World's Best Kitchen Decors In September 2021

09012021_World's Best Kitchen Decors in September 2021

How many times have you been disappointed when you finally get home from a long day of work, and the kitchen is a mess? It can be frustrating to see your dirty dishes in the sink or that last piece of cereal on the counter.

The world's best kitchen decors are not only beautiful but will also make it easier for you to clean up after yourself. We'll show some of the favorites that we've spotted in this monthly roundup. 

Watch out for these world-class kitchens so you can get inspired to redo your own!

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1. A Warm Kitchen Compound

A Warm Kitchen Compound With White Overtones - Image by @puresaltinteriors

A Warm Kitchen Compound With White Overtones - Image by @puresaltinteriors 

Pure Salt Interiors used warmer tones and natural light to create a clean kitchen compound. They made use of glass bulb light fixtures to create some excellent lighting at night, including an open shelving system, a clear white granite islet, and beautiful cabinetry with wooden white granite countertops.

Take note of the accent pieces she chose to highlight in terms of the kitchen items she displayed. A bowl of artichoke in the middle of her kitchen islet adds some natural elements to the space, as well as the large and lively tree plant she has in a glass vase to keep your vision looking upwards. This way, guests can visualize the whole space into a much bigger one!

For more of Pure Salt Interiors' minimalist and warm modern design tips, check out their website for custom pieces you might want to get for your kitchen redo!

2. A Greyscale Kitchen With A Dash of Halloween

A Greyscale Kitchen With A Dash of Halloween - Image by @modernhouseglam

A Greyscale Kitchen With A Dash of Halloween - Image by @modernhouseglam

Amy's home in Phoenix stands out for all the right reasons, and a big part of that is her kitchen. It boasts an intelligent use of subtle grays and marble from the countertops to the tiling. There's a lot of character and charm despite the simplicity of its color palate.

Amy also took advantage of the holidays and added a couple of Halloween knick-knacks that stand out on the open shelves. The play of white and gray was evident with the appliances; the stunning tiling makes natural light bounce off. It quickly looks like a refreshing take on kitchen decorating.

This modern farmhouse kitchen exemplifies how simple touches can go beyond the ordinary and bring style to your home.

3. A Lovely Kitchen With A Touch Natural Elements

A Kitchy Kitchen With A Touch Natural Elements - Image by @lindsay_hill_interiors

A Kitchy Kitchen With A Touch Natural Elements - Image by @lindsay_hill_interiors

The best kitchen decors often come with style and functionality in mind, which Lindsay Hill pulled off successfully. The play of natural elements with black countertops and white cabinetry brings out a more subdued yet charming look for one of the busiest parts of the home. 

She made use of neutrals quite well and incorporated a patterned rug to add texture to the space. 

Not to mention, it's a rug from a flea market she picked up from her travels to Peru; a great way to utilize souvenirs into your space. The wooden interiors are seen in the outlines of the kitchen. She used cookware that she and her family often use for meal prep as accent pieces to add character to the overall space. 

See more of how she uniquely translates people's tastes and interests in interior and exterior design in The Expert.

4. A Kitchen Haven For Natural Light 

A Haven For Natural Light - Image by @settingforfour

A Haven For Natural Light - Image by @settingforfour

In Heather's lovely take on a bright kitchen interior, she does a great job maximizing natural sunlight. The marble used on the countertops and the kitchen island contrasts in white and black, which accentuates the different zones in the kitchen. 

The use of white pendant fixtures for the lights was a tasteful way to incorporate some geometric figures into the room. It effortlessly draws guests' vision upwards and is complimented with some island centerpieces. 

The island stools are also an excellent addition, made from rattan; its durability and functionality are just as crucial as its alluring design. Touches of brass in the kitchen sink pipes are usually seen in high-end kitchen appliances, so it was only fitting to add them to this kitchen to create a more elevated look for the whole space.

5. Bold Kitchen Interiors With Darker Overtones

Bold Kitchen Interiors With Darker Overtones - Image by @athomeinthedeser

Bold Kitchen Interiors With Darker Overtones - Image by @athomeinthedeser

Emily Makselan's kitchen is an excellent example of an organizer fanatic, and edgy stay-at-home moms will appreciate it. Spice up your kitchen by looking through dark overtones like the dark cabinetry in the kitchen, as well as the bar stools of the kitchen island. The mix of leather and wood makes the high chairs blend perfectly with the long marble-made island.

