25 Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas To Revamp Your Kitchen

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

When it comes to home organization, it's less about clutter and more about creativity. The kitchen is not just an area where you prepare food but also where family members get together for conversation or get things done.

Having too much clutter in the kitchen can hinder your cooking and cause injuries if left unattended. In this blog, organization ideas have been categorized into kitchen drawers, kitchen storage solutions, and kitchen organizers.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

 A woman looking at her cupboard 

Before organizing your drawers, you must go through everything and decide if you want to keep the items or not. When deciding what goes in each drawer, consider how often they are used and their size for any given area of use. 

This will save time later on down the line when there's a need to reorganize because all the necessary pieces may already be where they should be!

2. Use the Organizer that Works for You

Do you have kitchen storage containers, drawer dividers, or drawer organizers? If so, then begin by taking out each of these kitchen organizers and fitting them into all the kitchen drawers they can use. Kitchen products will ensure that miscellaneous items like pens, scissors, and clips are kept in order and easy to find.

3. Maximize Every Inch of Your Kitchen Drawers

Drawer baskets and organizers are perfect storage tools for kitchen drawers because they help maximize space and keep the mess in control.

Kitchen baskets, drawer dividers, containers, soap holders, and utensil racks will all fit into the different areas of your drawers to ensure that everything has a designated spot. This will help create zones for certain items in your kitchen that you don't necessarily have a specific space for.

4. Create a Charging Pull Out Drawer

Customized Charging Pull-Out Station - Image by Houzz

Customized Charging Pull-Out Station - Image by Houzz

The old, tangled mess of cords from your charging station can now be a thing of the past. A designated charging drawer is smart storage for all your pesky chargers and will make powering up more effortless than ever before! You can also DIY it using a cord organizer and some adhesive to create an effective kitchen drawer organization.

5. DIY Baskets for Kitchen Drawers

Incorporating kitchen baskets are great because they will fit well in any kitchen drawer. You can set them up however you like them! They don't have to be lined up perfectly. Mix it up and make each drawer organization idea work well for your space.

6. Add a Pull-Out Organizer Where You Can

Whether your kitchen drawers are on the kitchen counter, table, kitchen island, or hanging up from a kitchen wall, a pull-out organizer will save your sanity and add an extra pop of color to your kitchen drawer storage.

7. DIY Pantry Pull Out Drawer Organizer

Depending on your space, building your DIY pantry pull-out comes in multiple designs and materials that serve a specific storage convenience. Whether you're looking to see all your items from a distance or you want a drawer that fits all your bulky items, there are a few styles you might want to look into, which include:

8. Sloping Sided Drawers

Stylish and practical, these drawers are perfect for storing pots and pans or anything else tall. It also allows you to see back into the drawer, so it's easy to find what you need!

9. Low Sided Drawers

These low-sided containers work well with smaller items such as canned goods and spices. The lower side makes reading labels more convenient when you're storing such products in a high cabinet, for instance.

10. High Sided Drawers

Here's a go-to tip for organizing your kitchen: higher shelves. If you have any plastic storage containers that topple over or stacks of plates, high sides will be perfect for keeping them upright!

11. Drawer Organizing Jars

Storage Jars - Image by Better Homes and Gardens

Storage Jars - Image by Better Homes and Gardens

You can use kitchen drawer storage jars for various products such as spices, pasta, and more! If you're feeling creative or like to do things the cheap way, you can make your own kitchen drawer organizing jar with added structure using cardboard boxes and kitchen drawer dividers.

12. Consider Inaccessible Space

In kitchens, there is often extra space that you don't see. If you have a kitchen island with drawers and cabinets that can be pulled out, you can store kitchen products that are too tall for your kitchen drawer in the kitchen cabinet above! You'll never have to worry about whether or not the bag of flour will fit again!

This also applies to drawers that only pull out halfway and only have limited space to be used. Uninstall the sliders and replace them with new brackets to ensure you get to pull out the drawer throughout.

13. Keep Things Snug

Arrange things so they are as snug as possible to keep things in place and avoid sliding objects every time you pull out the drawer. It can be bothersome when pulling a drawer open and everything slides around.

To avoid this frustration, try arranging items into stacks that push up against each other rather than keep them still by putting something heavy on top of them, which makes finding what you're looking for much less challenging!

14. Keep Frequently Used Items Within Reach

Tea Organizer with Tea Kettle and Mugs Within Reach - Image by M Design Home Decor

Tea Organizer with Tea Kettle and Mugs Within Reach - Image by M Design Home Decor

The kitchen is often used to make things easier for convenience and keep the items you need most frequently within easy reach. This approach keeps your kitchen tidy and uncluttered while saving time walking back and forth between a kitchen drawer and the kitchen itself every time you need one thing or another.

15. Use Decorative Liners

Liners aren't only meant to avoid fewer items sliding when pulling out the drawer, but they also serve as decor to make kitchen drawers more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Not to mention, contact paper or liners aren't just good for keeping your drawers clean, it also protects them from the daily wear-and-tear that comes with having a kitchen.

