How To Organize Drawers For All Parts Of Your Home

A Man Organizing His Kitchen Drawers

Drawers can end up being messy and disorganized. Luckily, there are multiple ways to organize them easily! This article will show you many excellent ideas for organizing drawers gathered from professional organizer tips online.

How to organize drawers starts with an idea to keep things tidy and together. The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms in your house that require storage for food, cooking items, and cleaning supplies. That’s why it is best to incorporate tips that work best for you and your family.

From bedroom storage solutions to kitchen drawer organization hacks, these tricks will help make your space clutter-free by utilizing stackable containers with designated areas in every corner, like under a bed or inside an armoire closet. Let us show you how!

1. Reorganize Your Bedroom Drawers

An Organized Clothes Drawer

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in the home, and keeping it organized can help you relax and get a good night's sleep. From under-bed storage, drawer organizers, and vertical storage solutions for your bedroom furniture, use these how-to ideas as inspiration for creating a beautiful space!

Step 1: Evaluate the Space

Ask yourself if the allotted space in your bedroom is optimally utilized. If not, move furniture around the room to create more space or make new items and accessories. If you have a corner space that already has a drawer or organizer, gauge which items need the most compartments.

Step 2: Sort Through The Items

Items of clothing that are seldom worn should be donated, passed down to a friend or relative, or sold at a second-hand store. This will help you keep only items you wear daily more streamlined and in a designated spot.

Whether it's undergarments, scarves, and winter gloves, making more room for miscellaneous clothing or accessories in your bedroom is essential if you would like an untangled and well-organized space.

Step 3: Prepare Your Packing And Sorting Tools

Before you conduct the packing and sorting process, you must have everything on hand. These include the following:

Step 4: Toss What You Don't Wear Anymore

Mother And Son Sorting And Folding Clothes

It's safe to say that if you've worn it for more than a year, there is no reason why it should remain in your drawers. When purging your wardrobe, feel free to create separate piles depending on your priorities.

For instance, making a “donation pile,” a “keep pile,” and a “toss pile” for clothing items that are no longer wearable. You can also separate those that have stains and could use alteration before donation.

Step 5: Consider A Divider System

Typically, dressers come in over 20-inch deep drawers. However, if your shorter drawer is over 16-inch deep or longer than 24-inch, you should install a divider system for a more streamlined approach. It would work well for colored and white items for the easy organization from the clean laundry pile.

Depending on your preferred organization approach, whether by color, season, or frequency of use, you can organize drawers for easy navigation and accessibility; once you've established your system, place items from your "keep pile" and arrange them accordingly.

2. Play Around with Your Clothes for Bedroom Drawers

 Drawers Splayed Out On The Bed For Reorganization

For maximum space, choose a versatile method that requires little to no effort for a time-efficient approach. There’s a lot you can do to make space from your favorite socks, underwear to your trusty shirts and tank tops; it’s all up to how you organize your clothes in your drawers.

  • Roll Your Clothes

Roll your t-shirts up to save space in the wardrobe and make more room when packing a suitcase. When you're faced with limited closet or drawer space, rolling rather than folding shirts can make all of the difference in doubling what's available for storage.

If there are many garments left over after being rolled, put these back at their natural length until they fit snugly against each other before applying any pressure during pressing; otherwise, wrinkles will be inevitable afterward.

  • Sort By Color 

You might be surprised to learn how satisfying it is to open your drawers and see everything in a perfect rainbow arrangement right in front of your eyes. Try following this step by folding all clothes, creating separate spaces for each category, then sorting everything by color!

You can start from light to dark or dark to light which can change in each drawer. It's a great technique to make sure you're not missing out on any pieces of clothing just because they got lost among everything else.

  • Hang Up Bulky Clothing Items 

Hanging your bulky items in a closet or cabinet is one way to save space, but how do you make sure you don't forget them later? Try getting a visible clothes rack to hang your jackets and sweaters during the fall and winter seasons.

All of your clothes deserve to be rotated in and out regularly, but bulky clothing like jeans or sweatshirts can take up a lot more space when folded. Instead, consider keeping them on the hanger where they belong! You could also store items you don't often use under your bed for now until there's time to rotate everything again.

3. Revamp Your Kitchen Drawers 

An Organized Dish Drawer Using A Peg System - Image by Queen Bee of Honey Do’s

An Organized Dish Drawer Using A Peg System - Image by Queen Bee of Honey Do’s

The next room to organize is the kitchen, especially the drawers and cupboards. The utensils and other supplies can be a pain, but it's easy with these tips!

  • Put the Pots and Pans Away

Start by putting your pans on one side and your pots and pans on the other. Next, put anything that you use most often in front, so they're easier to grab when the cooking time comes around (i.e., measuring cups).

  • Keep Dishes for Special Occasions in Deep Drawers 

The next task is organizing those dishes - make sure they are clean first before stacking them away neatly into cabinets or shelves for future use. If you have sets of decorative plates and saucers that you only bring out when you have guests over, using a peg system to keep them intact is a great space-saving technique that prevents breakage.

  • Compartmentalize Utensils 

Many drawers in the kitchen area are for food storage. When you place utensils into the corresponding drawer compartments, things will not only be easier to find, but your drawers will stay organized and keep your favorite cutlery in the spot you expect them to be.

  • Get Mason Jars For Vertical Storage

Your baking supplies like spoons, whisks, and piping equipment should go in one drawer, and your main cooking tools can go in another drawer like graters, spatulas, and tongs. They're best stored standing up in large mason jars for those who have deep drawers or tall shelving in their kitchen for easy access.

4. DIY Small Storage Hacks As Much As Possible

Make-Shift Storage Box With Compartments

When you're living in a dorm complex or a condo, storage is hard to come by. Ensure you're able to maximize every drawer space by incorporating some budget-friendly hacks to add the illusion of more storage.

Step 1: Find an Old Shoe Box 

If you have multiple shoeboxes just lying around, you can make a neat storage solution by repurposing these into cabinet storage. Using the right mounting equipment, you can attach them to the inside of your cabinets and keep some of your most-used everyday items in there.

Step 2: Take Extra Cardboard and Cut Up Dividers

Measure how long each shoebox is, then cut a piece of excess cardboard to get the same size. Ensure you cut up each slit evenly to create a snug insert.

Step 3: Secure the Dividers in Place

Layout how you want your dividers to go, glue them into place with hot glue, and cut off any excess. Measure up two inches from the bottom edge along both sides of the cardboard pieces with a ruler or measuring tape.

Assemble your dividers by sliding them together. The tab of a horizontal cut-out will slide into the tab of a vertical cut-out, with just enough friction to hold it all in place. If not, use tape as needed for extra security and stability!

Step 4: Organize Miscellaneous Items In Each Compartment

Now you can have a space for all of your hair ties, clips, paperclips, and thumbtacks on the desk without having to find yet another container or drawer. Find some pouches to keep some items safe from dust that is small enough to fit the compartments.


It's essential to be creative and resourceful in how you organize your drawers. Enjoy clutter-free spaces and learn drawer organization with clever hacks to keep your clothes in place or your kitchen utensils in one zone for easy navigation. 

Comment any new suggestions you would like to see in our tutorial for an efficient way to keep your drawers organized.

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