40 Clever Small Kitchen Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

A woman arranging things in her kitchen cabinet

According to Moen’s survey, the kitchen is one of the most cluttered spaces in a home. Thus, the need to maximize its space using small kitchen storage ideas. Here we listed down the most recommended small kitchen organization tips to free yourself from frustration.

1. Compartmentalize Under-Sink Storage

Stackable and Slidable Undercabinet Organizer 

Instead of dumping cleaning supplies and spare parts under your sink, consider using racks and organizers to create compartments for each tool. Keeping liquid scrubs, brushes, soap, and sponges in a stackable and slidable organizer will make it easier to hold your supplies in one tray without losing them inside the cabinet.

2. Designate Space to Hold Pot Lids

Pull-out Undercabinet Lid Holder 

Pots and pans in the kitchen can be a source of frustration, especially when you can’t find the lid of your favorite non-stick pan. When you designate a space for covers in your cabinet using a roll-out lid holder, you can lessen this problem. 

The pan covers can be stored vertically in the holder evenly spaced out to protect the glass lids from cracking or scratching. The roll-out lid holder will extend forward and make it easier to find the correct cover for your pan without having to dig so far inside.

3. Utilize Magnetic and Mountable Holders for Knives

 Magnetic Knife Holder

Classic knife holders tend to be bulky and can take up significant counter space. If you’re used to knife wear and are careful with handling them, try something more space-saving like a magnetic and mountable holder instead. 

It won’t only keep your knives and other metal kitchen tools securely in one place, and it also makes it easy to spot them for more efficient meal preps.

4. Hang Pots and Utensils Over the Cooking Range

Hang Pots and Utensils Over the Cooking Range

Hanging Pots - Image by Disorganized.com

Another hack for smaller kitchens and apartments is to use the bare space over your stove or gas range. Utilize hooks and a single-tier pot rack to hang your daily cooking utensils and pans. 

This pot rack comes with eight removable hooks to hang your ladles and spatulas. This is ideal for those who don’t have much cabinet space for large pans and skillets.

5.Turn Wicker or Woven Baskets into Vegetable and Fruit Holders

 Three-tier Fruit Holder Hanging by the Corner 

If you have many woven and wicker baskets from the holidays, using them for small kitchen organizations is a great way to reuse them. You can DIY a two-tier or even three-tier fruit holder to save you some counter space using a rope.

If you like to load up on fruits but have little basket storage on the counter, then a hanging fruit basket will help clear out some much-needed meal prep space.

6. Make Use of Every Little Corner Space

Make Use of Every Little Corner Space

Two-Tier Wood Crates Stand - Image by KJ.com

No matter how small your kitchen is, it may still have some unutilized corner space that you could put to good use. 

Add vintage wooden crates where you can store excess food in jars or even display plants for a pop of greenery in your kitchen. If you have a tall yet bare backsplash, you can add glass shelves to store other glassware and extra containers.

7. Easy Pull & Tear Devices are the Way to Go

Hanging Multifunctional Kitchen Utility Dispensers

A multifunctional dispenser is another small kitchen storage idea that many don’t realize. You can place paper towels, plastic wraps, and other condiments in one place with a mountable and multifunctional dispenser

This simple kitchen storage hack will give you back your drawer space, making it easier to put a cling wrapper on leftover foods.

8. Add Pull-Out Bins to Deep Cabinets

Add Pull-Out Bins to Deep Cabinets

Cast-Iron Pans in Bins - Image by Bobvila.com

Another one of the best small kitchen storage ideas to revamp your space is to add pull-out bins. These are great for deep cabinets that can hold towels, cloth napkins, placemats, and even holiday decor. Get bins that come with handles to grab them quickly without pulling other containers out.

9. Use Window Sills for Small Item Storage or Display

Use Window Sills for Small Item Storage or Display

Small Items on Window Sills - Image by Lauren Kolyn

Placing ornamental items that you use daily on spacious window sills is another excellent small kitchen storage idea. If you like growing your basil and mint, this is a great spot to place them since they’ll be able to get enough sunlight. It’s also a solid spot to keep your cookbooks if you have a lot lying around the kitchen.

