World's Best Kitchen Decors In July 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors In July 2021

As trends come and go in home design, the kitchen has maintained its status as the essential room in the house. It's where families gather to eat, talk, laugh, and do homework together.

As a result of its central location and significance in the home, chefs, home cooks, and contemporary and traditional kitchen lovers worldwide have spent years perfecting their interior design, making it into a place that's welcoming for family and friends.

This month of July, we featured some of the best kitchen decors around the globe. This article will give you ideas and, hopefully, a design peg for your next kitchen renovation.

1. EA Coast Designs' Stylish Barnyard Touch

EA Coast Design’s Modern Mid-Century Kitchen - Image by eacoastdesigns

EA Coast Design’s Modern Mid-Century Kitchen - Image by eacoastdesigns

If you wish to make your kitchen stand out, playing with tilework could make a difference. EA Coast Designs maximized their backsplash to add a unique yet modern aesthetic in a kitchen space by incorporating floating shelves.

One of the best kitchen decor ideas this lifestyle and design group executed well is creating a balance between the picket-style backsplash and rustic floating shelves. The kitchen should be a space that boasts a combination of rustic and modern styles without overdoing other kitchen decor ideas you have.

We also love the barnyard touch with floating wooden shelves that added an industrial look to the backsplash. The sink incorporated into this space looks like an ornament but is a very functional furniture piece. It’s one of those kitchen decor ideas that just take good investment and a good eye for design.

The sink is part of the furniture piece that includes a stove, shallow upper cabinets, and most importantly, a concrete countertop with a contrasting color to solid wood stools. Keep in mind that these designers’ rustic elements incorporated into this renovated kitchen could help add value to its overall look.

For more information on their kitchen decor, decorating ideas, and other inquiries, check out their website.

2. Jenn Ray's Customized Kitchen Corner

Bright and Modern Kitchenette with a Pop of Color - Image by Jenn Ray

Bright and Modern Kitchenette with a Pop of Color - Image by Jenn Ray

That's right! When it comes to making your home pop in a small corner of the house as Jenn Ray did, it doesn't take much effort or investment if you have some great kitchen ideas and are willing to put them into practice.

According to her social media post, a kitchen island with marble countertops is always an aesthetically pleasing addition. However, one thing that seems just as important is adding more appliance cabinets and open shelving inside your space for extra storage.

If this isn't enough, then consider using hanging light bulbs over the sink, which will help make any ordinary jars seem exceptional, along with bamboo organizers and custom-made ceramics on finished wood shelves.

The wood blends well with white ceramics and makes clear jars and containers look like an accent. Using bright-colored appliances like a pastel green SMEG toaster or a wooden knife block made from acacia wood to highlight design and functionality on your kitchen counters.

Transparent hanging light bulbs are all the rage in many snug and small spaces. 

If you like to feature these trendy pendant lights in your kitchen, make sure that they will not cover the worktop or part of your wood cabinets. Also, ensure you have enough headspace over the sink to keep your head safe while washing the dishes.

3. Kerry Ann's Glamour-Inspired Kitchen

Trendy and Glamour-Inspired Kitchen - Image by Kerry Ann

Trendy and Glamour-Inspired Kitchen - Image by Kerry Ann

Larger kitchens are more often than not the center of attraction for the entire house. As such, people who have large kitchens tend to be more careful with their choices regarding kitchen counter items.

Kerry Ann's Glamour-Inspired Kitchen is a gorgeous blend of white countertops and backsplashes with metallic accents that come together beautifully to create a design that exudes sophistication and practicality in every way. She added three crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, which added stunning yellow lighting over the kitchen island.

A couple of high bar stools with velvet upholstery and chrome-colored legs also provide comfy seating arrangements with a trendy touch. Adding some pink roses and lilacs aren't just quick kitchen decors that make a glamorous kitchen island pop; it's also a way of incorporating natural elements.

4. Carolyn Holst's Fixation On Geometric Fixtures

Velvet Upholstery and Geometric Light Fixtures - Image by Carolyn Holst

Velvet Upholstery and Geometric Light Fixtures - Image by Carolyn Holst

Carolyn Holst opted for a geometric theme kitchen decor but still made sure it was cohesive with the whole house and integrated warm wood elements. This essential part of her house was where she displayed the best results of this artistic approach.

