18 Ways To Redesign Your Kitchen On A Budget

Man doing a kitchen remodel

Are you tired of how your kitchen looks but don't want to spend a lot of money on a renovation? Well, good thing that there are many options that you can explore in redesign your kitchen on a budget.

In this blog post, we will discuss 16 different ways to give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank. From painting the cabinets to adding new hardware, plenty of budgetarian options are available to you.

So please read on this list of budget kitchen remode ideas, tips, and looks for inspiration and give your kitchen the long-overdue makeover it deserves!

Budget Kitchen Remodel: Ideas, Tips, and Looks

Dream kitchen doesn't have to be al justl dark wood and granite. With a little creativity, you can get stylish designs in cost effective solutions. Here are some budgetarian kitchen makeover ideas you can try.

1. Keep the Same Kitchen Layout

Modern kitchen layout

Keeping the same plan is one way to save money on your kitchen makeover. Kitchen renovations can be expensive, so by keeping the same layout, you can avoid changing the plumbing and electrical wiring. It will also help minimize the amount of dust and disruption during your renovation.

2. Paint Your Kitchen Walls

Painting your kitchen wall is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to refresh it. The color change may create a distinct atmosphere and vibes.

Preparation: Painting the kitchen begins with picking the correct paint, estimating the amount needed, masking, and covering all areas.

You'll Need:

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Clean any surfaces that you will paint. The kitchen walls will need a thorough cleaning unless you're dealing with an empty new drywall area. Dust and cobwebs on the tops of baseboards and other trim in the rooms above and around the stove, oven, and worktops are likely to require TSP cleaning.
  2. If a surface has previously been painted and the paint is in good, dry condition, priming isn't usually required. Unpainted drywall, raw wood, and worn-out painted surfaces should all be primed. Apply the primer with a roller on broad areas and a brush on too small spots for the roller's width.
  3. Determine which sections are big enough to fit the roller. Fill the tray with a small amount of paint, wet the roller cover, and thoroughly roll out the excess.
  4. Roll the wide wall gaps in a W-pattern, covering parts of around 4 feet by 4 feet. Bring the roller up to about an inch or two of the painter's tape.
  5. Allow the paint to dry for about 2 hours. Dip the paintbrush into the paint and manually paint the spots that the roller could not reach.
  6. Avoid drips by applying paint sparingly and re-brushing. Areas painted more than a few minutes ago are likely to be covered over. So, only re-brush areas that have just been painted.
  7. The paints retain their vibrancy and purity for a longer period of time after 2 or 3 coats are applied. Allow for at least a few hours for the paint to dry before re-rolling and re-brushing it.

Here’s a full video tutorial on how to paint your kitchen walls:

3. Paint Your Existing Cabinets a New Color

Painting your existing cabinets is a fast and easy method to refresh them. You may complete this budget kitchen remodel in less than 1 week with the appropriate tools. Here's how to paint your kitchen cabinets in easy steps.

You'll Need:

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Clean your empty cabinets using a degreaser, such as TSP, to ensure they're free of debris. Allow the mixture to dry completely before you proceed.
  2. Remove all cabinet doors and hardware, sketch a quick kitchen map, and number each one.
  3. Place thumbtacks on the undersides of the cabinet doors that you took down so that you may paint over the raised portions and allow them to dry or lay the doors across sawhorses.
  4. Remove any shelves from the cabinets, then clean them from top to bottom.
  5. Remove any rough spots from the surface using sandpaper, which should be 120 grit or higher, and roughen it with 120 grit sandpaper.
  6. Use your shop vac and bristle brush attachment to guarantee a clean finish.
  7. To ensure that all of the sand has been eliminated, use a tack cloth to clean the cabinets.
  8. Begin by applying a priming coat. It will prevent the paint from chipping and peeling, ensuring that the color will last longer.
  9. All wood surfaces should be painted, including cabinets, shelves, and drawers.
  10. Allow at least eight hours for each coat of paint to dry before applying the next.

Watch this YouTube tutorial to learn how to paint your kitchen cabinets:

4. Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets’ Hardware

Man installing new kitchen cabinet door

Kitchen cabinet knobs and hinges are a low-cost way to liven up your kitchen. You can find them in styles and sizes that will suit any budget, so don't let this small change go unappreciated.

Options to Consider for your Kitchen Hardware Styles

Here are a few texture and shape options to consider for your kitchen cabinet hardware and knobs:

  • Brass Section

Brass fixtures accompany stainless steel appliances in the showcase kitchen

You can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look with contemporary undertones by mixing classic brass knobs. This hardware is highly versatile, so you won't have difficulty matching it to various styles!