10. Hang a Pegboard to the Kitchen Wall to Add Texture

Hang a Pegboard to the Kitchen Wall to Add Texture

DIY Pegboard Kitchen Storage - Image by Inspiredbycharm.com

Most Pinterest posts will show you an open and mountable pegboard to hang your pots, pans, and utensils. If you have a big kitchen with a lot of bare walls, this small kitchen organization hack has the potential to add a little pizzazz to your space. 

It’s also a plus to see your kitchen tools mounted to help you navigate for more efficient cooking and meal prep.

11. Place Special Occasion Kitchenware Over Cabinets

Place Special Occasion Kitchenware Over Cabinets

Wicker Baskets above Cupboards - Image by apartmenttherapy.com

Amateur chefs and home cooks will know the joy of having more storage in the kitchen. If you have waffle makers, table-top grills, or cotton candy machines that you don’t use often, you can store them above the cupboards. 

Try placing them in larger storage bins or baskets with covers to protect your cookware and kitchen appliances.

12. Go for Foldable Tables

Go for Foldable Tables

Foldable Dining Table - Image by Decoratedlife.com

Those who live in condos and dorms may find the lack of space an issue when adding new furniture. A foldable table is a nifty way to maximize space in studio apartments. 

It can easily be set aside when you’re not eating breakfast or dinner. Most foldable tables also come with foldable chairs, which helps when you have a few guests over.

13. Utilize Cupboard Doors to Store Flat Items

Cutting Board Storage Hung on the Cabinet Door

Another solid kitchen storage hack is to utilize the cupboard doors for your cutting boards and potholders. Try this cutting board storage case that can be mounted on cabinet doors by using strong adhesive tape. 

If you have deeper cabinets, then a metal storage holder can fit cupcake trays and baking sheets for better kitchen organization.

14. Use a Tea Bag Organizer

Tea Bag Organizer 

A healthy tea obsession may sometimes mean a drawer full of teabags. Get your drawer space back and keep more oversized items in it when you invest in a tea bag organizer

It has a small footprint and can be pushed under cupboards or even next to your mug holder tree. An excellent tea bag organizer has a detachable compartment that can fit more than 100 tea bags.

15. Install Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves With Properly Organized Kitchenware

A chic and organized method to layout your dishes and bowls is by installing floating shelves. It’s also an excellent way to use the negative space in your kitchen. 

Floating shelves hold up nice and tidy and can create a particular aesthetic in your kitchen, allowing you to store plates and bowls together with a decorative touch.

16. Hide Clutter with Curtains

Hide Clutter with Curtains

Sink Skirts and Cabinet Curtains - Image by Theorganizedhome.com

An eye soar for every themed kitchen is clutter that you can’t put away. Putting up curtains can help hide the mess and other stuff you can’t find enough storage space for. If you have a washing machine right under your sink, hanging up a curtain to cover it will do the trick.

17. Get Drawer Organizers

Organized Utensils in a Drawer

Drawers are immediate dumpsites for things that don’t have a place in our homes. You can easily lose stuff like scissors, extension cords, and tape in several drawers.

Assign one drawer in the kitchen for all the miscellaneous items that you often use. Add clear organizers to create compartments that will make room for smaller items like magnets, clips, and rubber bands.

18. Use a Ladder to Hang Towels

 Use a Ladder to Hang Towels

DIY Copper Pipe Ladder - Image by Brittany Makes

If you’re often stressing over wet towels that take a while to dry, a ladder is a fantastic kitchen storage hack. Using a ladder as a drying rack for towels will save you electricity from quick spins in the dryer. It’s also a simple yet aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen.

19. Keep Fruits and Snacks in Stackable Containers Inside the Fridge

Fruits and Vegetables in Clear and Stacked Bins

Professional organizers swear by stackable storage bins, especially inside your fridge. Stackable containers are excellent for fruits, vegetables, juice packs, and sauce bottles, among others. They come with handles, so pulling them out is no hassle.

20. Store Pans Vertically

A Person Pulling Out a Skillet from the Pan Organizer

Clanging sounds from pans isn’t nice to hear early in the morning, especially when all you want to do is make scrambled eggs. Store your pans vertically using a pan organizer, which can be placed over your fridge or inside your cupboards.

21. Get Hooked on Hooks

Kitchen Utensils Hanging on Hooks

S hooks and wall hooks can save you a lot of trouble in the kitchen. You can hang them in bare spaces to save drawer or counter space. Hooks can hold up anything from cooking utensils, aprons, towels, chopping boards, fruit baskets, and many more. Besides, it’s a chic way to display your cookware and make it more convenient to find kitchen essentials.

