23 Best Farmhouse Pantry Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Farmhouse pantry with ingredients

Farmhouse kitchens have been all the rage lately, and for a good reason—they are inviting, warm, and perfect for family time. If you're looking to add a touch of this popular style to your kitchen, one of the best places to start is your pantry. 

Farmhouse pantries are functional and beautiful, and you can customize them to fit your dream kitchen remodel. Here are some of the best farmhouse pantry ideas to get you started!

Farmhouse Style Hardware

1. Neutral Palette for Kitchen Cabinets

Butler pantry area with blue cabinets

Neutral paint colors are a staple of farmhouse elegance because they make rooms feel large yet cozy and emphasize the furnishings rather than an attention-grabbing feature hue. To perfectly exemplify this style choose neutrals with very subtle undertones such as blue or gray; also, try soft pastels for an extra appeal!

2. Crisp White Shaker Style Cabinets

White Shaker Style Cabinets

The white cabinets in this farmhouse kitchen create an open, airy feel while maintaining visual consistency throughout. The black knobs and pulls appeal to classic 1950s country kitchens with their simple design perfect for modern-day lifestyles!

3. Deluxe Farmhouse Style

Deluxe Farmhouse Pantry With Wine Fridge

Deluxe Farmhouse Pantry With Wine Fridge - Image by Veranda

Create a cozy, inviting pantry by bringing black cabinets together and other elements in conjunction with gold details. Pair them alongside rustic units like wood color to warm up the environment while adding character through vintage pieces for an overall modern look. 

The gold sink and wine glass will give your kitchen a touch of luxury and help you organize in style with all those screen pantry doors. It also comes with a wine fridge space, perfect for entertaining guests or keeping drinks cold at parties; guests attending your dinner parties can't fail to be impressed by this well-organized pantry.

4. Marble Countertops for Opulent Look

Butlers pantry and laundry room

A countertop is a crucial design element of modern farmhouse kitchen design. There is an almost limitless variety in choosing from marble, granite, and quartz countertops or composite material laminate counters.  

White or cream marble countertops are the most popular for a modern farmhouse design. Farmhouse comes from the fact that lighter countertops have a more modern appeal and are employed to increase that opulent look.

5. Farmhouse Sink

Black apron sink interior design

Install a small sink in your butler's pantry to protect your valuable china and crystal dishes. A sink eliminates the need to move dishes across the room or risk dropping things while carrying them. It also means you may use your pantry for more than just storage. 

Black is likely the most popular color if you’re planning apron sinks for your rustic kitchen. Darker colors will highlight the beautiful characteristics of farmhouse homes and offer elegance when needed without being overpowering.

6. Brick Backsplash

Farmhouse Brick Backsplash

Start with a small corner if you're unsure how a brick backsplash will appear. Bricks instantly enhance any room, so experiment with traditional bricks in your coffee station or pantry corner to see how it seems.

A backsplash is an essential component of any kitchen because it protects your walls from grease and stains caused by daily cooking. Adding bricks to the wall behind your washing sinks is brilliant to add interest to an otherwise dull space.

7. Subway Tile Backsplash

White cabinet and white backsplash

Install porcelain subway tiles as a counter-to-ceiling backsplash behind open shelves. Subway tiles are a classic accent to any kitchen pantry, but they look charming in farmhouse kitchens. Install black grout on kitchen tile to make it stand out and add dimension to your kitchen designs.

8. Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless electric kettle on the table

There's a reason why black appliances are not always seen in farmhouse kitchens. Although there are a few instances, they don't mix with the warm, neutral color palette. Stainless steel is an elegant material for a farmhouse kitchen. 

This type of pantry style has a certain elegance that makes it function well in any kitchen, whether it's a modern farmhouse or contemporary chic. It is also simple to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

The walk-in pantry is perfect for storing small appliances like coffee makers, blenders, electric kettles, and ovens.

9. Black Rustic Wood Ladder

Kitchen in modern style

The pantry ladder is one of the best features of this kitchen pantry. A black rustic wood ladder is used to reach upper shelves. If needed, it can be used on both sides or stand up against the wall when not being utilized for storage purposes. 

This open pantry design would go perfectly with farmhouse kitchens because they are all about functionality plus charm, working together seamlessly.

Farmhouse Style Flooring

10. Traditional Flooring with Wide Planks

Wood Planks Swatches

Wood floors are the most typical farmhouse aesthetic. While pine floors were once common, most homeowners prefer hardwood because of its longevity. Wood is a long-lasting, easy-to-clean material. It also gives your home a natural and warm appearance. Look for wide planks when purchasing wood floors for your home renovation.  

11. Farmhouse Terracotta Floor Tiles

Farmhouse Kitchen with terracotta tiles

What's more farmhouse than stone, terracotta, or patterned tiles? With their earthy colors and rugged looks, they are perfect for adding an element of rustic flair to any space. You can even use tile as your flooring choice if you want something durable that will last longer with various styles!

Farmhouse Style Doors

12. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Double Barn Doors

Installing a beautiful sliding pantry barn door is the perfect way to instantly transform your entire kitchen into an elegant French chateau or rustic look farmhouse dwelling. With so many styles and designs available, you can choose one that perfectly matches your current kitchen décor.

You can use a barn door to hide your pantry's ugly assortment of dry products such as cereal and baking mix.