In terms of lighting, it's pretty minimal, but the rattan fixtures that encase the bulbs add some subtle lighting over the kitchen island. This kitchen has a very bold color scheme with white, black, and gray, but it offers plenty of options for storage, whether they are open or closed appliances. The lovely backdrop of the gas range adds to the rustic charm of this kitchen.

6. Charming Kitchen With Rustic Wooden Cabinetry

Charming Kitchen With Rustic Wooden Cabinetry - Image by @katierogue

Charming Kitchen With Rustic Wooden Cabinetry - Image by @katierogue

Katie Rogue's take on the lovely kitchen has a very rustic design. The wooden cabinets and the dark stone countertops make it look like you're living inside an antique shop. 

Despite its vintage feel, there are still plenty of modern appliances to be found here, from the intelligent fridge straight through to the stovetop with a beautiful white marble backdrop with gray streaks. The gorgeous light fixtures with gold pendant hangers add a more luxurious feel to the rustic space.

7. Trendy Quartz Top Kitchen

Trendy Quartz Top Kitchen - Image by @oharainteriors

Trendy Quartz Top Kitchen - Image by @oharainteriors

When it comes to keeping your home aesthetically pleasing and with an eye-catching design, you don't have to splurge on every little thing. The kitchen stylings of Ohara Interiors is one of those rooms that is transformable into a glorious showroom with just some DIY and elbow grease.

Take the natural wood elements from the ceiling beams to the rattan chairs. Ohara Interiors were able to liven up the kitchen while highlighting the slate blue kitchen island cabinetry and the white countertops of the spacious island.

The natural stone backsplash is an easy eye-catcher that compliments the quartz top used all over the kitchen. The glass bulb with gold pendants hanging over the kitchen island makes dimmed dinner lights look glamorous. Greenery and fruit bowls as centerpieces were lovely accents added to make the kitchen pop with some color.

Learn more of what O'Hara Interior has to offer here.

8. Country Inspired Kitchen With Bright High Ceilings

Country Inspired Kitchen With Bright High Ceilings - Image by @designsbykaran

Country Inspired Kitchen With Bright High Ceilings - Image by @designsbykaran

A self-professed country girl, Karan Barton's homey country-inspired kitchen says it all. The use of dark textures and tones like black high chair stools for the kitchen island is a balanced approach to keeping the space dynamic. The kitchen island is large and has brass sink pipes to complement the wooden drawers highlighted by the black stools. 

The hanging light fixture that resembles a bell and mimics a classic mid-century design that hangs by the arched window creates a center point for the whole kitchen. The open shelves were used for kitchen essentials like bowls, mugs, books, and a stylish lamp to accent the corner shelves.

9. Homey Duo-Chromatic Kitchen 

Homey Duo-Chromatic Kitchen - Image by

Homey Duo-Chromatic Kitchen - Image by

The Homey Duo-Chromatic Kitchen that Katie designed is one of our favorites in our September list of the world's best kitchen decors. She used two dominant colors for the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, black and white. The natural light from the large windows makes it easy to highlight the granite countertops over the kitchen island.

She went with a matte black sink to compliment the black high chair stools. Over the kitchen island, modern minimalist black light fixtures make for a polished look for the center of the kitchen. 

A touch of natural accents like plants and wooden chopping boards and cutting boards creates more texture against the gas range's white backsplash.  

10. Elegant Simplicity In A Cream Colored Kitchen

Elegant Simplicity in a Cream Colored Kitchen - Image by @julieblanner

Elegant Simplicity in a Cream Colored Kitchen - Image by @julieblanner

Finding the best kitchen decor and design inspiration is a must when cooking and entertaining in a beautiful space. Julie Blanner did a great job curating her kitchen into a minimalist room that brilliantly uses the cream-white palette and accents of gold. 

You can see it in the golden handles, sink pipe, and drawer knobs all over the cabinetry. It's a simple way to allow natural light to liven up the space. 

Light touches of wood are also maximized in this space by displaying wooden cooking essentials like spoons, spatulas, and other cooking tools. The olive branch displayed on the kitchen exhaust over the gas range is a charming centerpiece that easily attracts the eyes.


Many components are at play aside from using natural light when it comes to style, function, and design. Hopefully, our list of the world's best kitchen decors showed you some ideas worth considering for your next big kitchen revamp. 

Whether it's replacing your plain knobs with gold ones for your cabinets or adding a pendant fixture to change up the lighting, there's a lot you can do to spice up your kitchen's overall vibe. We hope we made the decision-making process of your kitchen remodel a little bit easier. 

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