World's Best Kitchen Organizers In December 2021

World’s Best Kitchen Organizers in December 2021

A kitchen is a place where we can spend hours whipping up some tasty meals and treats. One thing that makes kitchens so unique is all the little details, from the containers, rotating storage, and canisters to make it better! Here's our list of world's best kitchen organizers in December to consider when revamping your kitchen.

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1. Tania's Summer Feel Fridge 

Tania's Fridge
Tania's Fridge - Image by

Another organized fridge is one that makes use of a variety of containers. Tania's take on a fridge for the summer treats is a mix of baskets, custom-labeled containers, and glass containers with bamboo lids.

Tania kept all liked items in zones as seen on the side of her fridge door. She placed the juice boxes together with the milk glass canisters. There is an arrangement for flowers inside a ceramic vase alongside these - yellow roses were at center stage!

Take a glimpse of Tania's organization ideas for the fridge and other kitchen spaces here.

2. Holly Blakey's Fresh Produce Organization

Holly Blakey's Fridge
Holly Blakey's Fridge - Image by

Holly Blakey kept her fridge simple and accessible. She kept the larger fruits in one drawer and separated the berries into cream white containers. She placed them on the top-most shelf of the fridge door and other dips and cheese for dairy items. The second shelf of the fridge door is where she put her canned drinks and jarred pickles.  

This organization stands out because she stores fresh produce like cilantro, which she kept in a mason jar of water on the last fridge door shelf. This is bound to keep the cilantro fresh for a couple of days. 

If you want a seamless-looking fridge and an efficient way to store fresh produce, check out Holly's take on fridge organization here.

3. Belle Abode's Meal Prepper Fridge

Belle Abode's Fridge
Belle Abode's Fridge - Image by 

This organizer's approach to keeping a neat and well-kept fridge is very appealing to meal preppers. Making room for transparent containers and clear plastic bins for round fruits and dairy products like eggs is an excellent way to make the fridge more approachable.

The top shelf made use of charming blue patterned ceramics to store cilantro and lemons freshly. They also placed opened jars of fruit preservatives in a large clear bin to create a zone in the top corner.

The second and third shelves were designated for stacking several chopped vegetables and fruits for salad prep. The bottom drawer stores round fruits like peaches, mangoes, and other larger veggies like eggplants and tomatoes.

This type of organization is perfect for shoppers who buy a lot of fresh produce and fruits for vegan or vegetarian meals at home. See more of Belle Abode's meal prep stylings here.

4. Jess and Izzie's Minimalist Fridge

Jess And Izzie's Fridge
Jess And Izzie's Fridge - Image by

For a more familiar way to organize your fridge, the grocery method also works. Jess and Izzie's fridge showcases clear labeled bins that store fruits, snacks like protein bars, juice boxes, and eggs on the first shelf.

The second and third shelves are designated for leftovers in sealed glass containers with air-tight seals to prevent spoilage. They also stored dairy items in a clear bin where they kept the milk, yogurt, leftover eggs, and cheese for easy navigation.

They kept some meats and items in their original packaging on the bottom shelf and all the fresh vegetables and produce in the bottom drawer. Take some tidying inspo from Jess and Izzie here.

5. Megan's Beverage Organization’

Megan's Fridge
Megan's Fridge - Image by

When it comes to organizing smaller refrigerators, take a page from Megan's simple organization. She used a simple cluster technique for several types of beverages in the fridge. She gathered labeled bins with handles to store juices, teas, and other canned drinks on the top shelf. She also kept their dairy-like eggs in a glass crate for safekeeping.

The second and third shelves store beer in the corners and a Lazy Susan to keep the condiments together in the center. The bottom drawers are used to chill the vegetables, fruits, and frozen foods properly.

Megan's fridge organization is a straightforward way to keep your favorite beverages in place. See how they did it here.

6. Nikolina and Paul's Grocery-Style Fridge

Nikolina and Paul's Fridge
Nikolina and Paul's Fridge - Image by

Grocery-style organizers have been popular in many homes. See how Nikolina and Paul maximized each shelf space? Use smart organizers like clear bins and containers with air-tight seals that are eco-friendly like Bamboo ones to make your fresh food last for days.

