World's Best Kitchen Decors In August 2022

10/10 World’s Best Kitchen Decors in August 2022

It's that time of year again when everyone is looking for the best kitchen decor to impress their guests. With our list this August, you can't go wrong! We've gathered some of the most beautiful and stylish kitchens from all over the world to give you some inspiration for your own home.

Whether you're looking for a traditional look or something more modern, we've got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our blog today!

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1. Sammy's Neutral Detailing Country Kitchen

Sammy's Neutral Detailing Country Kitchen

Neutral Detailing Country Kitchen - Image by @thepennrenovation

If you love a clean and fresh kitchen, this one is perfect. It pairs contemporary furniture with white cabinetry and neutral grey kitchen walls.

The minimalist-themed walls are a good way to show off the white cabinets without clashing. On the other hand, the windy blue paint on the kitchen island gives that tropical ocean feel. The glass light pendant keeps the room stylish, while the high wooden stools exude a rustic vibe.

2. Amanda Barnett's Contemporary Kitchen

Amanda Barnett's Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen - Image by @amandabarnettdesign

Space is incredibly important in interior design, and one of the main considerations when decorating your kitchen is the scale of your furniture. This next featured kitchen has huge matte gray cabinets, a glass window for natural lighting, and beautiful pendant lights.

Amanda removed the wall between the original dining room and kitchen, creating a larger central living space. Replacing the existing windows and door with a steel framed arched door provided a beautiful focal point.

3. Anna's Matte Black Kitchen

Anna's Matte Black Kitchen

Matte Black Kitchen - Image by @systemsixkitchens

If you love the monochromatic look and want to take things to the next level, go all out with a dark-themed kitchen! It will create a luxurious and mysterious feel, ideal for entertaining and showing off your culinary skills.

Anna paired the Manston matte black kitchen door with Aluma brass rails, elevating the look and giving it a glamorous feel. Plus, the all-black floor-to-ceiling cabinets and stainless steel oven boast a timeless elegance. The stark contrast with the white marble floors makes this design truly remarkable.

4. Claire's Classic Beige Kitchen

Claire's Classic Beige Kitchen

Classic Beige-Themed Kitchen - Image by @littlepettittpad

In this ever-changing world of interior design, it's always a good idea to go back to basics. So if you're looking for a classic kitchen that will never go out of style, look no further than this kitchen decor idea.

As a neutral color, beige is perfect for kitchens of any size or lighting condition. Ivory, chalk, and alabaster are three examples of sophisticated and slightly off-white colors. You can also go for gray-brown like taupe and stone and earthier tones like linen.

5. Sienna Miller's Countryside Kitchen Renovation

Sienna Miller's Countryside Kitchen Renovation

Countryside Kitchen Renovation - Image by @busolaevans

This newly renovated country kitchen features vintage furnishings and fixtures like the Windsor chairs and pendants, making it look cozy.

A pink room is especially inviting when set against a verdant outdoor background. And look at how the pink shade extends across the ceiling to make the space feel even more relaxing! The farmhouse table is also a good alternative to a kitchen island.

6. Lisa Piddington's Jungalow Kitchen

Lisa Piddington's Jungalow Kitchen

Jungalow Kitchen - Image by @lisa_loves_vintage

Do you want to make your kitchen stress-free? Creating a cheerful atmosphere is an excellent step. Lisa Piddington realized that putting air-purifying plants in her kitchen was a crucial move in making it a more pleasant space.

This kitchen is artistic and quaint, with the glow of vintage decor and multicolored wares on the shelves. Emerald paint is the best way to add a pop of color while making the room look more refreshing. This kitchen also features a plethora of plant-themed wall art, white upper kitchen cabinets, a round rug, and wooden flooring.

7. Beck's Dream Green Kitchen

Beck's Dream Green Kitchen

Green-Themed Kitchen - Image by @the_interior_lens

Green comes with plenty of associations besides nature and renewal, which is just what you need in a kitchen. It's fresh, clean, vibrant, and feels modern.

Beck is obsessed with green kitchens and enjoys cooking, so she designed this room with green cabinets, wooden flooring, and a black stove and range hood. She also added wooden shelves on the wall filled with various decors.

8. Emma Jamieson's Pastel Kitchen

Emma Jamieson's Pastel Kitchen

Pastel Kitchen - Image by @lovinglinden

Kitchens with pastel pink cabinets and a white marble countertop are a serene choice for those who prefer a more subdued palette. Blush paint, pink flowers, and fixtures are all simple ways to liven up your kitchen.

Meanwhile, wooden bar stools are a great way to incorporate rustic charm. Emma also used a classy white brick backsplash, making this kitchen look phenomenal with the gray ceiling and stainless steel appliances.

9. Jessica Helgerson's Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Interior

Jessica Helgerson's Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Interior

Classy Kitchen Interior - Image by @jhinteriordesign

Love at first sight is normal, especially when looking at Jessica’s kitchen! This house in Brooklyn, New York City, has an open floor layout, which allows the dining, living, and kitchen areas to flow together.

This jaw-dropping kitchen has caught the attention of thousands of netizens all over Instagram. It has patterned floor tiles and a stunning color composition with gold accents. Jessica also chose an exquisite gold-themed oven, while the countertop with etched marble perfectly matches the stove.

10. Lauren Nelson's Orinda Kitchen Remodel

Lauren Nelson's Orinda Kitchen Remodel

Orinda Kitchen Remodel - Image by @lauren_nelson_design

This kitchen decor is something you only see in movies. It's innovative and decidedly upscale. It features a white oak built-in cabinet, while the shell tiles for the kitchen backsplash, kitchen island, and dining table add more mystique.

Lauren changed the floor plan by moving some walls and relocating the range to be the focal point. She replaced the dropped hood with French casement windows to let in more natural light and changed finishes from wood to tile to plaster.


The best way to start a new month is to make your kitchen more beautiful. Take a closer look at all the kitchen decor trends we have for you this August. Pick out your favorites and create something personal for your space!

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