  • Natural Wood

Kitchen with knotted wood cabinets

The knobs and handles of a country home are attractive, but they also give the room an inviting feel. Using natural wood tones with these hardware items can bring out that rustic look in all its glory.

  • Black Accent

White and black kitchen counter

Slim black drawer pulls are great to add color and subtlety when designing your cabinetry. Black can be paired with white or another bright color of choice for an eye-catching look that won't go unnoticed in any setting.

  • Modern Geometric Shapes

Modern Geometric Shapes

Hexagonal Cabinet Knobs - Image by Amazon

You may give your area a unique touch by using shapes like hexagonal knobs or other polygon designs to stand out from the crowd. These contemporary geometric patterns will provide hints of creativity and a modern vibe to otherwise typical storage space.

  • Slow Cabinet Hinges

Door hinge of the cabinet for drying dishes

These slow-close cabinet hinges can give your kitchen a facelift and provide an immediate upgrade. This simple-to-install hardware reduces noise, which is ideal if you wish to keep the peace in your upper cabinets.

5. Add a Backsplash to the Kitchen Walls

Beautiful kitchenette with blue tile backsplash

If you're looking to update your backsplash, consider adding some new tiles. Subway tile is an easy option that doesn't take much time and is very affordable. However, other types of stones or glass are available, which will have a big impact while cost-effective.

Tips in Choosing a Backsplash

  1. Determine how much backsplash your kitchen requires.
  2. The more space you want to fill, the more money you'll have to spend.
  3. Covering the upper portions of the countertop will save you money.
  4. Depending on the job's complexity, you may either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
  5. A backsplash in the kitchen is usually expensive, especially if it's a large one requiring special installation methods. Consider DIYing your next job if you want to save money.

6. Refresh Your Countertops

Tuscany kitchen countertop

One of the best ways to jazz up your kitchen is with a beautiful countertop. You can go for granite or quartz, and it will make such an impact on how much more valuable your home becomes.

However, there are other choices if you're on a budget. Laminate is one of the most affordable materials and can look very high-end with the right finish.

If you're not thrilled about a solid countertop, consider butcher block instead. This option gives you the warm look of wood with a reasonable price tag.

7. Purchase a Cheap Yet Stylish Kitchen Sink

Vintage kitchen mansion countertop

The sort of kitchen sink you choose will be determined by the amount of room you have and what complements your kitchen's design. Most sinks are recessed into a hole in the worktop, making them quicker to install and less expensive.

Sinks may be installed under-mounting, which gives a more polished look and is appropriate if draining channels have been carved into the adjacent work surface.

Stainless steel, stone/composite, and ceramic are the three materials you can choose from.

  • Stainless steel is low-maintenance and generally the most cost-effective option.
  • Composite sinks, which are heat resistant, come in various colors and textures. They may be costly, but they are well worth the money because they are long-lasting.
  • Ceramic sinks are most often found in rooms of the past. They, however, stain and chip easily, but if properly maintained, they are still a fantastic option.

8. Buy Refurbished Kitchen Appliances

Different household appliances

Purchasing refurbished appliances are an excellent option to replace or reduce the expense of kitchen renovations. 

The greatest deterrent for some may be the lack of a safety net in terms of warranty for your products. It also contributes to the environment since it reduces waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

9. Add a Kitchen Island or Breakfast Bar

Two pendant lights hang over the kitchen island

A kitchen island can provide valuable extra counter and storage space. Add a breakfast bar with stools for quick weekday meals or casual entertaining if you have the room. You can also use the space to store small appliances that free up counter space.

10. Update Your Light Fixtures

Large luxury Australian kitchen

Proper illumination ensures that goods can be stored and retrieved quickly and easily in and under high and low cupboards. It also allows for safer, more precise chopping and dicing and gives a kitchen the appearance and feel of greater size.

Consider functionality and fixture when selecting kitchen lighting to meet all of your needs.

3 Levels of illumination should be used in your kitchen lighting design:

  1. Ambient lighting is a low-level illumination that illuminates the floor and walls to make it easier on the eyes while working in the kitchen.
  2. Task lighting is brighter to highlight worktops, islands, sinks, and other work areas for improved precision when working with food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.
  3. Accent lighting, brighter than ambient lighting but not as intense as a task light, draws the eye to architectural features or décor in the kitchen, such as a coffered ceiling or a set of exquisite china.

11. Improve the Look of Your Kitchen Floors

Modern domestic kitchen interior

If you already have hardwood flooring, you may sand and refinish it to alter the color or create a more distressed appearance. If your kitchen flooring is linoleum, you can paint it or cover it with peel-and-stick tiles in a style that complements your kitchen design.