22. Convert the Top of the Fridge into an Open Pantry

Convert the Top of the Fridge into an Open Pantry
Top Fridge Pantry - Image by Simplehomesimplelife.com


Many fridge-tops accumulate dust and become a waste of space. Consider converting this area into an open pantry. Use organizers and arrange your condiments, sauces, alcohols, and spirits by size to create another kitchen zone for which the kids won’t have easy access.

23. Use the Bottoms of Cabinets as Coffee Pods or Spice Racks

Use the Bottoms of Cabinets as Coffee Pods or Spice Racks

Under Cabinet Spice Rack - Image by Theownerbuildernetwork.com

Don’t doubt the potential of your under cabinets; get yourself an extendable tray that can double as a spice rack. It can also be easy storage for coffee pods and smaller condiments. 

If you prefer to DIY and reuse smaller jars, stick the lids on the bottom of the cupboards and twist the jar’s body to remove them. It’s not only an eco-friendly hack to avoid waste, but it’s also a terrific way to revamp your kitchen.

24. Add Shelf Risers or an Extra Tier to the Racks

Add Shelf Risers or an Extra Tier to the Racks

Shelf Risers - Photo by Travis Rainey

Don’t let small kitchen spaces rob you from maximizing the area. If you love to cook, an additional tier to your dining table or counter space will give you elevated and extra storage. 

This is excellent for households who like to prepare Asian cuisine and use many condiments and spices. Not to mention, a shelf riser could also be a breakfast station for those who enjoy making oatmeals and fruit bowls in the morning.

25. Get a Small Utility Cart to Move Around

Coffee Cups and Tea Kettle in a Rolling Utility Cart

If you don’t have the luxury of expansive countertops, then a utility cart with wheels is another alternative to store your favorite cereals, syrups, and oatmeal. A utility cart can move around the kitchen and save you time trying to find your breakfast essentials. 

The wheels are a great touch since you can place the cart near you when cooking by the stove or need more of the same ingredients.

26. Try a Pull-Out Pantry for Tight Spaces

Pull-Out Pantry for Tight Spaces

Pull-Out Pantry - Photo by Greg Scheidemann

When you have a small kitchen, you have to position all large appliances like refrigerators and dining tables by the wall to make room to move around. This often places your fridge beside the kitchen counter, which may leave a small gap.

Make use of that small gap and install a pull-out pantry specially designed for tight and narrow spaces. These are excellent for those who like to buy spices, condiments, and other bottled items in bulk. Plus, you can easily pull and push it back, thanks to the sliding wheels.

27. Revamp a Barely-Used Closet to a Walk-in Pantry

Barely-Used Closet to a Walk-in Pantry

Kitchen Pantry - Image by Onekindesign.com

Many apartments and tiny homes tend to have an enormous closet than kitchen space. If you have more interest in cooking and baking, then repurpose your barely-used cabinet into a walk-in pantry. You will need multiple shelving and utility racks. 

If you’re renting your home, tall and multi-level utility racks are ideal to avoid screwing things to the walls. Besides, adding many hooks and a bench to the foyer could function as storage and reception for guests.

28. Store Kitchen Items Above Windows

Ceramic Plates and Bowls on a Shelf

Regardless of your kitchen’s size, every inch could make a difference when used right. Consider the bare space over your windows and install shelves to store unused kitchen supplies that you would like to keep. 

It’s also a great way to store holiday decors and dining utilities without having to wonder where you kept them once it hits December.

29. Label Everything

Labeled Jars and Bins in a Corner Pantry

Label makers are an organizer’s best friend. Borrow one from a friend or buy one for yourself and start making labels for easy identification of small but essential items in your kitchen. 

From spices, condiments to leftover sugar packets, this best small kitchen storage idea could help family and friends find what they need when preparing for a potluck.

30. Establish a Container System for Miscellaneous Items

Cooking Ingredients and Spices in an Clear Containers

A fantastic container system goes a long way in a small kitchen. Don’t hide away condiments and sweeteners that you use daily. Store them in transparent mason jars or glass jars to make them more visible.

It also helps identify similar-looking condiments like powdered sugar and salt. This could save you from pouring salt into your coffee early in the morning!

