World's Best Kitchen Organization In October 2021

World's Best Kitchen Organizers in October 2021

The World's Best Kitchen Organizers in 2021 is a list of the top 10 best kitchen organizers. It includes information on choosing the right organizer for your needs and what new trends are likely to be popular in kitchens this year.

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1. Kim Salisbury's Clear Kitchen Pantry Storage

Kim's Pantry Storage

Kim's Pantry Storage - Image by @homemethodco

When it comes to a navigatable kitchen pantry, Kim Salisbury is the go-to woman. Her pantry is a tastefully organized storage unit consisting of pull-out shelves and cabinets low enough for kids to have access to.

One of those designs will have you wondering how she made it. But the key is the transparent organizers. Three tiers of cabinet storage are filled with clear bins with canned goods and snacks. She uses labels and silicone gaskets that keep the nuts, pretzels, and chocolates in secure storage.

Pantries are a big challenge for many households because of their unique storage needs and specific challenges when designing them.

2. Paige's Warm Open Shelf Styling

Paige's Open Shelf Styling

Paige's Open Shelf Styling - Image by @farmhousevernacular

Waking up in the morning with a sunny disposition is always lovely when you walk into a beautifully splayed-out kitchen. Paige's approach uses glass containers, ceramic jars, and woven baskets to add texture to the open shelves.

She made sure to arrange the shelves according to their essence. The bananas and pairs are placed in a basket at the bottom bracket beside the toaster and coffee essentials in the ceramic jars for easy breakfast prep.

The middle shelf is where the oats, nuts, and baking ingredients with labels are placed for hassle-free selection. The higher shelves are decked with woven baskets for excess pantry items to sit safely away from the kids.

3. Raven's Minimalist Pantry Corner

Raven's Pantry

Raven's Pantry - Image by @krave7

Finding a storage solution that works for you and the members of your household is a difficult task yet doable. Raven's take on an organized pantry corner involves four levels of functional and fun storage.

The first shelf was decked with proper sockets for the toaster, rice cooker, and oven for hassle-free use when preparing breakfast in the morning. The appliances are all complimentary of the storage containers, creating a seamless look when you open the pantry.

Raven dedicated an entire shelf for her different types of pasta noodles in tall and narrow containers. The bottom shelves are used to store more oversized items like excess groceries or special appliances.

4. Mandi's Wooden Open Shelves 

Mandi's Wooden Open Shelves

Mandi's Wooden Open Shelves - Image by @mandimakes

Bring some style and function into your walls and install a beautiful wooden shelving system that is easy on the eyes and great for any cook and non-cook in the kitchen. She maximized the use of rigid and woven elements that brought out the interior of the kitchen.

The glass jars and canisters were a perfect addition to creating a free-flowing system to ease the space. You can see exactly what you need right across the room, and no time will be wasted in finding things in your cabinets.

5. Christine Stone's Baking Alcove

Christine's Baking Alcove

Christine's Baking Alcove - Image by @neatlydesigned

When it comes to creating zones, Christine Stone's approach was simple but crisp. She added two shelves to store some supplements and food flavorings, syrups, cereals, and baking tools.

She maximized the use of Lazy Susans and glass jars to contain spices and oils. 

She also added dry foods containers for the flours, sugars, and chocolate powders to find when the cookie dough cravings are real. The mix of glass and plastic, and wooden elements complimented the small space tucked away in the corner of the marble countertops.

6. Nicole's Easy Pantry Hide-Away

Nicole's Pantry Hide-Away

Nicole's Pantry Hide-Away - Image by @niceandneat_athome

The great thing about highly organized people is that they create systems without sacrificing what works for other people in their space. The kitchen is a prime example that Nicole made sure to maximize. Using wicker baskets and bins is an excellent approach for those keener on keeping things away than having them splayed out in the open.

Nicole also used labels to ensure she knew where her essentials went. The only items she kept out in the open are placed on a Lazy Susan for instant access, like condiments and sauces, which are probably a staple every dinner time in her home.

7. Robyn's Spice and Pasta Corner

Robyn's Spice and Pasta Corner

Robyn's Spice and Pasta Corner - Image by @the_house_acc

Cooks will find Robyn's open shelving corner solution a great addition to their kitchen. It's decked out for easy meal prepping and cooking where spices are placed in descending order on the first shelf for convenient navigation.

The second and third tiers were reserved for pasta noodles and other dry foods like flour and cornstarch. She also placed a rod to hang some dehydrated vegetables like onions to create a better semblance of organization for her small but mighty kitchen.

8. Michelle Vig's Vibrant Spice Drawer

Michelle's Spice Drawer

Michelle's Spice Drawer - Image by @neatlittlenest

Like many simple folks, Michelle likes things in order. A trusty spice organizer is a must for her to keep things straight. Her take on it is pretty simple yet cutesy! What makes it unique is it was made based on how much spices she used, thus the varying sizes.

If you are a fan of colorful drawers, then having spices in different hues would be perfect for your kitchen sink area or wall cabinets where space can be used efficiently. Michelle had custom-made bottles with labels and black lids to create a uniform look. 

9. Judy Steenland's Wall Wonderland

Judy's Wall Kitchen Organizer

Judy's Wall Kitchen Organizer - Image by @ourcoloradomountainhome

An organizer's dream is to see their most treasured and most used items in the kitchen and the home in its zones. Judy Steenland's take on this is a perfect example of form, function, and system decked out in just one side of the kitchen.

She maximized the wall space with simple wooden open shelving and kept her baking bowls and items to most shelves, along with unused appliances in baskets for proper and safe storage. The second and third shelves were specially customized for pasta noodles, spices, condiments, and oils. She also created a small corner just for cookbooks and her family recipes in a glass jar.

The last shelf was the snack zone, where the kids had easy access to the pretzels, nuts, and even the macarons! Hard to resist, but at least it's right there for the sweet tooth to enjoy. Judy also incorporated pull-out baskets that made it convenient to store bulk grocery items and other containers for leftovers.

10. Rachel Rosenthal's Rack Organizer

Rachel's Storage Rack Organizer

Rachel's Storage Rack Organizer - Image by @rachelorganizes

Storage racks are reliable in any space, especially in kitchens, both professional and home kitchens. Rachel's take uses wooden and metal racks to add homey and glam touches to white wall space.

She then added silicone gasket containers to keep her breakfast cereals, baking ingredients, and pasta noodles in place. She kept spices in glass jars and sorted them in descending levels to ensure everything was still filled for a busy meal prep weekend.

Rachel is also a rice lover, so a heavy-duty rice cooker is a must-have, which she kept at the bottom-most shelf for no-fuss access. Another great thing about open shelf storage is making room for planters and herbs, which Rachel grows herself and displays beside her bins of juice boxes.


Creating a style for your kitchen shouldn't just look good; it should also work best for how you function in the space. We hope our selection of the world's best kitchen organizers for October will give you more ideas to spice up the busiest part of your home.

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