12. Use Cabinet Liners

Use Cabinet Liners

Cabinet shelf liner - Image by Amazon

A few small details may go a long way in complementing any budget kitchen makeover, big or little. Cover your kitchen cabinets with cabinet liners to update their appearance. This easy and low-cost improvement will hide old wood or protect new wood from everyday usage and strain.

13. Buy Organizers for Your Kitchen

Closeup of neatly organized kitchen canisters

Kitchen and pantry organizers are a must for any kitchen redesign on a budget. They make your cabinets look neater and more pulled together. Still, they also help you use the space in your cabinets more efficiently.

14. Create a Gallery Wall

Kitchen design with wall gallery

Kitchen design with wall gallery - Image by Pinterest

A gallery wall is one of the easy and most budget-friendly methods to update your kitchen. Gallery walls are the best way to showcase your personality and style and add some visual interest to the room.

15. Hang Affordable Window Treatment

Kitchen window with wooden blinds

It's vital to keep your kitchen windows in good shape if you want your kitchen to appear well-planned. A lack of blinds for the windows, for example, might convey that the space isn't finished.

Are you looking for kitchen blinds but don't know which ones to choose? Here's a list of ideas to get you started!

  • Roller Shades

It is simple to clean and uses a roller shade. The ease of cleaning and using a roller shade is appealing since it rolls up when opened and lies flat when lowered. There are several choices and patterns to choose from, all at an affordable price.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are simple to maintain and perfect for the kitchen. They're cost-effective, long-lasting, and compatible with various designs!

They're UV fade resistant and temperature tolerant, and they come cordless.

  • Faux Wood Shutters

Shutters stand out among blinds and curtains since they keep heat and cold air at bay. The classic appearance they give to your home can increase its value. They give seclusion while also adjusting the amount of light in a room.

  • Roman Shade

Roman shades gather up (like a valance) when pulled up and lay flat when pushed down. They're made of fabric and come in various colors and designs. Roman blinds are versatile and add drama to any setting.

  • Mini Blinds

Choosing regular mini blinds will save you money while also having a minor influence on your design. Mini blinds are simple to keep clean, come in various colors and sizes, and can even be custom-made. Metal, vinyl, and wood are some materials available for mini blinds.

16. Buy Some Plants to Liven Up the Kitchen

Gray kitchen cabinets with plants on the countertop

Plants are an excellent method to brighten up your kitchen and add life and color. They make the area seem more inviting, but they also provide fresh air while cleaning the air in your home. Plus, plants are low-maintenance and inexpensive to maintain.

17. Style with Kitchen Rug

Kitchen rug on the floor

While a kitchen rug has the disadvantage of being more difficult to clean, it offers several advantages. A big or little area kitchen rug may soften the appearance and offer warmth to your kitchen.

Kitchen rugs are also available in various materials, so you can choose one that suits your requirements and budget.

18. Build an Inexpensive Open Shelving

Kitchen layout with open shelves

Having an open shelf adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. You can easily build it yourself using inexpensive materials from your local hardware store.

Budget Kitchen Remodel - Thing to Consider 

Before we begin, let us emphasize that a kitchen remodeling should enhance the value of your kitchen rather than detract from it. 

We've put together a list of major things to consider before remodeling your kitchen to have an organized, functional, and aesthetically beautiful area.

  • Lifestyle

Keep your lifestyle and the project's objective while remodeling your kitchen. Whether you intend to use it for cooking or entertaining guests, certain characteristics might influence your choices. Leaving crucial systems like gas, plumbing, and electricity in place can save time and money.

  • Budget

A kitchen makeover project demands a substantial investment of time, money, and labor. The amount you are prepared to invest influences the next step. It also aids in the selection of where to allocate your funds and budget for finishes, appliances, and other items. So from the start, it’s rather important that you study how much you want to spend in total to make smart choices along the way and decide accordingly. 

  • DIY Projects

Determine which tasks you can do on your own and those that would require professional labor. The thing you’d want to refrain from is getting substandard outcomes and worse, unsafe environments because you decided to save and take it upon yourself without the proper know-how. Consider that before starting. It will enable you to stay on track with your budget while also lowering the likelihood of overpaying.

  • Research

Select materials that are a good fit for your needs, wants, and style by visiting kitchen showrooms and online stores. Check out for the the kitchen's layouts, designs, appliances, fittings, and building materials. It will aid you in determining what you want to include in your design and how much you can spend on it.


If you're looking to give your kitchen a facelift but are on a budget, there are a few things you can do to make it look new again.

Painting the walls and cabinets is an easy way to brighten up the space, and adding a new backsplash or countertops is a relatively cheap way to update the look of your kitchen. You can also switch out your hardware for something more stylish, or add an island or breakfast bar for extra storage and seating. 

If you've been inspired by this post, please share it with your friends and let us know how your kitchen renovation turns out in the comments section below!

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