18 Best Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas For Cooks And Non-Cooks Alike

Kitchen utensil organizer

Whether you're a cook or not, it's crucial to have a designated place for your kitchen utensils. Not only will this keep your counters and cabinets organized, but it will also make cooking a breeze.

If you're in need of some kitchen utensil storage ideas, check out the 20 utensil storage ideas below. From wall-mounted racks to magnetic organizers, there's sure to be an idea here that will work for you. So get started today, and soon you'll be cooking up a storm!

1. Over-The-Range Storage

Over-The-Range Storage

Storing your spatulas, whisk, tongs, and other essentials to toss food around on your cooking pan doesn't always have to be stored away. Hang frequently used kitchen utensils just over the stove with an over-the-range hanging rod.

Hang utensils with S-hooks to keep them within arm's reach while cooking. This convenient and practical storage option also provides a place for decorative elements and unique utensils. This is an excellent option for small kitchens and can help free up drawer space.

2. Hanging Utensils Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Measuring spoons behind the cabinet doors

Measuring spoons behind the cabinet doors - Image by Extra Space Storage

Hanging wooden spoons, measuring cups, and peelers, among other utensils, inside the cabinet door in a smart way to save space. You just need to install rods and add hooks to your cabinet door. This is a great way to keep the utensils organized and, at the same time, have them in an easily accessible spot.

You can also use this method for pots and pans. You can also install L-shaped metal brackets on the inside of the cabinet door to hang pots and pans vertically. This will save you counter space and make finding the right cooking utensil and pans a breeze to see during a busy weekday meal prep.

3. Pegboards As Drawer Dividers

Dish peg organizer

Dish peg organizer - Image by Queen Bee of Honey Dos

If you're tired of digging through your kitchen drawers to find those missing measuring cups, then it's time for an upgrade! Wooden pegs will keep everything in place and organized.

They allow one sectioned-off area within each deep drawer to make all necessary tools easy to access without changing their location every time someone opens up the cabinets.

4. Basket Organizers  for Kitchen Utensils

Utensil basket storage

A basket or container for storing silverware placed on countertops provides somewhere safe where napkins, hand towels, and all the utensils can go when not being used elsewhere.

If you're keen on segregating utensils, you can even use separate baskets to place cooking spoons, serving spoons, knives, chopsticks, and other cutlery.

5. Using Knife Blocks

Knife blocks for drawers

Another highly recommended way to store knives is by using a knife block for drawers. This nifty invention keeps blades sharp and protected while taking up little counter space. It also looks pretty sleek on the kitchen counters or visually appealing when you pull drawers open.

6. DIY Caddy for Cooking Utensils

Utensil Caddy

Utensil Caddy - Image by Good Housekeeping

What if I told you that making a rotating utensil caddy was possible? Well, all of the pieces are available at any craft store. You have to glue stylish stainless steel cups onto an already existing wooden base like a Lazy Susan or turntable.

It's an easy slot for cooking utensils that will keep things in one place and make it more accessible for everyone in the house. This project only takes about five minutes altogether, so it's one of the many best kitchen utensil organization ideas you can try out in your home.

    7. Under Cabinet Utensil Organizer

    Under Cabinet Utensil Organizer

    Hanging your utensils, especially baking utensils like spoons, spatulas, and whisks, will be easy to reach when you turn them under your cabinet. This DIY is an easy way to use vertical space to organize kitchen utensils.

    You have to use a strong adhesive or screw the turntable upside down. Grab a few screw-hooks and twist them in, depending on your preferred spacing. Hang your utensils accordingly and turn to find the one you need for your next meal prep!

    8. Pegboard Wall Organizer

    Pegboard wall organizer for kitchen

    Hanging your kitchen utensils on the wall is a great way to save space and keep everything organized. Just make sure you know how many hooks or pegboard sheets will be needed for installation before shopping! Depending on its storage capacity, you can even use it as a pot rack and hang pans and other stuff for the kitchen.

    9. Ceramic Canisters and Crocks

    Ceramic canisters

    You can use crocks or ceramic canisters for larger utensils like bakeware or regular spoons, forks, and butter knives. They're great on countertops, pantries, or a Lazy Susan in the middle of your dinner table for easy access.

