18 Best Cookbook Storage Ideas To Easily Access Your Precious Collection

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Cookbooks are a treasure trove of wisdom and recipes. They also take up a lot of space, making it hard to find what you need when you need it. Our list of the best cookbook storage ideas can help maximize kitchen space while keeping your priceless collection close at hand. Read on to get a bunch of new ideas to try in your own kitchen space.

1. Go for a Rustic Crate Box

Need a way to organize your small set of cookbooks? Keep them tidy and visible with an open-faced box or basket. A clementine box would work, as would a wire basket for those who have more of an industrial aesthetic. Add in some rustic charm by lining the box with fabric scrap.

2. Maximize the Shelves Under Your Kitchen Island

It's not just for spices! If you have many cookbooks to store that you always latch onto during meal prep, think about the shelves under your kitchen island. You could line them vertically or stack them on top of one another (make sure they're stable). The space is out in plain sight and easily accessible--no digging required.

3. Repurpose a Spice Rack

Consider this cookbook storage idea if your countertops and cabinets lack storage space if you have a small kitchen. Since cookbooks aren't necessary for survival, they're not like the food. 

Keeping the display as minimal as possible makes sense to make the most out of what little room is available. Using spice racks will help you fit more cookbooks on a smaller shelf for a visually appealing and functional organizational tip.

4. Make Use of those Narrow Shelves

Sometimes, cookbooks are stacked on the floor or piled up on any available surface. Stealing a few inches of space between your wall and kitchen cabinets seems like such an uninspired option for storage. 

Instead, why not build cookbook cubbies into the gaps of small appliances and your fridges to maximize storage? This is truly one way that you can continue maximizing throughout your entire home or even at work!

5. Get Some Picture Shelves 

Cookbooks are a beautiful display piece for your kitchen. They look great on picture shelves that hold them flush against the wall, like these cute ones! 

You can customize this arrangement of two rows to fit any space you have available in your kitchen—from one long shelf or several small and staggered ones as well. Picture shelves usually have a standard size to hold cookbooks open for stylish display and convenient navigation.

6. Hidden Drawers in Breakfast Nooks 

Cook Books Kept In Concealed Staircase Columns - Image by BHG

Cook Books Kept In Concealed Staircase Columns - Image by BHG

Storing cookbooks upright in an open cabinet or drawer to save floor space is not ideal for everyone. This sneaky storage hack is the solution if you have too many cookbooks to keep in your kitchen. 

You can create a hidden drawer like this brilliant bench with a secret drawer on one end—tiny house style. This is perfect for storing away those books that are not used every day but still need to be close by when inspiration strikes.

7. Place Stylish Bookends on Your Countertops

This is a reasonably conventional storage method, but you can make it more exciting and creative. You can keep your cookbooks standing with the help of useful and fun bookends that add interest to the space. 

This works incredibly well if you have open shelving in your kitchen or ample countertops. Using open shelving will have your cookbooks act as an instant display without disrupting its neutrality too much.

8. Color Coordinate Your Favorite Cookbooks

The rainbow-themed cookbook arrangement on the upper shelf is a beautiful sight that is hard not to notice. But if you have a lot of them, it can result in an overcrowded look. You want to avoid this by color-coating your cookbooks so that they don't seem overstuffed. 

Instead, they present a very cohesive appearance on the shelf. It's also helpful because then you know what books are where without having to think too hard about which ones they need at a moment's notice.

9. Organize Cookbooks by Recipe Type

Organize Cookbooks - Image by Clean Mama

Organize Cookbooks - Image by Clean Mama

Cookbooks are notoriously difficult to store, taking up valuable space on your kitchen shelves. This is the easiest way to do it if you have an extensive collection of cookbooks. 

You can arrange them in recipe types, such as baking & desserts, appetizers & side dishes, entrees, etc. This will make looking for what you need much more accessible so that opening up your cookbook cabinet won't have to be so time-consuming.

