The Fascinating Psychology Behind Refrigerator Door Décors

Empty Paper Sheets and Colorful Magnets on Fridge Door

Take a quick trip to your kitchen, or just picture it. What does your refrigerator look like from the outside? Does it have a lot of magnets? Does it show off many family photos or perhaps a long grocery list? Does it represent something, perhaps your favorite sports team or places you've been to on vacation? 

There's a lot of psychology into why people stick magnets on their fridges. For some, it's a way to show off their personality and interests. For others, it's a way to keep track of things they need to remember. Whatever the reason is, these things speak volumes about who we are.

What Your Refrigerator Doors Say About You

Bare Fridge Doors

Stainless steel bare refrigerator door

If you have bare fridge doors, this is mostly how your day goes. You make your bed first thing in the morning after taking a shower, and you're never late for anything. Some would call you a control freak, but you prefer "reluctant delegator." Your kitchen is always pristine, and you know how to load the dishwasher correctly.

You drink your coffee black and meal prep on Sundays. When you get home at 8:30 p.m., you can still eat something wholesome. after a long day at work on Wednesday, Fixer Upper is your favorite show; it's amazing to witness your vision come to reality.

Fridge Doors with Motivational Quotes

Fridge Doors Decorated With Motivational Quotes

You begin each day with your favorite mindful meditation and end it with a gratitude diary entry. Your Instagram posts with inspiring quotations get the most likes. You're the person people call when they're having a bad day because you've been told you're the best listener.

Your dream is to be able to spend a summer touring the world and possibly even quit your job to write a book about it. After all, you know that life is all about experiences.

Designed with a Crayons Art Piece

Family Drawing on Refrigerator Door

The most adorable picture of your kids (or niece or nephew) is on the phone's background. There's no end to the inspiration on Pinterest, whether gorgeous projects or homemade bread recipes. There's no end to what you may find, whether unique ideas or homemade bread recipes.

You've wanted to start an Etsy shop for some time now, and you make wedding and shower cakes in your spare time for your friends. You're a great night owl who's always felt happiest when doing anything creative. Staying past midnight is the finest method to get things done in a serene, tranquil home.

Fridge Doors with Your Favorite Photos

Fridge Doors With a Photos

Your friends refer to you as a paparazzi. Whether you're out to dinner or at a wedding, you're always the first to whip out your camera and remember to take a picture. You always cry after love movies, and your most productive Spotify playlist is made up of high school tunes.

A long run is always preferred over a sophisticated exercise class. Because it's simple, you spend more money on letterpress stationery than you should and never show up to a party empty-handed.

Fridge Doors with Magazine Clippings from Years Ago

You've been trying to finish your latest novel for six months, clean out the pantry since July, and organize the mail stacking up on the foyer table. Your favorite mantra is, "I wish there were another hour in the day."

Your wildest desire is to sneak away to an Airbnb and hole up with nothing but a Malcolm Gladwell book to read from cover to cover, but you're more likely to slog to that 7 a.m. meeting. Plan for a drunken brunch with your best friend after a late spin class.

Fridge Doors with an Old-Fashioned Calendar

Fridge Doors with an Old-Fashioned Calendar

Fridge Door with Calendar - Image by HMmagnets

What is the best term to use to describe you? Classic. You're not interested in flare jeans or turmeric, whether in your clothing or favorite recipes. You rely on color-coded Excel spreadsheets at work, but you still carry a paper planner.

You've always been a leader, and you frequently arrange family gatherings around the holidays. You make lists for making lists, and your mind is like a sieve.

Fridge Doors Littered with Sticky Notes

Woman Attaching Papers to Fridge Door

You have an unstoppable schedule or appointments, and you wouldn't have it any other way. From the time you wake up at 5 a.m. Every minute is scheduled in your iCal calendar, from work meetings to playdates. When you finally get some free time, your favorite is to recline on the couch with a glass of red wine, but you're always tempted to answer emails when relaxing.

Your voicemail box is always full, and returning calls takes at least a few days. You've given up on a zero inbox, but that's fine; as long as you maintain all of your balls in the air, you'll consider yourself successful.

Fridge Doors Covered in Contact Paper or Decals

Football supporters' fridge door

You have a lot of artistic talent. You should have your own HGTV program because you are the queen of repurposing discarded furniture into something cool. Your bookshelves are impeccably designed, and your friends frequently seek your design guidance.

