingo Pink Kitchen

Interior of a Stylish Modern Kitchen in Flamingo Pink

If you want a bright and happy kitchen, then painting the walls flamingo pink is one way. It can be difficult to determine when enough is enough for pink, and the way you use it can make or break your space. One thing you should always keep in mind while applying this bright hue in any area of decorating or designing is not to go overboard.

23. Peach Kitchen Space

Peach kitchen paint color

Peach offers a moderate pinkish-yellow hue that is always a perfect alternative for every type of wall in your house. While most peach color variations are a mix of pink and yellow, some slightly darker ones combine bright orange with pink instead of yellow.

This color imparts a sense of freshness, healthiness, innocence, and modesty to the space. In a peach-colored setting, it's difficult to become enraged.

24. Coral Pink Family Kitchen

Living Coral Kitchen Design - Image by NEBS

Living Coral Kitchen Design - Image by NEBS

When you want to make your kitchen feel like a home away from the hustle and bustles of life, there is nothing better than this colorful paint. The color's name comes from sea corals that appear in many different shades of orange; it also includes reds and pinks for additional vibrancy.

The color will appear more dynamic if there are redder hues in the mix, whereas it'll be mellow and calming with pinker colors.

Other Popular Kitchen Paint Ideas

25. Light And Neutral Colors

Modern kitchen interior with a neutral color scheme

Jen Stark, interior designer, home improvement expert, and the founder of Happy DIY Home, says, “Light and neutral colors for kitchens are my recommendations because they create a clean, airy feeling. Depending on your desired style, I suggest considering shades of beige, white, pale blue or green. It will make the space look larger and more inviting while allowing you to easily switch out furniture and accessories to keep the design fresh.”

“The best paint colors for your kitchen are creamy off-white, neutral grays, greige, and beige. These colors are extremely versatile and timeless and will never make your kitchen go old-school or monotonous. Moreover, these colors have the potential to blend into any design style and decor! Whether it's a modern farmhouse or mid-century modern - these colors will always play versatile!” agrees Nishtha Sadana, an architect, interior decorator/designer, color consultant, and the Founder of NISH Online Interior Design.

26. Earth Brown Colors

Brown Kitchen by Italy

Brown is an earthy color that exudes a sense of serenity. It is the kitchen wall paint to choose if you want to create a traditional-style kitchen or if you want to create a rustic atmosphere. Brown, when utilized correctly, produces a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in what is perhaps the busiest room in the house.

It also works well with a wide range of colors because it is neutral. For a natural aesthetic, pair a warm brown with a deep shade of green, or let your kitchen's reddish-brown walls play off the dark brown cabinetry.

27. Bold Color Green Kitchen Paint

Retro green kitchen in an old room

Green is also a great hue for the kitchen. There are a variety of colors to pick from, including mint and apple green, which complement white and wood accents beautifully. Try a rich emerald green if you're feeling more daring. When used in accent walls, cabinets, islands, or even the floor, it is a striking color that can add a burst of energy to the kitchen.

“For kitchens that run parallel to a garden or other outdoor space, I always recommend a Soft Green. Soft green fuses with the outdoor space to create the illusion of one larger, coherent block. It helps to connect the interiors to the natural outdoor tones to make your kitchen feel larger and more vibrant, adding the serenity of nature into your home,” shares Massimo Buster Minale of Buster + Punch.

“It’s especially strong with kitchens that have large doors or windows that open out into natural areas. The most intelligent interior design makes the maximum use of space in your property, and that includes the outdoors,” he adds.

28. Pastel Tones

Colorful kitchen interior

“If you’re someone who loves a pop of color, I recommend painting the kitchen in pastel shades like yellow and sage green. These warm tones add a cozy vibe to the kitchen space,” advises Eli Pasternak, Interior Designer and the Founder of Liberty House Buying Group.

“Combining light neutrals can help your kitchen appear more spacious, while highlights in pastels will bring warmth and brightness to all types of spaces. Be sure to take into account the existing furniture, flooring, and decor when looking for colors that will work together to achieve a desired effect,” claims Grace Baena, Interior Designer at  Kaiyo.

29. Lilac Airy Kitchen Paint

Modern lilac kitchen in the luxury loft with modern appliances

A light lilac is a good option if you like the idea of flamingo pink but want to tone it down a notch and add more purple to the mix.

Lilac is a type of purple that's been watered down by adding tones from white to make it lighter. The result has an understated creaminess and slight overtone, making this shade perfect for kitchens with light-colored cabinets, kitchen islands, and worktops.

The deeper shade works well with lilac kitchen paint to give off just enough drama without being too overpowering or harsh on your eyes.