13. Distressed Pantry Door

Distress Pantry Door

Distress Pantry Door - Image by Decorpad

Farmhouse doors are simple yet elegant, and they give any kitchen a welcoming, warm, and homey feel. Distressed or aged finishes are the most popular options for these doors. 

Any pantry door may be a rustic work of art with a distressed finish. Many people use damaged signs and vintage-looking hardware to enhance the laid-back vibe of this style.

14. Chalkboard Door

A black chalk door

Do you want to remodel the look of your pantry door without spending a lot of money? Choose a door with a chalkboard design. All you need is chalkboard paint, and you can turn any surface into a notepad in no time! 

Chalkboard paint is an easy and affordable way to give any surface personality. You can use it to make grocery lists, track your family's schedule, or even write messages on the door of that unique pantry in your kitchen. It is a great way to add interest to your farmhouse pantry door while also increasing its usefulness.

Farmhouse Style Organizer

15. Easy Open Shelving

Dish and jars on open shelves

The farmhouse style is all about easy living, and open shelves provide the perfect way to display your favorite items. Build some rustic wooden cabinets using natural materials like cedar or pine wood for extra flavor in its design. 

You can also use short pair lengths of barn board with galvanized steel plumbing parts (painted black) on top for a modern yet traditional look. 

It's easy enough to see what is inside your kitchen pantry without having too much trouble opening all those cabinet doors.

16. Natural Wicker Baskets for Storage

Woman in the Pantry With a Basket of Onions

Using farmhouse-style elements in your home can help you create a cozy atmosphere that is inviting and fun. The addition of wicker baskets on your pantry space will catch attention and give off an old-fashioned feel.

They provide storage for snacks or other baking needs. Still, these baskets are also versatile—you'll find them efficiently storing all sorts, from laundry soaps to paper towels. With their convenient carrying handles and eco-friendly materials, these baskets will help you stay organized in your home.

17. Clear Canisters and Labels for Storing

Ingredients in Glass Jars on a countertop

You can turn your regular walk-in pantry into a farmhouse-style one by using glass canisters and labels for each ingredient. You'll be able to see what you have there, which will help organize everything better than before! It's like having an old-fashioned country store right at home. 

Not only does this organizational style help create an authentic feeling within homes inspired by country living, but it also makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

18. Beer and Wine Bottles in Wooden Crates

Beer and Wine Bottles in Wooden Crates

Need some ideas on how to utilize every inch in your farmhouse pantry? You're not alone! Wine lovers everywhere have struggled with finding ways to store an ever-growing collection of bottles. 

Well, use these handy wooden crates. Add them near shelves or under lower cabinets so that they can hold more than you ever thought possible! This simple method will leave plenty of room inside even when everything else seems maxed out.

19. Wire Metal Basket for Edgy Vibe

Eggs in Wire Basket

Farmhouse chic style is about combining traditional elements with modern designs to create an approachable yet sophisticated look. A great way of doing this in your home décor? Galvanized steel buckets.

These wire baskets are sturdy, will not rust, and make it easy to find what you need. They're perfect for organizing your food so that every time feels like a goddess moment when opening the pantry.

Farmhouse Style Decorative pieces

20. Repurposed and Reclaimed Objects

Repurposed and Reclaimed object

Reusing items from farms, factories, and other related industry buildings is a great way to recycle something you might otherwise disregard. This creative repurposing gives them another life by giving it the perfect setting for your unique farmhouse kitchen and pantry.

Farmhouse chic is all about the details—from repurposed signs and crates with stamped branding to baskets hanging from hooks in reclaimed beams, these farm-inspired designs will help you create a stylish and practical pantry for organizing your foods.

21. Refreshing Greens

Open Wooden Shelves in pantry with hanging leaves

Green on white is a serene color used for many different things. It's incredibly stimulating in pantries with farmhouse styles. You have plenty of opportunities to incorporate greenery into your design scheme easily!

When you have less counter space, it's vital to utilize all available space. Hanging or positioning trailing plants like the Philodendron Brasil and Spider Plant on shelves can provide new growth that cascades freely without blocking other items in your pantry!

22. Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave Rugs

The addition of rugs in your home can be a great way to create visual interest and protect floors from damage. Flatweave or patterned low pile rugs will keep the surface clean and add an earthy touch that's hard for people not to resist. 

When you get your stocks for a meal, there is always so much going on in the pantry. It's essential to place area rugs with heavy traffic spots where spills or stains can often happen.

23. Farmhouse Style Wall Decals

Farmhouse Wall Decals

What's more inspiring than a sign that reminds you to slow down and appreciate the simple life? Wall signs can be used in any space, from your pantry to the dining area throughout the home. 

These wall decals will give your pantry a charming and inviting look that friends and family will love spending time in. With their rustic yet straightforward finish, these wasted away decor pieces are perfect for creating an atmosphere where you can enjoy simpler times with those around you.


Designing a farmhouse kitchen pantry is about creating a relaxed and welcoming space in your home. By focusing on critical elements such as distressed doors, reclaimed objects, and warm finishes, you can achieve this look without too much effort. Mix traditional and modern styles for the most authentic finish, and enjoy the laidback country life aesthetic in your own pantry space.

Do you have any tips for achieving the perfect farmhouse kitchen pantry? Let us know in the comments below!

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