World's Best Kitchen Decors In January 2022

_World's Best Kitchen Decor in January 2022

The kitchen is a very versatile space, but it needs to be functional in any home. It's where we cook, eat, and assemble with friends and family. It helps to have a well-designed space that is both functional and beautiful.

Luckily, we've compiled this list of the world's best kitchen decors in January so that you can find something perfect for your kitchen within minutes! Did we catch your eye? See our take on the world's best kitchen decors in December to cap off your 2021 in style.

1. Allie's Refinished Meridian Kitchen 

Allie's Refinished Meridian Kitchen - Image by @everyday_allie

Allie's Refinished Meridian Kitchen - Image by @everyday_allie

Creating a new space to function in is a tough job, but Allie took it on with gusto. She started by painting the cabinets white and adding new hardware to give her kitchen a fresh look with a rustic touch.

The gray subway tile backsplash looks perfect against those creamy white cabinets. Allie went for light wood flooring in her kitchen for added warmth, complemented by the dark maple wood kitchen island. The white marble used on countertops has been topped with dark greenery to add a touch of life to the space.

Explore Allie's design principles and see more of her contemporary work here.

2. Carole Carr's Warm Oak Styling

Carole Car's Warm Oak Styling - Image by @carolecarrdesign

Carole Car's Warm Oak Styling - Image by @carolecarrdesign

This beautiful kitchen by Carole Carr combines the softness of white cabinets with natural wood flooring and gorgeous paonazzo marble countertops. The island is made more impressive by its sleek, modern design – making it perfect for any home chef!

The black countertops compliment the white cabinetry, making the glass light fixtures stand out with ease. This kitchen is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and wants a stylish space! 

You can see more of Carole's design portfolio on her website.

3. Marnie's Award-Winning Delaware Kitchen

Marnie's Kitchen

Marnie's Award-Winning Delaware Kitchen - Image by @marnieoursler

Marnie's kitchen in her Delaware home is one of America's most innovative and beautiful kitchens, having been awarded 2020’s Best Kitchen Design by Builders & Remodelers Association. It features a rich blue tiled backsplash with leather-blue chairs that accentuate its coastal-inspired design beautifully.

A touch of geometric fixtures can be seen on hanging light fixtures above the dining table and an island--perfect for hosting dinner parties while maximizing views from every angle, including an intricate walnut finish, making meals more enjoyable at home or when entertaining guests.

See more of her contemporary interior design work here.

4. Kelly Finey's Black Kitchen Blow Out

Kelly Finey's Black Kitchen Blow Out - Image by @joystreetdesign

Kelly Finey's Black Kitchen Blow Out - Image by @joystreetdesign

A bolder take on kitchen condos on the upper east side of New York is what Kelly Finey accomplished in this space. The use of matte black paint on the cabinetry and kitchen island brought more character to the area.

She added funky orange bar stools for the kitchen island, making the space pop with ease! Notice the black lamps hanging above the white countertops? A convenient addition to making dinner and meal prep, no hassle. The stunning backsplash is made with marble and brings a touch of elegance into the condo kitchen's overall look. 

To see what else Kelly can do, visit her interior decorating portfolio right on her Instagram.

5. Carly Two-Toned Kitchen Cove

Carly's Two-Toned Kitchen Cove - Image by @homestyle_bycarly

Carly's Two-Toned Kitchen Cove - Image by @homestyle_bycarly

A modern approach to decorating smaller kitchens uses two easy tones on the eyes and maximizes limited natural light. The white countertops and blue-ish gray cabinetry add a sleek finish to the space.

Instead of going for the traditional wall photos, she hung up some potted plants for a touch of greenery the light-toned kitchen needed. No handles or knobs on the cabinets and drawers add a modern touch to the space.

Lighter wood was used on the flooring and cabinets to create symmetry in the space. Carly also added black, nordic-styled bar stools that add texture to the area. She also placed comfy white cushions for extra comfort during long catch-up sessions with friends when pre-gaming before heading out.

If you want to learn more about two-tone decorating and upcycling old pieces to fit a new space, check out Carly's Instagram.

