12 Halloween Party Decor Ideas For The Kitchen

Little Girl Sitting on the Kitchen

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. Halloween parties are a big hit with kids and adults alike, but what about Halloween party ideas for the kitchen to start off the holiday? 

We've compiled a list of 12 Halloween party decor ideas for your kitchen that will have you feeling spooky without being too scared! These Halloween party kitchen ideas from pumpkin carving to spider web dipping sauce will keep all of your guests entertained while they wait in line for the festivities to start!

1. Start with the Windows 

Decorated Windows with a Witch
Decorated Windows with a Witch - Image by
Proud Home Decor 

If you're looking for the perfect way to add some spooky flair without taking up valuable floor space in your kitchen, the windows are an excellent option to start. Decorating with silhouettes and set pieces are both easy and safe - make sure not to use real pumpkins or other hazardous materials like black cheesecloth.

You can also go all out by adding lights outside on timers, so they light up at night when it gets dark enough, and maybe even install exterior light fixtures if you're into that sort of thing. You can make origami Halloween lights and use them in combination with other decorations. 

2. Try Tombstone Chair Covers

Tombstone Chair Cover
Tombstone Chair Cover - Image by Hammers And High Heels

Cute, charming, and fun - make your kitchen chairs and high chairs blend with the spooktacular season! All you'll need is some fabric paint (black works best), a foam craft brush, and templates to make decorating hassle-free. 

Place one flower stencil on each corner of the case with tape or pins in place, so they stay down while painting brushes onto them using just enough pigment to get an aged look without soaking through thoroughly. Let it dry completely before removing the first time around, then enjoy the adorable decor before sitting to enjoy their meal.

3. Get Some Halloween Themed Kitchen Ware

Pumpkin Shaped Caserole

Instead of standard tableware, rugs, and hand towels, try out some spooky flair. Swap your typical drinking glasses for Halloween-themed tumblers, or wrap them in gauze to give the dish an eerie look! You can also go with wall decor like scary ghost prints posters with wordings that elevate your kitchen decoration even more during this holiday season.

A Halloween-themed kitchen doesn't have to be entirely scary either; the colors orange and black are traditionally Halloween colors, after all! So consider adding some of these party ideas into your Halloween kitchen decor this year--and you'll welcome more than just the kids with open arms for spending time in one of the busiest rooms in the house as well.

4. Go Funky with the Skeleton Face Candy Packaging

Halloween Skull Candy

Once you make these little skull candy holders, place one at each table setting as a sweet surprise for your guests. Spray paint all of the egg boxes white inside and out, then dry them thoroughly.

Cut out templates from black craft paper so they can be easily attached with light layers of tacky glue onto the empty round cavity. This will ensure a secure placement on top and it won't harm it if not glued perfectly straight down.

5. Don't Forget the Pumpkins!

Halloween Pumpkin Kitchen Decor

Pumpkin carving is an American tradition that dates back to colonial times. You can create your own unique, personalized pumpkin in just about any shape or size! Make sure you have enough time set aside for this project, as it will take some effort on behalf of the artist who does all of these beautiful faces and designs with their knives and hands!

If you're not confident with decorating pumpkins, then don't worry. There are plenty of artificial decorations available at Halloween stores year-round, too, like ghosts made out of paper. They fold up into mini creatures so small most kids won't even notice them unless pointed out.

6. Go Bohemian and Try Macrame Ghosts

Macrame Ghost Wall Hangers
Macrame Ghost Wall Hangers - Image by
DIY Network

You can find a variety of Halloween decorations in the market, including macrame ghost hangers. They are not only simple but also affordable and easy to manage! 

If you lack time or energy worrying about how your kitchen looks at this point during October 31st, then opt for these festive-looking macrame decors that you can hang up. They will give off enough spook in the atmosphere without any extra DIY arts and crafts necessary.

7. Make the Dining Table Your Halloween Canvas

Halloween Themed Dining Table

Your dining table shows how you celebrate Halloween. To dress up your dining area in a spooky spirit, get as weird as possible with a creative approach! 

Layout fake spider webs from the ceiling or on the sides of the kitchen counter or island and make it look more realistic by adding plastic spiders all around. Use orange candlelight for some ambiance lighting on top of that eerie vibe and provide thematic flair at each setting, during dinner time, and afterward! 

8. Try Black Candle Centerpieces to Fit the Mood

Black Candle Centerpiece

Those who like to add a creepy little charm to their Halloween get-together party can start with black candle centerpieces. With these, you don't need many other Halloween decorations around!

The candles themselves will create a whole new dimension for your tablescape. Make sure they're built out of sturdier material like glass or metal if using real ones; otherwise, try getting a little creative and use a make-shift candle base instead.

9. Go with a Crescent Flower Wreath for the Back Door

Halloween Wreath

This year, add your leaf bats to the October wreath for an autumnal decoration. You can create one by starting with long skinny grass on two ends of a crescent shape that will form its base; hot glue these into place, making sure they are not too tight or loose before filling in between each flower. So there's no imbalance; use all sorts of dried flowers in the mix as well.

Just make sure to balance out everything evenly within both topsides because this is an important step to keep it in place. Finish off either by tying ribbons around tops if hung indoors or put some pin-backing on for those who wish to display it outside.

10. Remember the Halloween Treats!

Halloween Treats

Bake cakes and other desserts like cookies or graze boards to surprise your friends on All Hallows' Eve if you're good at cooking. If not interested in making these items yourself, then get some Halloween-themed cookie jars from the market that will make for a great display! 

You can also dump in all sorts of candies you wish to have for Halloween. It will be a fun surprise for the trick or treaters and the kiddos at home!

11. Hang Up Some Spooky Lanterns

Spooky Hanging Lanterns

You can make your paper lanterns with clip art, paint, and a bit of creativity. They'll look even more special when lit up at night! 

This is also a great way to play with different colors aside from yellow, orange, and black. These can complement your kitchen and still create the eerie Halloween look you want to go for.

12. Make Your Own Branch Centerpiece

Custom Made Halloween Branch Centerpiece
Custom Made Halloween Branch Centerpiece - Image by Tikkido

One of the best ways to make a centerpiece for your Halloween party is by using tree branches. Spray paint as many layers on these branches and let them dry before placing them in an urn or vase! 

You can use materials from anywhere! Just look around at what's available where you live; it's a no-brainer DIY!


The decors in your home don't have to be Halloween-themed if you're not huge on holiday. However, incorporating some subtle, yet elegant Halloween party ideas for the kitchen is a good start. We hope our list of 12 Halloween party decor ideas will get your creative juices flowing. 

You'll find that you don't need too many Halloween props or custom-made decor items to make a huge impact. With a bit of creativity, you can quickly transform your kitchen into a festive Halloween home without breaking the bank!

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