    Crocks have been around for ages as one of the best utensil storage ideas, especially if you're into collecting vintage pieces or having modern ones to complement your rustic kitchen décor. It's also a great idea to maximize their versatility for food storage purposes.

    10. Wall-mount Mason Jars

    Wall-mount Mason Jars

    If you're not renting your space, feel free to customize your utensil organizer and make use of glass jars or Mason jars for your daily silverware or even large utensils.

    This can be applied on a wooden open shelf setting and displayed on a pegboard. You can also store silverware vertically in these jars for instant navigation on your kitchen island's countertops.

    11. Built-In Utensil Drawer Space

    Inset Utensil Storage

    Inset Utensil Storage - Image by Better Homes & Gardens

    This may require a little more construction, but a pull-out organizer for utensils is one of the best storage solutions for your home kitchen. Inset storage bins are an excellent way to keep your kitchen tools tidy and reachable.

    You can use this built-in utensil drawer for everyday items like cooking utensils or silverware, so you never have a shortage when it comes time to prepare dinner!

    12. Boxed Utensil Trays

    Boxed Utensil Trays

    If you're tired of your utensils getting all jumbled up in a chaotic mess on the floor, then a customized storage tray is perfect for keeping precious silverware in its rightful place.

    They're easy to DIY, but you can also purchase these trays. Plus, they’re perfect for smaller kitchens with limited space.

    13. Flower Pot Storage

    Flowerpot as utensil storage

    Another quirky way to store utensils is by using unused flower pots. They're great to turn into utensil holders that can hold a lot of silverware, baking utensils, and other cooking essentials like foils or wraps. It's also a nifty idea to try for dead spaces or bare walls.

    14. Towel Bar Method

    Kitchen utensils hanged using a towel bar

    Install towel bars to hang kitchen towels and all the utensils on the wall above the sink area if you have a small kitchen. You can also install magnetic strips for easy access alongside knives and other cutlery, so they're always close by without taking up valuable drawer space!

    A hook or two mounted near sinks is not just handy but valuable too; it's a quick way to store newly washed and dried utensils.

    15. Towel Bar With Hanging Canisters

    DIY Utensil Hanging Storage

    DIY Utensil Hanging Storage - Image by HGTV

    Have you ever wanted the perfect place for all of your kitchen utensils and tools? Look no further! You can do this DIY project with just some Home Depot or Lowes supplies.

    You won't need any fancy skills, either—it's pretty easy as long as everything is installed the right way.

    16. Reused Rake Organizer

    Glasses on repurposed rake organizer

    DIY-ers are rejoicing! This rake holder will add that vintage farmhouse look to your kitchen while making organization easier for you.

    Attach the tool on top of a board using screws, but remember to take care not to break off any handles before adding hooks onto either side, so they're secure and out sight as much as possible. You can even customize this design by a simple paint job or by customizing where each hook goes!

    17. Mobile Sliding Cart

    Mobile Sliding Cart

    You can also go with a sliding mobile cart. This utensil holder is a convenient approach where you can store silverware, bakeware, and other frying utensils you would need daily.

    It’s such a great idea for storing your tools whenever you’re cooking, and you want to bring your tools wherever you go. Plus, the multiple drawers give more room for your hand towels and cooking utensils—you can even store cleaning supplies in the bottom-most drawer for convenience!

    18. Reused Cheese Grater Utensil Storage

    Cheese grater utensil holder

    Cheese grater utensil holder - Image by Pinterest

    Use an old cheese grater to store your utensils and cooking utensils. You can attach something like a string on the back for easy hanging and then add kitchen tools such as spatulas, whisks, ladles, making this super helpful! 

    You can put whatever you want in these holders—try adding flowers from around town if that's your fancy!


    Kitchen organization is key to streamlining your cooking process. By having designated spots for all of your tools, you'll be able to find what you need when you need it and avoid wasting time searching through cabinets or drawers.

    So, the next time you're tackling a recipe, take a few minutes to organize your kitchen utensils and see how much easier cooking can be.

    Have you ever come up with an ingenious way to store your kitchen utensils? Share in the comments below!

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