How To Help A Messy Person Get Organized In The Kitchen

Messy person cooking in the kitchen

Do you have a messy person in your life that needs help getting organized in the kitchen? If so, this how-to guide might be your saving grace. Read on to know the ins and outs of kitchen organization, as well as the nifty yet straightforward tips and tricks on how to get them started with the basics of organizing their kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, and pantry. It might come off a bit overwhelming at first, but in due time you might find yourself doing it all for fun.

Declutter and Reorganize Everything Hidden and in Sight

The most common way to get organized is by decluttering and reorganizing when it comes to the kitchen. Start with your pantry because this is how you can keep track of expiration dates on food items. You can also tell how old some groceries are just by looking at them.

You must throw away expired ones right away instead of letting them sit long on your shelves. Check for the products you often purchase in the grocery and make sure they're placed in the fitting containers. There's a lot you can play around with your kitchen in shape, whether it's the container of dry food with a silicone gasket or plastic bins to keep the juice boxes in line.

Avoid Piled up Dishware and Cookware in the Sink 

Piledup dishware and cookware

It's not just a visual reminder of your dirty dishes, but it also involves more cleanup time in the future. So make sure you rinse off used plates and cups before moving them straight into the dishwasher! Better yet, get yourself a trusty dishrack and put it to good use.

By now, you can help a messy person get organized in the kitchen is by putting away unrinsed dishes and utensils before stowing them into their proper place. This way, your sink will also be more convenient to clean!

Add a Task Board for Proper Planning and Scheduling

A great way to determine how to help a messy person get organized in the kitchen is by establishing how much time it takes for you to clean up after each meal. More often than not, this is located in the chore board, which many homes with kids have.

Adding a pegboard to your fridge or your kitchen wall can give your messy housemates a visual guide on what to do and how to do them for the week. Plus, it's a great way to keep them accountable!

Create Zones for Appliances

Zones for appliances

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, messiness is not ideal, and adding a small order can go a long way. Getting organized is achievable by giving each appliance its own space. Whether it be pots and pans, your food processor, or something else entirely--putting everything back where it belongs after use will keep clutter at bay!

If there are appliances that you use daily like coffee makers or espresso machines, juicers, or blenders which help you start your breakfast prep, then set them aside in an alcove. This will create more straightforward navigation and prevent so much time wasted when on a morning rush.

Sort Out the Shelving and Cabinetry

It's a headache when you open the cabinet to find an explosion of mismatched containers with lids. Think of taking some time out from your busy schedule and organizing all these things into one place so that they're easier for everyone around you (including yourself!) 

Not only will this make finding what we need way faster, but also safer since it'll cut down on broken glass or worse! Add in a lid organizer to create some semblance of navigation and order. It's a nifty kitchen essential that can be placed in your drawers and pantry storage for days you have a ton of leftovers to keep away.

Make Use of Corners Wisely

Corner organizer for under cabinets

For larger kitchens, minding the corner spaces are suitable. It will encourage you to place corner storage racks to keep pots and pans for easy access. It'll also make the kitchen look much more significant and make it seem like there's more space to work with. If you own stylish and expensive pots and pans, displaying them is a great way to make the most out of design and function.

Designate a Breakfast Bar or Cove 

If you live with kids, then a kitchen can be a big mess at breakfast time. To stop the morning rush from becoming frantic, you should consider creating a designated place where your family can eat their cereal or have pop tarts and milk before running out of the door for school/work.

Consider Open Shelving for Hassle-Free Navigation

Open shelving with kitchen displaying utensils and cookware

Open shelving is a great way to get rid of clutter. You should ensure that the items displayed on open shelves have been used within the past month or two months for this method to work. Include everyday needs like plates, saucers, mugs, cups, and mugs. This way, it will make it much easier to locate when in a rush when last-minute dinner guests arrive.

Deck out the Pantry

To avoid a kitchen that looks like it belongs in a hoarder's house, create sections and organize the pantry. Label each section of how you will find certain items easier when looking for them at night after work or on an early Sunday morning before church!

Ensure you keep track of each shelf and place the snacks and cereals at eye level where even kids can access them. You can't expect your messy roommate to stock up on their groceries when they can't even reach the food!

Going the extra mile includes purchasing some wire baskets and storing items in an easy-to-reach manner in your kitchen. This way, it takes away most stress when making a quick snack before rushing out the door for work.

Tackle the Undercabinets and Supply Closet

Lazy Susan for Undercabinets

This might be the last priority for many, but messiness is only combated with the right cleaning supplies for avid cleaners and organizers. Stashing them in under cabinets below the kitchen sink is not the way to go. Add in some Lazy Susan organizers, whether plastic, metal, or wooden ones, to establish zones for cleaning brushes, scrubbers, gloves, soaps, and cleaning solutions.


Don't forget how fun it is to organize and clean the kitchen up together with your partner! It can be tiring at times, so make sure you take a break or two in between if need be.

This way, organizing will feel less of a chore and even a possible hobby now. Don't let the reputation of being the "messy one" get in the way of keeping your kitchen into a functional haven for you and your family.

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