World's Best Kitchen Organizers In January 2022

World's Best Kitchen Organizers In January 2022

January is an ideal time to take a fresh look at your kitchen and organize it. We all know that the first month of the year can be a hectic one, with New Year's resolutions and people getting back into their routines after the holidays. We've compiled the world's best kitchen organizers in this article for you to browse through for the new year.

If you haven’t already, see our December list of the world’s best kitchen organizers for more amazing takes on kitchen decor and organization.

1. Jen Woodhouse's Bamboo Top Glass Jars

Jen Woodhouse Bamboo Top Glass Jars

Even Jen Woodhouse knows that you can't go wrong with glass canisters for spices, herbs, and other cooking powders. She took the opportunity to add warmer tones to her all-white kitchen by using bamboo top silicone canisters. They're displayed on seven clear shelves for a great open concept display that's both versatile and functional. 

Please take a few ideas from her collection of work here.

2. Allison Gross' Golden Tops

Allisson's Gross’ Golden Tops - Image by @pdxneat

Allisson's Gross’ Golden Tops - Image by @pdxneat

Allisson Gross perfects a more glamorous take on arranging spices. She didn't shy away from keeping her spices fresh and organized using ideas from the Neat Method to add elegance into her kitchen. 

Visualize your pantry, whether it's open or close. Arrange like items together and always keep like with like. You'll have an easily accessible, beautiful space to cook in before you know it!

In this showcase, the spice jars have matte gold lids and black labels to make navigation of spices and herbs convenient yet chic! They're also kept at the middle and bottom shelves for easy access, perfect for those always on the rush in the kitchen.

Check out the Neat Method and other fantastic pantry organizer ideas by Allison Gross here.

3. Morgan's Open Pantry Approach

Morgan's Open Pantry Approach - Image by @morganized_living on

Morgan's Open Pantry Approach - Image by @morganized_living on

This kitchen is styled with open shelving to display her beautiful array of plates, bowls, and cups. The walls are painted subtle pink to make the spice jars and appliances pop. Morgan has also grouped items together on shelves for easy access. You can see she left the first shelf empty to store bulk or extra spices and herbs later on.

The bakeware and grater are placed on the second shelf, while the last shelf is where she used spice organizers and glass jars with sifter tops to keep the cooking ingredients fresh and easily accessible.

Maximize limited storage space with Morgan's open pantry approach and see more of her ideas here.

4. Ellie's Modern Minimalist Spice Decker

Ellie's Modern Minimalist Spice Decker - Image @cute_decor_ideas_canada

Ellie's Modern Minimalist Spice Decker - Image @cute_decor_ideas_canada

Take a beat from the usual scavenging for leftover spices with Ellie's minimalist approach to keeping spices in a "decker" style. Ellie's open shelves and clever use of adhesive hooks provide a well-organized kitchen with quick access to the spice jars she uses most frequently.

She also used a lot of transparent glass containers for freshness, but you can use any airtight mason jar or container that works. The Bamboo top lids add uniformity and sturdiness to the setup. The large white labels don't only make the whole organization look neater, but they also eliminate the risk of mixing up spice jars.

Learn more about Ellie's take on home and kitchen decor on her Instagram.

5. Christine and Jan's Charming Open Shelving

Christine and Jan's Charming Open Shelving - Image by @howardsstorage

Christine and Jan's Charming Open Shelving - Image by @howardsstorage

An eclectic space with greenery is best complemented by functional spice organizers that look and work great on a bare corner. Why not hang up open shelves explicitly built for your spice collection?

Check out Christine and Jan's charming decor wherein they used positioned the spice shelves beside the kitchen window for clear visibility. The traditional clamp sealers to secure the spices and herbs make the organizer pop with style!

See more of Christine and Jan's functional decor and design successes here.

6. Melanie Walker's Spaced Out Spice Jars

Melanie Walker's Spaced Out Spice Jars - Image by @lasvegasneat

Melanie Walker's Spaced Out Spice Jars - Image by @lasvegasneat

Making a functional space that's also attractive is a good idea, and Melanie Walker's spaced-out spice jars are an excellent illustration of how to achieve just that. This method is perfect for small kitchens with limited cabinet space - all you need is a staggered shelf or drawer to make it easy to see every jar at once. 

Plus, they're also tilted with readable labels, so you can grab whatever you need without having to move any other pots around.

Check out Melanie Walker's organization pegs here and see why her kitchen is on our list of the world's best kitchen organizers for the new year.

7. Shelly Tims' Dallas Spicer

Shelly Tim's Dallas Spicer - Image by @dallashighlandparkneat

Shelly Tim's Dallas Spicer - Image by @dallashighlandparkneat

Shelly Tims' is a Texan blogger and author who offers many unique ideas for organizing every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Incorporating the Neat Method into drawers, cabinets, and other spaces is her plan of attack, which works incredibly well for her clients more often than not.

Laying down her spice jars and using black labels adds convenience, efficiency, and order in cabinet drawers. These simple but effective techniques will land any interior decorator or organizer with a world-class pantry.

Using pullout spice racks and levelers is a great way to keep everything organized and easily accessible for you when cooking your most delicious dishes. Take your pick from Shelly Tim's array of organizer ideas from her Instagram and get started on transforming your cooking space into a world-class masterpiece.

8. Howard's Magnetic Spice Holders

Howard's Magnetic Spice Holders - Image by @howardstorage

Howard's Magnetic Spice Holders - Image by @howardstorage

Go for a practical organizer and purchase magnetic racks that can hold some essential spices and condiments you need daily. Take Howard's nifty hack on keeping things spicy in the kitchen!

He added a single-tier rack attached to the fridge to make it fuss-free when looking for those chillis when making dinner stew. For those with kids and pets at home, you can place the spices on the rack to keep them away from any clumsy accidents.

Learn more about Howard's kitchen arrangements here.

9. Ashlee Jay's Spice Platter

Ashlee Jay's Spice Platter- Image by @ashleejayinteriors

Ashlee Jay's Spice Platter- Image by @ashleejayinteriors

A more festive look at organizing spices is to let them be the centerpiece of your kitchen island or counter. You can't go wrong with transparent jar organizers with Bamboo lids and white pre-printed labels. See how Ashlee color coordinated the rest of other kitchen items and decor with style, without forgetting the convenience of labeled spice jars for every arduous meal prep.

She opted for tight silicone seals with Bamboo lids for a sustainable organizer than another set of plastic ones. If you're looking for an alternative to spice up your world, check out these fantastic ideas from Ashlee Jay Interiors.

10. Jen Martin's Alphabetized Spice Racks

Jen Martin's Alphabetized Spice Racks - Image by @Jen Martin

Jen Martin's Alphabetized Spice Racks - Image by @Jen Martin

You can't go wrong with Jen's classic drawer organizer. Labeled spices will cut down on your time spent looking for the right spice. Jen's drawer organizer is an easy way to keep track of everything you need in one place. 

Spice jars with easy-twist lids and attached sifters will make cooking less of a fuss, especially when you don't have much time. They're also noise-reductive when you pull drawers and need to find the paprika immediately.

Create more organized systems in your drawers and cabinets with Jen Martin's decor ideas here.


These world-class organizers are sure to inspire you in your kitchen. With their help, January 2022 can be your most organized month yet! It doesn't have to be too complicated, as long as it's functional and design-forward for you and your kitchen's needs. 

Get started on creating a more efficient space for the heart of your home this coming new year. Send us an e-mail at if you feel your kitchen organizers are up to par to be featured for next month's list of the world's best kitchen organizers.

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