World's Best Kitchen Decors In December 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decor in December 2021

The most popular kitchen decor pieces aren't hard to come by. With the right decor and inspiration, your dream kitchen with beautiful accessories and innovative cooking gadgets is within reach. See our list of ideas for the Holiday season this December to welcome the new year with a new look!

Have you gotten the chance to browse through our November list? Get inspired with the world's best kitchen decors!

1. Emily and Dan's Bright and Blue Bonanza 

Emily and Dan's Kitchen
Emily and Dan's Kitchen- Image by

This contemporary kitchen in Idaho is complete with a bright royal blue door that accents the all-white kitchen and wooden bar stools. The gorgeous wood flooring adds warmth to this otherwise very modern space.

What makes the space pop is the decor Emily and Dan's take on the island centerpiece. They added tall branches in a large white vase and a printed blue Chinaware. The light fixtures were a mix of round glass bulbs and geometric black lamps over the sink area.

See more of their kitchen stylings here.

2. Janelle's Quirky Kitchen Styling

Janelle's Kitchen
Janelle's Kitchen - Image by

Creating a kitchen space that reflects your personality is an excellent way to establish character in a space. Janelle's large kitchen has quirky accents and decors that bring some pizzazz to the busiest part of her home. The large golden lamps that hang over the dark kitchen island are a great example of an unexpected yet pleasant combination. 

The island also features a gold-copper sink that compliments the lights. She took it upon herself to hang up some printed artwork to create a focal point in the spacious halls leading to the dining area. 

Another nice feature is her choice in using monochromatic colors for the appliances, cabinets, and countertops. She retained the wooden walnut flooring for a seamless finish. Janelle's large kitchen is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement without overwhelming the space.

See more about how she styled her kitchen here.

3. Kelsey John's Minimalist Makeover

Kelsey John's Kitchen
Kelsey John's Kitchen - Image by

Get inspired by Kelsey John's minimalist gray and white kitchen makeover for those looking for something more simple but tasteful. She switched out the tiling and flooring and the cabinetry that made all the difference in her space.

The open window ceiling allows extra light to pour into the space, making it easy to pop the light gray cabinetry. White roses placed by the banana fruit basket made it a charming yet functional spot to do the dishes.

Want to achieve this minimalist design? Visit Kelsey John's Instagram to create this lovely kitchen in your own space.

4. Wendi Yang's World's Best Kitchen Decor

Wedi Yang's Kitchen
Wedi Yang's Kitchen - Image by

Wanting to achieve World-Class decor in your space? Wendi Yang, a 20-year-old interior design business founder, takes pride in her rustic take on a contemporary kitchen aesthetic. 

The highlight of the kitchen would be the hanging light fixture in the shape of an octopus. It hangs from the tall window ceiling, allowing light and interesting spotting in the space. The kitchen island is a mix of marble and dark walnut cabinetry to complement the traditional wooden stools. 

The floor-to-ceiling windows seamlessly pour light into the space, making each corner pop with style. This stunning take on a rustic contemporary yet obscurely attractive kitchen decor might be what you need for your own space. See how Wendi Young did it here.

5. Kerry's Kitchen With A Subtle Glam 

Kerry's Kitchen
Kerry's Kitchen - Image by

Smaller kitchens can still look fly with a touch of subtle glam like Kerry's take on her kitchenette. The white cabinetry allows the light to bounce off the white countertops and kitchen table with a lot of natural light.

What makes it an inviting space is the fusion between white-washed wooden contemporary dining chairs and the kitchen island's transparent chairs with a golden metal base. Adding to the glam is the sleek and modern chandelier, which adds some sparkle in an instant without going overboard. 

To make it work, you can tone down with some rustic or wooden elements for your kitchen island, like the way she maintained the wooden floors. Explore Kerry's stunning take on subtle glam on her website.

6. Lolo's Chic Kitchen In Chandler

Lolo's Kitchen
Lolo's Kitchen - Image by

Lolo's design firm did a fantastic job on an Arizona kitchen with elegant decor coupled with wooden cabinetry and open shelving. This created a contrast that made the space feel light and airy. The white countertops and subway tiles add a touch of simplicity, while gold elements like the hardware on the cabinets help elevate their look.

If you are aiming for this type of chic kitchen design in your own home, don't shy away from using bold elements like low-hanging light fixtures that are eccentric but functional. Mimic this design and see how Lolo's design firm pulled it off here.

7. Michelle's Rustic Mid-Century Room

Michelle's Kitchen
Michelle's Kitchen - Image by

Taking a beat from Michelle's blended taste of rustic wood and mid-century elements can make a difference in creating a lovely looking yet functional kitchen. The gray and white marble countertops and backsplash are a great base for the wooden ceilings and low bar stools. 

The stainless steel faucets match the lovely light fixtures that add a geometric element to the space. This kitchen also makes use of pantry ladders and a freestanding pantry that makes storage seamless and accessible for anyone trying to reach the higher cabinets.

See more of Michelle's kitschy yet stylish design pad here.

8. Sarah's Dark Kitchen Cove

Sarah Roberts' Kitchen
Sarah Roberts' Kitchen - Image by

Finding a balance in dark spaces with light interior elements and decor is what Sarah could pull off in this kitchen. The cabinetry was painted in dark gray and added accents of white with a white tiling on the backsplash.

The kitchen island is paired with four wooden stools and a hanging light fixture that brings yellow light to the kitchen island. Sarah also took a shot at decorating her open shelves with accents and decor and functional pieces like porcelain ware for special occasions. 

See more of Sarah Robert's bold design take here.

9. Patrick And Meghan's Warm Birmingham Kitchen

Patrick And Meghan's Kitchen
Patrick And Meghan's Kitchen - Image by

The Sharp couple is a master of approachable interiors that boast modern simplicity and function. Their design on this warm Birmingham kitchen used its original interiors like cobblestone backdrops and ashy-wood ceilings.

They incorporated traditional hanging copper lamps that blend nicely with the modern marble kitchen island below. The sleek white leather stools add modern simplicity to the heart of the kitchen. The marble backdrop also adds texture to the kitchen, which not many traditional kitchen interiors work with. 

If you like Mr. and Mrs. Sharp's design principles, see their work here.

10. Melissa Hryskzo's Black Lux Kitchen

Melissa's Kitchen
Melissa's Kitchen - Image by

Veranda Homes is expert in making a more daring take on kitchen design and decor. With black marble countertops and cabinetry, the interior oozes customized elegance. The kitchen island and marble countertops are highlighted by the black leather stools.

If you want your kitchen to look more daring, the mix of wood pantries and black cabinetry will add a blend of luxury to your space. Melissa also added charming abstract art with black pendant lights to spotlight the area, a superb addition to the designer kitchen of your dreams.

See the stunning build and inspiration behind this kitchen here.


A beautiful kitchen results from a blend of styles that are cohesive but create an appealing contrast. We hope our list of the World's Best Kitchen Decors this December will give you brand new ideas to help with your plans to remodel your kitchen. Besides, the heart of the home shouldn't just function well, but look stunning too!

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