The long curved shape of the center island provided her the liberty to incorporate many different design principles that compliments ample lighting that pours from the windows. Using white countertops and darker bottom cabinets greatly contrasts the gold faucet and orange velvet upholstered bar stools.

Contrasting Cabinets in Black and White Variants- Image by Carolyn Holst

Contrasting Cabinets in Black and White Variants- Image by Carolyn Holst 

The light fixture used for this space was also placed strategically for maximum effect. Keep in mind that the best kitchen decor contains a mix of modern, rustic, and traditional designs that can be put together quickly with bohemian accents like woven fruits baskets to make your white countertops look seamless.

Don’t shy away from a fixation on shapes and a suitable light fixture; it’s an easy way to make your kitchen space pop. See more of Carolyn Holst’s work here.

5. Kayleigh Scholten's Play on Dark Tones

Dark Tones Used In A Medium-Sized Kitchen - Image by Kayleigh Scholten

Dark Tones Used In A Medium-Sized Kitchen - Image by Kayleigh Scholten

The best kitchen decors do not necessarily have to be expensive – you can create one by simply utilizing your style and creativity. This kitchen space revamped by Kayleigh Scholten is an excellent example of how awesome darker tones can create contrast in your kitchen.

She was inspired by her bathroom’s interior design, which used subway tile. She wanted to incorporate the gray tone into her kitchen backsplash to avoid designer-painted walls and add an unusual texture that still works beyond the bathroom. It blended pretty well, complimenting the stainless steel microwave and gas range.

The gray and white marble countertops over white cabinets also give a spacious feel to the entire space. Scholten used dark wood on the kitchen island and dining table to help create a rustic touch. Using woven planters and succulent plants to decorate the counter and dining table, a tinge of greenery by the sunlight adds a little more life to the kitchen.

Kayleigh Scholten is the go-to person for bold colors and open shelving designs. If you’re keen on making a change in your kitchen, check out her website.

6. Robekah's Small But Mighty Kitchen

Quirky and Budget-Friendly Kitchen - Image by Robekah Poppen

Quirky and Budget-Friendly Kitchen - Image by Robekah Poppen

With a bit of creativity and bargain shopping, Robekah Poppen proved that you could have a fantastic kitchen without breaking the bank. Her entire renovation came in at under $1,000 for both her sink with matching faucet and white 70 sq. ft. marble tiles!

The process of renovating your home doesn't need to be expensive or time-consuming; you can simply get all the decorating tips from YouTube. This is evident when looking at how far Robekah could go on such a low-cost project as this one. All she had left after purchasing everything needed was just under $50 total spent!

Nifty DIY Shelves - Image by Robekah Poppen

Nifty DIY Shelves - Image by Robekah Poppen

The white shelves hung in the kitchen were custom-made with extra space for other essential items. If you wish to incorporate an accent wall, a pegboard would be an excellent and affordable option. Robekah highlighted a rustic feature in the kitchen by painting a fresh coat over brickwork and fading off some of the paint to create an exciting surface.

Robekah's kitchen is a riot of colors and textures. The dark green cabinets stand out against the light wood kitchen cabinetry, which is accented with an earthy hue to pull out the warm tones even more so than before.

Robekah Poppen is a great DIY and budget-friendly renovator you might want to reach out for affordable kitchen decor ideas. See more of how she broke down the process of her pocket-friendly renovation here.

7. Larissa Santana's Sleek Sophistication

Modern Kitchen with a Minimalist Back Drop- Image by Larissa Santana

Modern Kitchen with a Minimalist Back Drop- Image by Larissa Santana

If you're looking for a minimalist yet sleek and sophisticated kitchen to model after your own, Larissa Santana from LS Home Staging and Interior shows you the bright possibilities ahead.

Clear white countertops are a staple in many minimalist kitchens, while a white marble backsplash adds a little more finesse to the area. Santana staged this room with elegant kitchen cabinetry that has no knobs or handles, serving only to maintain a clean look because a simple pull of the door is all that's needed.

The oversized white kitchen island in the middle is perfect for those who enjoy sitting and enjoying their morning meal. The beautiful light that bounces off every surface makes it easy to read a good book while you sip your coffee!