Not only are liners typically more wipeable than most interior drawer surfaces, but when you're ready to move out of this place, we can peel and go without worrying about cleaning the inside of each cabinet because everything was on top!

16. Store Similar Items Together

In between this small "measuring" drawer and the stove is our most oversized kitchen drawer, and we use it to store pretty much everything that doesn't fit into any other location.

Balance "categories" of items with how they fit into the organizers themselves. The overall goal with these drawers is to give everything a logical home where it could be easily seen or accessed.

17. Keep Items Close to Where They are Used

Makes sense, right? You'll use things you need the most. It also saves your back from carrying heavy items and makes it easier to find what you're looking for when they can't be put away or moved out of sight too far.

Make your morning routine more efficient by organizing all of the coffee-making supplies near one another. Place tea bags in containers next to the water heater, so you can make a cup anytime and anywhere without having to go out for it.

18. Lose The Packaging

Dried Foods in Packaging 

Boxes are bulky, and they take up space in your cupboards. One way to stay efficient and organized is to use as few K-cups or tea bags as necessary, but another way is to remove things like coffee filters from their box too! This might seem counterintuitive since those items come packaged in a box themselves.

19. Seek for Good Slide-Out Bins 

The pull-out drawer in your kitchen cabinet is a great way to hide the trash and recycling. It also allows you easy access to the garbage while also masking the unpleasant odors that come with a garbage bin.

20. Try a Cork Board Liner 

Make your kitchen drawer tidy by adding this cork liner to it. You can cut the liner down to fit in the space you need, then add anything you want!

When closing a drawer with these liners installed, everything will stay where they are put—no more rolling about when shutting things up. You can even use thumbtacks to keep items like cheese graters and shredders in place.

21. Bank on Stackable Two-Tier Bamboo Shelves 

Depending on the type of drawers and cupboards you own, the allotted space for cleaning supplies, baking items, and other kitchen or bathroom supplies may vary. With this kitchen organizer, you can maximize space in the kitchen without compromising on style.

This kitchen drawer organizer comes with two stacking bamboo shelves that fit into most kitchen drawers—and lots of kitchen cabinets, too! Two-tier kitchen organizers are simple to install and can be stacked however high or low you need them to go.

22. Create a Designated Baking Pan Organizer

Baking Pan Drawer Organizer - Image by Good House Keeping

Baking Pan Drawer Organizer - Image by Good House Keeping 

If you're an organizer or organization enthusiast, this kitchen drawer organizer may be one of your favorites. This kitchen drawer organizer is like the traditional under-the-sink organizers but for baking pans. The kitchen drawer organizer comes with six clear acrylic trays divided into three spaces to hold small, medium, and large.

23. Install a Built-In Knife Organizer

If you have kitchen knives, a kitchen drawer organizer is a must-have! A good knife organizer should fit a drawer so ensure you get the measurements right.

Once you nail down your drawer's measurements, install built-in storage blocks to keep knives from knocking around. The spaces between the surfaces in these blocks will allow for safe and smart knife positioning so they can stay sharp without putting your hands at risk of injury!

24. Try a Peg Organizer For Deep Drawers

The Peg System is a clever way to organize yet allows you to move your plates from high-up cabinets down deep into the kitchen drawers. The best part? They'll be easier to pull out and put away when you're done with dinner!

22. Opt for a K-Cup Drawer Organizer

Keeping your favorite coffee cup around the house is a lot easier when you have an organized place to store them. A custom K-Cup drawer is an excellent addition to your kitchen and lets you keep several pods at any given time.

However, opting for an insertable coffee pod storage is another convenient and functional kitchen drawer organizer to try. It'll make it easier for early mornings where locating and reaching into the cabinet can start feeling like less of a chore.

23. Add an Adjustable Spice Organizer

Insertable Spice Drawer Organizer

Spice up your life with this genius spice drawer organizer! It has the potential to hold all of the spices you need at a glance. No more digging around for that elusive cumin in the back corner or reaching high over to find it on one of those shelves; pull open and voilà—your favorite seasonings are right there waiting for you.

24. Put a Water Bottle Holder Stand

For those who have a hard time remembering where your water bottles are, just put them in an easy-to-find place in the bottom drawer of your choice or get a water bottle holder stand. If they're on the counter or cupboard, make sure to stand groups of three upwards so that it's easier for people in the house with eyesight problems to spot their favorite bottle!

25. Use a Lazy Susan for Baking Ingredients

For those kitchen drawer ideas that are more kitchen-specific, you can put a lazy susan in there for all your baking ingredients and make things easier to find. It's also a fantastic way to easily access the cinnamon when preparing your kids' favorite snickerdoodles!


The kitchen drawer organization ideas are many and varied, but one thing is certain — you can easily take advantage of space that is often overlooked. Make sure to be creative with shapes, colors, and types of accessories for your kitchen drawers to make them more appealing yet functional.

Don't forget to share kitchen drawer organization ideas in the comments section below for other people to try in their homes.

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