Using glass canisters to seal carrots and other veggies in water will help preserve your veggies to make them easy to chop and meal prep. Plus, the water acts as a 'vitamin rain' to help them grow.

The bottom shelf keeps the drinks in order using can organizers that easily slide one after another for easy access. The clear narrow bins also work for juice packets and boxes for the kids to conveniently reach, while the bottom drawers store all fruits and vegetables.

Create your grocery aisle right in your fridge with the right tools. Check out Nikolina and Paul's fridge set-up tips here.

7. Azure's Color-Coordinated Fridge

Azure's Fridge
Azure's Fridge - Image by

Creating a stunning set-up in your refrigerator is one way to land on our list of the world's best kitchen organizers. Azure successfully pulled it off with this beautiful design aesthetic and thoughtful use for zoned veggies, fruit bowls (that are the perfect size if you're eating fresh from them!), as well as deep drawers, so everything has its place!

This fridge is a great way to organize your fruits and vegetables. The best part, it's easy to use with all the different shelves! One option that stands out would be how they've organized their dairy condiments on the top-most shelf so you can find what kind of foods you need immediately without looking too hard.

The design also incorporates a Lazy Susan middle shelf just below where chopped veggies go like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., which makes this zone perfect for salad making if yours usually uses one big mixing bowl at mealtime. See more of Azure's festive fridge set-up here.

8. Simply Organized Co.'s Deluxe Fridge Set-Up

Simply Organized Co.'s Fridge
Simply Organized Co.'s Fridge - Image by @simplyorganizedco

Visibility plays a significant role in keeping a fridge in its top-tier organization. This fridge is filled with clear bins with labels in different shapes and sizes that make each shelf pop out with its content with ease.

Simply Organized took it upon themselves to create designated areas for dairy, fruits, vegetables, and drinks. Bulkier items were kept on the top-most shelves and bottom drawers. What makes the clear bins nifty is the easy pull-out slit in each container and the wooden dividers for keeping products in place and organized.

Just like the fridge, this pantry is filled with clear bins that go well together to keep things sorted even when they're open. Another stylish option from Simply Organized Co., the freezer set-up uses all available space by getting rid of unnecessary doors. 

If you're keen on finding a colorful way to arrange your veggies, fruits, and other produce, then Simply Organized Co. might just give you some ideas.

9. Organization & Relocation's Decked Out Fridge 

Organization & Relocation's Fridge
Organization & Relocation's Fridge - Image by

A well-organized fridge can help you make better food choices. It's so important with all the waste we've been generating. The idea here is that instead of throwing out moldy produce and forgotten snacks, they'll be right there in front where it counts -- at eye level or more easily found if necessary.

This take on organizing a fridge involves clear pull-out bins and creating designated areas for specific types of fruits you load up weekly. For easy access, berries are kept in transparent pull-out containers, while other vegetables, frozen fruits, and veggies go at the bottom drawer.

Find out how to customize your fridge storage to your daily needs with Organization and Relocation.

10. Colette's Turn Table Approach

Colette's Fridge
Colette's Fridge - Image by

The last on our list of the world's best kitchen organizers figured out how to declutter their kitchen fridge and make use of containers and turntables. The first two shelves have three Lazy Susans that keep condiments, jams, pickles, and yogurts in their zones.

Eggs and other dairy remain in their original containers, while round fruits like apples, lemons, and oranges are stored in deeper transparent bins with handles. The drawers are used to keep larger fruits and vegetables and other dairy products like cheese.

Master the basics of simple fridge organization with this Colette's design and organizational pegs here.


Brilliant ways to organize your kitchen will always depend on your needs. The kitchen fridge is one of the most overlooked spaces and has become a dumping ground for many.  However, with proper containers, canisters, bins, and organizers, creating a system that works for you and your housemates could land you on our world's best kitchen organizers sometime soon.

If you think you've mastered the basics and can present the masterpiece that's seen in your everyday fridge, send us an e-mail at  to get featured for January!

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