And it's all just something you do on the side to get your creative juices flowing after a long day at the workplace. Everything has its beauty, as you can see. Even the fridge that came with your apartment is 30 years old. 

Fridge Doors with a Digital Screen

Fridge Doors with a Digital Screen

Family Hub Refrigerator with Screen - Image by Samsung

Are you an extraterrestrial? You appear to be living in the future. You're a technology early adopter who always has the most up-to-date gadget. Your Facebook feed is full of drone shots, and your phone is buzzing with texts from friends asking for help with their WiFi or Snapchat Spectacles.

You'll be first in line when a list of persons who wish to buy land on Mars is created. You can be found brewing beer or wine in your basement or binge-watching Mr. Robot and Westworld when you're not utilizing your fridge door as a TV.

Tips for Getting Your Fridge Door in Shape

  1. When in doubt, opt for clarity rather than perfection. Only a problem exists when too much "stuff" isn't effectively organized.
  2. Remove everything that isn't essential to a streamlined home by focusing on two or three important categories and discarding the rest.
  3. Organize things by providing a designated area for souvenirs or a whiteboard to post ideas.

Fridge Types by Door Design

Fridge Types by Door Design

4 Types of Fridge Door Design - Image by Whirlpool

Refrigerators are not all created equal. Even if you've owned the same refrigerator for 20 years, you've undoubtedly seen other versions at friends' houses, showrooms, and appliance stores. There are several factors to examine when purchasing a refrigerator, such as side-by-side models, French doors, top-freezers, and bottom.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

 Silver Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-side refrigerator layouts have been increasingly popular in the last decade. They're two-door refrigerators with the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other. The freezer is frequently on the left, but this is not always the case.

Side-by-side refrigerators are less expensive than French door refrigerators; however, they have less storage space. It might also be aggravating to reach an item at the back of a crowded shelf. However, it depends on the capacity you want—larger side-by-side refrigerators have more capacity than smaller French door refrigerators.

French Door Refrigerators

Silver French Door Refrigerator Beside White Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

The refrigerator is on top, with two outward-swinging doors in the middle and a sliding freezer door at the bottom. French door refrigerators have come to be associated with a high-end appearance, and they certainly look great in kitchens.

Though taller folks may have to kneel a little, the bottom-mounted slide-out freezer door makes it simple to get anything you need. Remember that French door refrigerators have a more extensive price tag, so keep that in mind when purchasing. 

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Big Modern Fridge in Interior of Kitchen

You can also get a refrigerator with the fridge and freezer compartments stacked on top of each other. The freezer is usually located on top of traditional, less-priced refrigerators. Higher-end models now have a bottom-mounted freezer with a slide-out drawer, comparable to French door designs. On the other hand, the upper refrigerator section merely swings open from one side.

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Black Top Mount Refrigerator Beside Brown Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

The classic refrigerator type you're most likely used to seeing in rental apartments and garages is a top freezer fridge. These are generally the least expensive fridges, with an average height of fewer than 69 inches.

Refrigerators with Innovative Door Styles

The days of basic refrigerator doors that simply kept the cold in are over. Refrigerator doors may now perform a variety of amazing tasks.

Samsung Smart Family Hub

The new Samsung smart refrigerator features an innovative door screen designed to be used as a computer. You can browse recipes, make shopping lists, and so much more!

Door-in-Door Design 

The Door-in-Door Design has gained a lot of popularity. You may put high-use items in the front row of the door with this design. When you press a button on the fridge door's handle, the door will open to reveal this front row, allowing you to grab things faster and preventing cold air from escaping.

  • InstaView Door Design

InstaView Door Design

LG Instaview Refrigerator - Image by Digital Trends

InstaView door designs are a new technology from LG that lets you see everything inside your fridge without opening the door. When someone knocks on it, they will instantly be able to illuminate its interior for viewing!

  • 4 Doors, Hot Water, and Coffee Maker Door Feature

Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Why waste time fumbling for a coffee cup or hunting down enough cups when you can just tap on your fridge door? Some brands have brought this innovative idea into their designs. GE added the Keurig brewer to some models, and Samsung put it in four-door refrigerators.


Whether you have a minimalist approach to fridge decor or the type of person who likes to deck theirs out with family photos and souvenirs, there's no denying that our refrigerators reflect our personalities. 

What are some of the things that you have on yours? Comment below and let us know!

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