The hanging light fixtures create a beautiful backdrop for the kitchen island. These warm, inviting lights are great in any season and can be left on when hosting late-night gatherings with friends to add ambiance to your home's contemporary design.

For minimalist top designers looking to collaborate with Larissa Santa, visit her website for more of the best kitchen decor ideas.

8. Mel Bean's Rustic and Midcentury Modern Renovation

Rustic Mid-Century Renovation - Image by Mel Bean

Rustic Mid-Century Renovation - Image by Mel Bean

Meal Bean Interiors transformed this former rustic-looking kitchen into a modern masterpiece. The simple design of this space is truly breathtaking! The transparent glass cabinets allow the homeowner to store all sorts of dishes and cookware while giving off the illusion that there are no pots or pans.

A person can find many things to do in the kitchen, so it's best to have all appliances like a pot rack or brass hardware and moving space to entertain guests. The hardwood floors were maintained in this design concept to capture the rustic vibe the owner intended to preserve. 

This is why this large and modern-looking island with its marble countertop and stainless steel faucet is such an excellent choice since it juxtaposes modern and classic design elements.

Designer Mel Bean added white open shelves against a marble backdrop to decorate the kitchen with appliances. White is an easy color to match, making it aesthetically pleasing for creating exciting displays of various items, from cutting boards and baking supplies.

9. Ohara Davies Gaetano's Bohemian Bubble

Bohemian-Inspired Hanging Woven Lamps and Wooden Chairs - Image by Ohara Davies Gaetano

Bohemian-Inspired Hanging Woven Lamps and Wooden Chairs - Image by Ohara Davies Gaetano

Ohara Davies' Designs' take on this kitchen is fun and less drastic than some entries on this list. A beige or brown kitchen can often evoke certain stereotypes, but this kitchen decor idea mixes things up in a way that is still stylish and agreeable to function and taste.

The textured wooden chairs add a different accent to break up all the brown. A hanging pendant light fixture may be a popular kitchen decor. Still, an unusual and artistic addition would be hanging woven lamps that give off warm, inviting lighting for you to enjoy your meal in style!

All of the time and care you put into cooking food can be ruined if your kitchenware is dull. Cast iron pans in darker colors will make your interior appear more balanced while providing a way to improve your meal’s flavor for everyone to enjoy.

10. Whitney Parkinson's Eclectic and Contemporary Kitchen

Eclectic Kitchen Interiors with Chrome and Marble Textures - Image by Whitney Parkinson

Eclectic Kitchen Interiors with Chrome and Marble Textures - Image by Whitney Parkinson

Whitney Parkinson's eclectic kitchen is one of a kind. The mix of colors in the chairs, upper cabinets, backsplash, and countertops make this an exciting setting that will indeed have guests talking! Her bold kitchen decor ideas show how she harmoniously blended wood, brass, and marble in one space.

This modern yet diverse design takes influence from the 1920s and is beautifully juxtaposed with contemporary elements like marble and chrome. Take the round kitchen island stools, which simultaneously give off a vintage and industrial feel. They're great to have in medium to large kitchens since it's multifunctional and adjustable in height for those with kids in the house.

The kitchen cabinets are finished with a golden oak laminate, giving the entire area a warm and cozy feeling. The chrome appliance also complements the overall design as it breaks the monotony of wood in the kitchen cabinetry.

The neutral landscape painting in a rustic wooden frame adds to the classic decor. It compliments wooden elements like the cabinets, countertops, and even some of its light fixtures. Meanwhile, the black marble backsplash elevates cooking corners by several notches!

See more of Whitney Parkinson’s creations here to get kitchen decor ideas and see which ones you can add to your renovation mood board.


The kitchen is the heart of every home. It holds most if not all that we need to prepare for cooking and eating, from morning coffee until late night dessert cravings. To make this space truly yours, take some time to think about how you want it to look.

Consider colors schemes and room measurements before designing a floor plan for optimal use of space - there is no right or wrong way here! Take inspiration from our recommended kitchen decor ideas on how people have incorporated their favorite things while still achieving an aesthetically pleasing design.

Do you want to get featured on our next monthly roundup of the best kitchen decors? Or perhaps you know someone who has the skills in designing or renovating a kitchen. Drop us a message at for details on how to join!

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