6. Brownstone Boys' Farm Style Renovation

Brownstone Boys' Farm Style Renovation - Image by @brownstoneboys

Brownstone Boys' Farm Style Renovation - Image by @brownstoneboys

A kitchen corner can be functional and stylish with just the right accessories. This mid-century modern farmhouse-style kitchen revamped by the Brownstone Boys is complete with all of the amenities a cook could need, from an industrial farm-style sink to ample counter space.

The butcher block island provides extra work surface and storage. The white subway tile backsplash ties in perfectly with the light-washed Maplewood shelving creating open shelving that offers the kitchen an updated look.

Inspired by Barry and Jordan's kitchenette remodel? See more of their approach in remodeling kitchens here.

7. Roundhouse's Modern-Minimalist Metropolitan Kitchen 

Roundhouse's Modern-Minimalist Metropolitan Kitchen - Image by @roundhouse_design

Roundhouse's Modern-Minimalist Metropolitan Kitchen - Image by @roundhouse_design

This is a cool and stylish update to the modern kitchen. The ample white countertops add to the modern feel while keeping the whole island clutter-free with just a few accent pieces left on top. Low hanging black light fixtures make the marble walls shine beyond comparison.

The large white island provides plenty of space for cooking food or hosting guests at mealtime, with backless leather stools that accommodate people with ease. The dining table is black, accented with dark wooden chairs to add texture to the white room. Plus, the long wooden shelf holds the functional and stylish kitchen equipment with ease.

Explore beautiful modern decorating by Roundhouse Architectus here.

8. Austin King's Bohemian Farmhouse Frenzy

Austin King's Bohemian Farmhouse Frenzy - Image by @ _rafterhouse_

Austin King's Bohemian Farmhouse Frenzy - Image by @ _rafterhouse_

This play of bohemian-inspired interiors uses a unique backsplash and a mix of materials and textures that create a fantastic kitchen look. The use of added wooden open shelves adds to the vibrant open concept of the space.

Matte black cabinetry complements the white countertops and black hanging light fixtures suspended over the white tiled backsplash. White subway tiles are used on an accent wall with a geometric pattern painted in black.

This kitchen looks like it was plucked right out of Berkeley, California! The unique mix of natural wood and industrial elements creates a casual, familiar space for hosting friends & family. Plus, the high arched ceilings make it easy to welcome light into the room.

See their Instagram for kitchen decor and home improvement ideas to get more design pegs from Austin King.

9. Poppy's Glamour Inspired Kitchen 

Poppy's Glamour Inspired Kitchen - Image by @dustsheets_and_decor

Poppy's Glamour Inspired Kitchen - Image by @dustsheets_and_decor

Glamorous kitchen designs don't always have to be over the top. This design by Dust Sheets and Decor is elegant, timeless, and perfect for those who love a touch of glamour in their lives.

The gold light fixtures are the stars of this show, but don't forget about the white backsplash and countertops! The cabinets are painted green smoke accented with gold handles for an elegant finish.

Collect more colorful palette ideas for your kitchen and check out Poppy's Instagram.

10. Mindy Gayer's Rustic Contemporary Kitchen Styling

Mindy Gayer's Rustic Contemporary Kitchen Styling - Image by @mindygayerdesign

Mindy Gayer's Rustic Contemporary Kitchen Styling - Image by @mindygayerdesign

Dive deep into Mindy Gayer's vision of contemporary and rustic charm. Her kitchen boasts kitchen decors that are hard to go unnoticed, especially if we're talking about the world's best kitchen decors.

Gayer made use of leather woven wooden chairs that playfully blends with the black kitchen cabinets and white counter and island tops. Drawing eyes upwards is no fuss with the elegant light fixtures over the kitchen island and its floral centerpiece, a stunning way to welcome guests.

The kitchen has big windows, so the space is not short of natural light to accentuate the unconventional take on kitchen design. Either way, the kitchen decors boast an elegant look but do not fall short of function and style.

See more of what Mindy Gayer has to offer for your architecture and interior design dreams here.


What a way to start the year with a new list of the world's best kitchen decors and interior design pegs that you know you'll want to grab ideas from. Besides, why not start the year with a small kitchen revamp or remodel to get your creative juices in the kitchen flowing?

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