World's Best Kitchen Decors In October 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors in October 2021

If you are looking for the world's best kitchen decors, then the search is over. Below is a compilation of the world's best kitchen decors that will help you revamp your kitchen to increase productivity and style in the busiest part of the home. 

There are many types of world-class decorations that can help make your cooking experience more enjoyable. They may also give you some inspiration on how to decorate your own space. 

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1. Collen Roberts' Bright Rustic Kitchen

Collen Roberts' Kitchen

Collen Roberts' Kitchen - Image by @robertsbardolife

When it comes to design, decor, and function, Roberts' kitchen is a mix of bright, soothing pearl whites and faded rustic grays. It plays with marble and the classic butcher-block patterns while adding a smattering of gray and beige color tones to compliment the white cabinetry and countertops.

The barstools are wood and leather, adding a rustic touch to the kitchen island's marble countertops. When it comes to world-class designs, Roberts' kitchen is one for all avid foodies or people who want to have an incredibly designed space where they can cook up daily.

2. Andi Morse's Homey Hole-in-the-Hole

Andi Morse's Kitchen
Andi Morse's Kitchen - Image by @morsedesign

Andi Morse, an Atlanta-based interior designer, has created a bold yet homey way to incorporate colors and elements in the kitchen. It resembles a hole-in-the-wall that seems like it's separate from society. Still, it maximizes open interiors for ease cooking with friends or family while also ensuring enough room at your disposal when entertaining company!

The kitchen has a casual and homey tone that can say a lot about the homeowner and their space. The island features an exciting contrast of colors, while the light fixtures mimic a classic yet bold interior that softens the dark blue kitchen walls. 

There's also some natural woodwork throughout, which provides aesthetic value without interrupting what you're saying too much as far as design goes--it just adds extra personality into these areas, so they stand out from others around them!

3. Brie's Silver Sack

Brie's Kitchen

Brie's Kitchen - Image by @roostonrogers

When it comes to the silver linings of life, Brie's kitchen seems to nail it design-wise. The tasteful play of silver and marble resonated in this space, using charming signage and white floral arrangements, adding some elegance to the small kitchen.

Although many decors come into play, they're all quite functional and add character to the space. For instance, the utensil holders are placed in labeled ceramic jars for some convenience and easy navigation. The breakfast bar has marble countertops complimented by high black stools for a more polished yet balanced look to a small space.

4. Lauren's Crisp White Wonder Of A Kitchen

Lauren's Kitchen

Lauren's Kitchen - Image by @thescotchpinehouse

The subtle way Lauren plays with white and dark tones makes it a beautiful space that merges with function and convenience. The crisp white cabinetry and kitchen island are complimented with high gray stools, contrasted with wooden legs that boast a classic touch to the space.

Lauren also added a large banana leaf and centerpiece to add some greenery to the well-lit space. The golden light fixtures and glass bulbs will yield beautiful yellow lights that create a cozy space during late-night dinners indoors.

5. Houselift Design's Textured Kitchen Mosaic

Houselift's Design Image

Houselift's Design Image by @houseliftdesign

Houselift Design's Textured Kitchen Mosaic is a world-class kitchen that will be around for many decades to come. The white marble countertops and faded wooden cabinets won't go out of style, which means this space can stay relevant even in the next decade.

The textured white and gray backsplash contrasts beautifully with the golden accents found in the hanging light fixtures. When it comes to balance and glamour, Houselift knows what it's doing.

The playful incorporation of geometry in the framed artwork adds character to the stylish countertops. Lean into the beauty of kitchen decor and design with Houselift here.

6. Chelsey's Cozy Bohemian Kitchen

Chelsey’s Kitchen

Chelsey’s Kitchen - Image by @frengpartyof6

Who said kitchen decor is just decor? Chelsey says otherwise with her cozy kitchen with functional clutter that makes the space work. There's a big play of creamy whites and beiges which create warmer tones for the small kitchen space.

Using wooden elements reflected on the open shelves and framed artwork gives an accent to the kitchen. The playful touches of green as seen in the pots and pans create a little nudge to earth tones and compliments the bohemian floor rug to put the space in balance.

7. Sara and Dan's Inviting Open Kitchen

Sara and Dan's Kitchen

Sara and Dan's Kitchen - Image by @joineryanddesignco

A beautiful and bright kitchen that maximizes natural light is what Joinery and Design Co. did with this kitchen space. It plays with ceramic tiling and marble countertops, and touches of wood in the kitchen island.

The use of open shelving also maximizes the accents added to the space while incorporating bohemian elements through the floor rug. Aside from the nature-feel people get in this kitchen thanks to the direct view of the outside garden. 

Joinery and Design Co also used some greenery by adding potted planters that breathe air into a well-lit room.

8. Nyla's Walnut Wonderland 

Nyla's Kitchen

Nyla's Kitchen - Image by @nylafreedesigns

Talk about texture! Nyla's walnut wooden cabinetry and kitchen islands are a good mix of quirky and rustic. The charming mosaic backsplash quickly draws the eyes forward and highlights the softness of the space despite the rich wood that encircles it.

Nyla also used hanging light fixtures where she went with a simple white lamp to compliment the marble countertops of the kitchen island. A nicely added plant in a glass vase creates a glamorous yet refreshing finish to the space.

9. Michelle's Tiny But Mighty Kitchen

Michelle’s Kitchen

Michelle’s Kitchen - Image by @thecozyfarmhouse

Michelle's take on limited kitchen space goes full-bright on the tiles and cabinetry. She used white ceramic tiles for the backsplash, and white cabinetry with black handles to add a dark accent to the space.

The glass shelving also created a transparent look that made navigating kitchen essentials convenient and stylish as a display. A little slice of glamour is seen in the golden vase and salt and pepper shakers that compliment the wooden interiors of the space.

10. Karen's Elegant Kitchen 

Karen's Kitchen

Image by @mylongisland.home

In this elegant kitchen designed by Karen Elizabeth Interiors, the play of cooling colors was dominant in the space. The hardwood floors complemented the light blue kitchen island and blue cushioned bar stools.

A sophisticated accent of marble used on the kitchen countertops and mosaic tiles for the backsplash creates a classic look. This glam kitchen-designed metropolis interior is elegant enough to feature in an upmarket modern design magazine!


A beautiful kitchen is a reflection of a homeowner's personality, lifestyle, and values. This month's selection of the world's best kitchen decors shows us that function and design are achievable in small and large kitchens alike. 

There's no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are various ideas when creating a dream kitchen. Besides, your kitchen, your rules!

Next month, remember to tune in for another world's best kitchen decor for your monthly dose of kitchen design pegs! Up to showcase your kitchen stylings? Please leave us a message a for more information on how to join.

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