31. Salvage Old Office Supplies for More Storage

Cutting Boards Stored in a File Organizer

If you’re a nifty person who likes arts and crafts, try salvaging old office supplies you’ve collected over the years and use them in the kitchen. A file organizer could be a handy cutting board or cutlery board holder. 

If you have power cords but limited sockets on your kitchen counter, make a cord organizer using binder clips for designated appliances you use daily.

32. Customize the Cupboard into a Plate Rack

Customize the Cupboard into a Plate Rack

Plate Rack Cupboard - Image by Decoist.com

Keeping your plates safe yet visible to the naked eye is possible with a bit of customization. If you love some DIY, try some woodwork or install a couple of partitions in a cupboard that fits every plate you own.

From saucers to plates for fine dining, hanging them in a visible rack saves you some drawer space for more essential items. A renter-friendly small kitchen storage idea is to unscrew the cabinet doors, then buy a dish rack with even partitions to create an open-shelf display.

33. Reorganize the Small Pantry Like a Grocery

A Fully Stocked Pantry

This could be one of the best small kitchen storage ideas everyone is trying to do during the lockdown. Take a couple of crates, bins, and even more clear containers to assemble a mini-grocery store in your pantry.

Follow the “first in, first out” rule wherein you place the leftover snacks and products in front of the bin, then arrange the new ones you just bought behind them for proper consumption. 

34. Hang Coffee Mugs on Floating Pipes or Ledges

Hang Coffee Mugs on Floating Pipes or Ledges

Hanging Storage Rack - Photo by Ali Elshabrawi

Anyone who enjoys coffee knows the joy of collecting mugs. However, a small kitchen doesn’t provide enough cupboard space. But don’t fret! Try using S hooks to hang your cups on a floating pipe or ledge to keep them accessible, but in an area over your counter that is safe.

35. Get a Two-Tier Turntable for Bottles and Jars

Get a Two-Tier Turntable for Bottles and Jars

 Keep your spices and condiments in a two-tier turntable to add some flair to your kitchen. It rotates and works well in a fridge or cupboard. It can hold several spice bottles, jars, and other items that need to be chilled in the refrigerator. 

A revolving spice rack is also perfect if you want to keep items hidden away in cupboards, primarily if you only use them on specific dishes.

36. Hang Wine Glasses Upside Down Under Cupboards

Wine and Cocktail Glasses Hung Upside Down

Wine glasses are tricky to store without a minibar, but a clever little trick is to set up a hanging wine glass holder. This is a must-have for small kitchens with high cupboards. You can seamlessly slide out a glass without shattering the others.

37. Use a Magazine Holder to Store Cleaning Supplies

Use a Magazine Holder to Store Cleaning Supplies

Magazine Holder in Kitchen Cupboard - Image by Hative.com

Another recycling trick to achieve the best small kitchen organization is by using magazine holders under your sink. This innovative tool can keep large detergent bottles, cleaning solutions, and other dishwashing or laundry supplies. It also doubles as storage for cling wrap, parchment paper, aluminum foil, and other food storage tools.

38. Invest in a Plastic Lid Organizer

Blue Lids in a Lid Organizer

Throwing away good plastic containers not only creates more waste, but it also might even cost you more money. Save the quality plastic containers and invest in a lid organizer to keep them together. Avoid losing lids to their corresponding bins and keep them in one place.

39. Customize the Breakfast Nook Bench

Customize the Breakfast Nook Bench

Breakfast Nook - Photo by Chango & Co.

Let’s say you own an apartment but want to store more kitchen supplies that are quite an eyesore in your themed space. DIY a dual-purpose bench in your breakfast nook. Carve out an opening and add a small door to create a hidden compartment. 

40. Use a Fruit Basket to Regain Sink Space

Cleaning Supplies in a Woven Basket

Small sinks in apartments can be a headache, not to mention having to squish in the dishwashing soap and sponge on the corners. Take back all that space with this small kitchen storage idea.

Instead of putting fruits and vegetables in your metal basket, place your sponges, gloves, dishwashing soaps instead. If it’s in close distance to the sink, you can hang the basket on the side of the cupboard.

More Storage Is Never A Bad Idea

Are you keen on reorganizing your space? Try out these best small kitchen storage ideas and see how much space you’ll be able to save. Got any more tips and tricks for small yet smart kitchen storage? Let us know in the comments.

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