23 Best Pantry Organizers To Incorporate In Your Home

Small Kitchen Pantry

Do you want to have a well-organized home? It is much easier to find whatever you are looking for in your kitchen with a well-organized pantry. This blog post will give you the best pantry organizers and ideas that will help you get started with creating an organized and functional space in your home.

1. Play Around with the Color Palette 

It can be created to help organize and clean up your pantry. It will make it feel less hectic, which is a great way to start the morning! A grand color scheme in your kitchen won't only create synchronicity among your appliances; it's also an excellent way to make the space look larger.

It's also important to keep in mind that just because pre-made cabinets are already put up, it doesn't mean you can't play around with other colors for your kitchen. You can still complement the existing cabinets or paint them in colors that make the space look cluttered or overwhelming.

2. Add Seagrass or Wicker Baskets Wherever You Can

Woman in the Pantry With a Basket of Onions

Pantries are not just for cans of soup and boxes of cereal. They're also perfect for organizing spices, unused and heavy appliances, and even excess grocery items. Seagrass baskets can work very well if you want your pantry to look like the rest of the room. Those who love wicker but don't have much space can also work well in a pantry.

In a pantry, you can use straw bins and baskets to catch items without lifting lids. You could also organize the cans by category (tomato sauces, vegetables, etc.) or a place like napkins and tablecloths. By stacking them on slanted shelves, it creates deeper storage too!

3. Get Transparent Containers

Clear Pantry Containers

One of the most visually appealing approaches you can take to improve your kitchen and pantry organization is to use more transparent containers. This means getting clear containers, plastic, or glass to put dry food in. See our list of best food storage containers.

Using clear containers lets you see the contents inside without opening them; this helps quickly identify ingredients and reduces energy use. Transparent storage is a good way for visiting what needs restocking too! When purchasing these products, they must have lids that seal or close tightly to protect their quality.

4. Pantry Canisters

Pantry Canisters

Pantry canisters are a great way to keep your pantry looking organized and tidy. These have chalkboard labels, so you have the choice of writing the contents on them yourself. This is undoubtedly one way not to forget what's in each jar!

The best part about using these containers is that they aren't just for storing dry food items or smaller kitchen items. You can use them to store just about any item that will fit, including more oversized items. Glass pantry storage containers are also recommended.

5. Reuse What You Can

Reused Diaper Box For Storage

Reused Diaper Box For Storage - Image by The Bean Sprout Notes

Don't shy away from upcycled storage. Consider reusing and recycling certain boxes into containers like old diaper boxes for zipper box dispensers or toilet paper dispensers! This is an eco-friendly way to stay organized and to keep your refillable items in check!

6. Use Wherever You Can 

Closets, pantries, and even drawers can benefit from the help of some great organizers. The point is to use them wherever you need extra organization in your home! Don't be afraid to get creative with it, too, using items that might seem unconventional for storage purposes like magazine holders or stacked shoe boxes.

7. You Can't Go Wrong with a Pull-Out Shelf

You Can't Go Wrong with a Pull-Out Shelf

Organize your pantry with pull-out drawers to easily find even the most miniature pasta sauce bottle in seconds. Pull-out shelves and pasta storage containers are an excellent way to gain space in your pantry. The top of the shelf is slightly higher than where you place it so that when you open the door and pull out, any items placed at the back will slide forward into view. 

This kind of design allows a quick and efficient search through all products without rummaging through so much. Like, when you are looking for your essential oils. You may put oil containers on your pull-out shelf to make sure these essential oils will last long.

8. Don't Overlook Any Corner of the Pantry

The door of your needs and preferences, then start checking out the various options available online. You'll be happy with the results! There are many kinds of pantry organization ideas that you may not have considered before. A pantry door can be a great place to add some shelves or other organizational accessories. This one looks beautiful with its added organization! 

9. Keep It Uniformed 

Try comfortably tucking away items you don't always use into a closet by the kitchen. Consider using containers of various sizes to produce a clutter-free space, which is what people who have no room for a full-sized pantry will appreciate. Closets, pantries, and even drawers can benefit from the help of some uniformed organizers that use monochromatic baskets, drawers, and dry food containers.

10. Hang Up Peg Boards

Kitchen Essentials On Peg Boards
Kitchen Essentials On Peg Boards - Image by
The Home Edit

Pegboards are a great pantry storage option because they can be mounted on the wall and give you more room for baskets, bins, jars of all sorts. They also keep things easily accessible so that there's no digging around in search of what you need to grab from your stocked food supply. Try using pegboards for dishes in deeper drawers to create more space and keep things from getting piled up.