10. Install Counter-Height Bookshelves

If you have an empty wall in your kitchen, consider installing a counter-height bookcase. This particular design even features little cubbies where you can stash awkward-shaped dishes that don't fit into the cupboards.

This shelf is perfect for storing your cookbooks because it's at the same eye level as you would be while cooking. Plus, if you decide to repaint or change up your kitchen decor, later on, give the wall a fresh coat of paint, and everything will look brand new.

11. Install a Shelf Over Your Hooks

The best cookbook storage ideas can help maximize space and make life easier in the kitchen. If you're short on space, this vertical solution might be the one for you. 

Here, a simple high shelf is used to create a small cookbook display—though we'd probably want to use bookends, so nothing comes tumbling down! We could even put some hooks underneath it for our prettiest aprons.

12. Add a Crate Over Your Fridge

Shelve your cookbooks on top of the fridge, provide a caddy to hold them, and include flowers or other bright decorations. Remember that you will need a step stool for when you want to reach them again. 

This is a solid decor suggestion for those who are keen on keeping things simple in the home. You can hide and get cookbooks that you don't need in everyday kitchen experiments.

13. A Cookbook Nook

This nook is a perfect example of maximizing space by combining several cookbooks in one area. And with the addition of some decorative items, it becomes even more unique! 

You can certainly try your hand at this idea—perhaps adding extra storage to bare corners will make the whole thing feel more personalized. An example is stacking crates on top of each other for more rustic storage.

14. Hang up Metal Basket Cases

Wire baskets are great for make-shift bookcases for those with a small collection of cookbooks stored away with dust in their kitchen. If you're looking for a visually appealing approach when displaying your books, vintage metal baskets as unique bookcases can add a quirky touch to your space.

Having a sturdy and smooth weld is an advantage to keep your precious cookbooks out of damage. Besides, a bookcase like this allows you to see easily which cookbook you need for a specific occasion. 

15. Use Them as Fillers in Open Shelves

Open shelves are trendy in kitchen design right now, but you must learn how to style them. Cookbooks make exceptional filler items for this purpose and can work well on the lower shelves vertically stored. 

The only drawback is that accessing specific cookbooks may be tricky depending on how you style the frame. Keep your most-used cookbooks near eye level for easy access with a simple pull-down motion.

16. Place Them Neatly on Your Pantry Shelves

Make A Mini Cookbook Library In Your Pantry - Image by Ryan Garvin

Make A Mini Cookbook Library In Your Pantry - Image by Ryan Garvin

If you have a wall of pantry shelves, consider using cookbooks to break up the monotony. Arrange them so that their faces are visible when standing at eye level in front of the shelf.

Placing cookbooks on pantry shelves makes it convenient for you to grab the things you need and the recipes simultaneously. This way, you won't take long searching for the cookbook you need during a busy holiday.

17. Stack Them in a Column on Your Countertop

On counters with ample room, stack your cookbooks vertically in columns for easy access. This is good for at least three to five cookbooks if you're a minimalist. Cookbook storage ideas vary from one end of the spectrum to the other, but there's one thing you won't have to doubt: no matter which way you go, it will make life easier in your kitchen space!

18. Switch a Shelf up with a Drying Rack 

There is nothing better than getting back into the kitchen to try a new recipe. But when you have a lot of cookbooks, it can be hard to find the best one for what you're in the mood for. 

You can use extra dish racks as cookbook storage if you have additional dish racks, especially the vintage wired kind. This is an ideal way to create a more design-friendly organization for duality in function and visual appeal.


Now that you've learned some different ideas for storing cookbooks, it's time to organize! Do you have a cookbook collection that has taken over your kitchen? If so, then this post is for you.

Remember that the best cookbook storage ideas all depend on how you want to make or break a space. The kitchen is your playground in terms of design. Feel free to play around with some of these ideas and find the perfect fit that makes it easy to get that crockpot recipe in an instant!

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