Final Verdict

So, if you're considering a kitchen renovation soon, here are some kitchen painting ideas worth trying. Remember to think about your wall and cabinet colors – and how they might work together.

Dark and warm tones are popular right now, but consider how much upkeep they'll require before making your final decision. A light neutral shade is always a safe bet, with a pop of color on the accent walls or cabinets to add interest.

If you're unsure what kitchen paint color will work in your home, get in touch with a professional painter who can help you create a perfect design style.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - What To Look For

When deciding on the best kitchen painting ideas worth trying, here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Personal Preference

“Paint colors have the tendency to add depth and character to the kitchen space. Whether you plan to paint the cabinets or the backdrop walls - the paint colors are a great way to infuse a flair of style, drama, and energy into your kitchen! Since you spend most of the time in your kitchen - it’s essential that your kitchen converses with your style and personality! Not only will the paint colors in your kitchen enhance the aesthetics but also motivate you and make you feel a particular way - throughout the day,” explains Nishtha Sadana of NISH Online Interior Design.

When choosing the paint color for your kitchen, it is important to choose something that you like and makes you happy. Start with your favorite color, then find the shade or tone that is comfortable and not too intimidating. This will help avoid unnecessary repainting, saving you time and money in the long run.

When choosing the right paint color for your kitchen, Leigh Spicher, an interior designer and National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods, says, “This is the personal part. You can go bold or neutral, depending on your personal taste and what you are trying to accomplish with your kitchen design. If you want to go bold, consider black cabinets with lighter flooring and furnishings. If you want a more neutral kitchen, try pairing natural wood tones with white or gray paint.”

  • Furniture And Fixtures

“The color of your cabinets and countertops can also influence the paint color you choose. It is important to choose a paint color that complements or contrasts with these elements to create a cohesive look,” suggests Mohammad Ahmed, Interior Design degree holder and the Founder of The Home Guidance.

Cabinets and countertops are permanent fixtures in your cooking area, so they are a great starting point when selecting the best paint colors for your kitchen. Unless you are prepared to re-install or repaint them, it is crucial that all the colors you want to incorporate in your space go well with them.

“When choosing kitchen paint colors, I first consider my existing furniture and fixtures. It's important to consider how these elements will interact with the color of your walls. If you have a lot of light wood cabinets and floors, go for a softer, lighter shade that will complete the look but if you have darker furniture and accents, try a bolder color like navy or charcoal gray,” notes Jen Stark of Happy DIY Home.

  • Overall Design And Existing Color

According to Charlotte Granville of Fixr.com, “It’s important that any paint color incorporated into the kitchen doesn’t clash with the overall design. Making sure that the paint complements the main features of the kitchen, such as the cabinets and countertops, is an important aspect of introducing color into the space successfully.”

“Consider the overall style and aesthetic of the space. The color should enhance the architectural details and complement the existing finishes,” the Founder of Beth R Martin Design agrees.

“Another thing to keep in mind is the existing color scheme in your kitchen. If you have a lot of bold colors going on, you'll want to tone it down with more subdued painting ideas. On the other hand, if your kitchen is lacking in color, you can try something brighter and more daring. Either way, make sure the colors you choose complement each other well,” adds Beril Yilmaz of Garden Furniture Sales.

  • Location And Natural Lighting

“As an interior designer, I always look at the house's location and my client's needs to decide the best paint color for a kitchen. If they live in a cloudy area, I'd suggest more uplifting colors in order to brighten up the room. However, if my client is looking for a moody, cozy space, then I'll pick colors that evoke those feelings,” shares Julio Arco, an Architect and ​​Pet-Friendly Design Expert at Bark and Chase.

Your kitchen’s location and the amount of natural lighting that enters it plays a major role in deciding which paint colors to use. If you have limited natural light in your room, it is best to choose colors that reflect light to enhance the overall lighting. Also, natural light can make some colors appear brighter than they really are, so it’s a good idea to try them out before you start painting.

“Another thing to consider is the lighting in your kitchen. Lighting, especially natural lighting, affects the color of a surface. So whether you have natural lighting in your kitchen or not, it's best to get color samples first and apply them to where they'll be used, such as the walls. This will give you an idea of which color will work best according to the overall context of your kitchen and your perception,” says Kris Lippi, a licensed real estate broker and the business owner of the popular real estate website ISoldMyHouse.com.

  • Kitchen Size And Layout

According to Janna Robinson, an Interior Designer and Lifestyle Technology Design Expert, “When choosing a paint color or colors for the kitchen, I consider the style of the room, how much natural light comes into the space and what is the intensity, what direction the kitchen faces, what are the other elements in the Kitchen that will be reflecting on the walls. Also, the space itself, is it an open floor plan, or are there walls bordering the kitchen that separate rooms from each other.”