11. Organize by Type of Food 

Home Pantry Kitchen Interior, Woman with Laptop Recording Vlog

You can up the vibrance of space by organizing all of your ingredients for specific meals together, making them easier to spot when you're in a pinch for time or running low on energy after a good workout. Find your trusty granola bars in the morning or your protein bars when hitting the gym.

12. Utilize Shelf Space for Pantry Organizers

You may have noticed this trend in my pantry organization, but utilize every inch of space you can for storing food! If there's some wiggle room on your shelves, then it might be worth looking into investing in some of the storage below.

13. Store Your Pantry Items in Mason Jars

Kitchen pantry, wooden shelves with jars and containers with food

Mason jars are uber-popular right now, and for a good reason! They're great because you can store pretty much anything inside them (such as homemade dressings, sauces, syrups, etc.) without having to worry about it.

14. Drawer Organizers and Separators are All the Rage

Purchasing drawer organizers can help prevent all your bottles, cans, and other pantry items from toppling over in their respective drawers. Try adding flexible dividers here to keep liquor bottles from clinking together. Still, separators will be helpful for anything you want to put inside the different compartments of a given drawer.

15. Place in an Under-Shelf Baskets 

Under the shelf, baskets are an extremely versatile pantry storage option that you can use for your canned goods, dried foods, snacks, spices, and other kitchen items. They're great to make the most of those deep shelves because they let you store absolutely anything in there, whether it's the bulky appliances, unused baking supplies, or rummaging other long-term kitchen items that are often overlooked.

16. Add Some Spice Rack Organizers

Tasteful Spice Rack Organizer Mounted On A Brick Wall
Tasteful Spice Rack Organizer Mounted On A Brick Wall - Image by
Good Housekeeping

Whether your kitchen is big or small, adding a spice rack will help create a zone for your cooking spices and ingredients. They can be hung or mounted but also sit on the counter or inside cabinets. This will keep your spices organized and easy to find when cooking!

17. Market Carts Could Save You Time

Market carts or grocery totes are a great way to store your pantry items in one place. While they're not exactly aesthetically pleasing, they could come in handy for you if that's what it takes to get everything you need to be hauled from the grocery to your pantry or kitchen.

18. Maximize Open Shelving

Stylish Open Shelving in a Warm Kitchen
Stylish Open Shelving in a Warm Kitchen - Image by
Apartment Therapy

Open shelving is another alternative to your pantry storage cabinet. This would be the perfect place for empty bins or baskets so you can have easy access to what's inside them without much hassle. You can also display beautiful ceramics and bowls on shelves to create more texture and visual appeal to the space.

19. Label Every Box, Jar & Can 

pantry jars of chia seeds, and brown sugar

Labels are great! They help let everyone know where everything goes and make it more convenient to navigate the pantry. You can also use different labels for items that are frequently used so they will be more accessible.

20. Use Wall Space 

If you have an empty wall, use it! You can utilize the space to hang some kitchen essentials or even set up more shelves on your walls if there is no room left below them. When hanging things from the ceiling, make sure they're stable and robust enough for storage, like hanging pot racks and fruit basket organizers.

21. Get Creative!

Don't limit yourself to just using the space under your cabinets or shelves for storage. Think outside the box and use anything that you can find in your home. You can even put baskets on top of kitchen appliances if there is some space left, specifically ovens where it's flat enough for you to place them safely without worrying about the top.

22. Make a Snack Zone

An organized pantry shelf with various types of cookies, cereal and snacks

This simple organization hack will create a system that works for you and your kids looking for snacks after school. You can purchase a wire rack and place it on top of your refrigerator. Have a basket for each day with the snacks that you need to be refilled constantly.

23. Add Hooks Everywhere

Hooks work everywhere in the kitchen and the house. If you want to keep your mitts and aprons in place, add hooks and clips by the gas range. Another approach is to hang a towel bar and use S hooks to hang your pots and pans on the side of your kitchen island.


There are many options out there when it comes to achieving the best pantry organizers to spice up your kitchen. Whether you're looking for cabinets, containers, hooks, and more to make your pantry look good while being functional, there's no right or wrong way to make your kitchen and pantry more functional and visually appealing for your needs.

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