“I personally love telling a story and having continuity from room to room. All of this should be factored into the equation when choosing your color. You want to make sure you have proportion and balance. I love the 60-30-10 rule. The main color should take up 60 percent, a secondary color is 30 percent, and an accent is 10 percent,” she adds.

When asked about her considerations when choosing the best paint color, the founder of Charmaine Wynter Interiors replied, “The dimensions and ceiling height of the room. It’s clear that color can visually expand or contract the dimensions of a room. My job as a designer is always to highlight the room's assets and minimize detractions. I do this easily with color.”

  • Paint Durability And Ease of Cleaning

“The most important feature of paint colors for the kitchen is that they should be easy to clean and maintain. Kitchens are high-traffic areas that are prone to spills and splatters, so it's important to choose a paint color that won't show stains or smudges easily. Neutral colors, such as beige, and gray, are often a good choice for kitchens as they are easy to match with other design elements and are less likely to show dirt or grime,” explains Lisa Jane, Interior Designer at Ruling Homes.

“Kitchen surfaces take abuse from cooking fumes, spills, and general moisture, so make sure whatever paint and color you choose will wear well over time! A good quality paint applied properly should last for years and ensure your home looks both beautiful and well-maintained,” advises Andre Kazimierski, the CEO at Improovy Painters Denver.

“I would recommend a satin or semi-gloss finish, as it is easiest to clean and tends to resist stains and dirt. Be mindful that semi-gloss offers more wearability to water, and grease, so if you don’t have a backsplash, semi-gloss is the better option. If you have coverage of the more susceptible areas to water and grease, I would go with a satin finish. Depending on the layout of the kitchen, some people will use a combination of semi-gloss and satin finishes,” says Janna Robinson.

Kitchen Painting Ideas FAQ

1. ​​Which paint color is good for the kitchen?

According to Lisa Jane of Ruling Homes, “The best paint colors for the kitchen are neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray. Neutral colors create a clean and inviting look in a kitchen, pair well with a variety of cabinet and countertop finishes, and help to make a kitchen feel more open. The white color also helps to reflect light and make a kitchen feel brighter and more cheerful. It's a great choice for small kitchens or kitchens with limited natural light.”

“I highly recommend light and neutral colors for kitchen painting. The reason is that lighter shades can make the room look more spacious and airy while still allowing enough of an accent color to add some stylish touches. What's great about it is that these tones are timeless and easy to work with - you can easily mix and match different shades to create an inviting and calming atmosphere,” agrees Aaron Jerez, CEO and founder of Home Bar Select.

2. What is the most popular color to paint a kitchen?

Some of the most popular paint colors homeowners prefer to use in their kitchens nowadays include black, green, blue, gray, yellow, and classic white. Black transforms any room into a sleek and sophisticated space, while green and yellow add warmth and natural touch. Gray and white are timeless neutral colors, while blue is a great alternative for those who are not too bold to use black colors in their cooking area.

“Neutral colors like cream, gray, or white have the best transformative power, which is one of the features you need to look for in paint. Aside from that, they give your kitchen that warm, welcoming, and comforting feeling, despite being the busiest room in your home,” says Kris Lippi of ISoldMyHouse.com.

“These colors also have the potential to increase your home's resale value because they are the ultimate crowd pleasers, and they make your home more marketable and appealing to a bigger set of future homebuyers,” he adds.

3. Is painting kitchen cabinets a good idea?

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to add a pop of color to your cooking area. When done properly, it can transform your kitchen into a brighter and more spacious room. Just be sure to choose colors that can enhance natural lighting and complement the kitchen walls.

“The cabinets will dictate the design or the theme of the room. From there, you can start considering the colors of your countertops, flooring, and even appliances because this will be a part of the overall palette. Think of it as a puzzle - everything has to flow and blend,” explains Kris Lippi of ISoldMyHouse.com.

Two-tone painted cabinets are also popular. Incorporating them into contrasting colors can easily change the ambiance. According to Rachel Stone, an interior design influencer and Founder of Stone Cottage Home, “This combination can be warm or cool depending on your preferences and current home color palette. The upper cabinets should be the lightest of the two colors to create a lighter, more open feeling, while the lower cabinets can be a medium to dark shade. By placing the darker color on the lower cabinets, the space is grounded and feels settled.”

4. Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

This will depend on your preference and the overall look you want to achieve in your kitchen. Do you want to highlight your cabinets or blend them into the space? If you plan to showcase your cabinets, choose a wall color with the same undertone but a darker shade. On the other hand, if you want them to blend into the background, paint your wall with brighter colors.

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