World's Best Kitchen Organizers In August 2021

 World's Best Kitchen Organizers In August 2021

No matter how well you know your kitchen, sometimes it's hard to stay on top of all the clutter. An organized pantry and fridge can help make life easier for busy families with limited time or just a single person looking to save some space in their small apartment and avoid unnecessary trips back from grocery stores.

Keep reading for kitchen organization ideas that will keep things tidy, so nothing gets lost or wasted again. We also have tips on decorating furniture pieces designed explicitly as storage solutions if you're seeking even more ways to optimize the kitchen or any other room in your house.

If you haven’t checked out our July list that featured the world's best kitchen organizers, we suggest that you do!

1. Lindsay's Kitchen Corner Cubby

Lindsay’s Kitchen Corner Cubby - Image by homemade.charm

Lindsay’s Kitchen Corner Cubby - Image by homemade.charm

Talk about efficient and maximum space optimization; Lindsay Herod showed us a peg for those bare corners! Take a hint or two from this interior design guru and add a bit of storage space to your kitchen.

Lindsay's Kitchen Corner Cubby is designed for those items that are too heavy or bulky to be hung on the wall but need some kind of home in those empty corners - and they're great for storing all sorts of food items which are great for bulk buyers. 

She primarily used wicker baskets, and clear airtight containers specifically made with dry foods like cereals, popcorn seeds, almonds, etc. Thus, you can utilize their unique colors and textures to fill up your space while giving them a designated home where they'll stay fresh longer than if just mixed up throughout other cabinets.

This corner organizer will showcase the food items and help create zones for specific food items or appliances with no place in other parts of the kitchen pantry. Learn more about Lindsay's interior design style here when finding the kitchen organizer that you could adapt to your own.

2. Miriam's Under-the-Staircase Storage Pantry

Miriam's Under-the-Staircase Storage Pantry - Image by homemade.charm

Miriam's Under-the-Staircase Storage Pantry - Image by homemade.charm

Miriam's under-the-staircase storage pantry approach is a space-saver you didn't know you needed for smaller homes. Many spaces come unutilized, and by getting the right-sized stainless steel racks and organizers to fit under your staircase, you will be creating more organized zones in every corner of your home.

Miriam used the racks with multiple tiers to make zones for ingredients used in cooking and baking. She designated the glass jars for dry food and baking items like flour, baking soda, sugar, and other grains. Miriam stacked canned goods together on the right track and used round chained baskets with cloth lining to keep other cooking essentials inside.

The bottom shelves were used for slender storage containers that kept cereal and other chocolate-flavored snacks easily accessible to everyone at home, even the kiddos. Teabags were also held at the bottom right rack for easy access for a relaxing nightcap.

3. Christie's Customized Glass Container Tip

Christie's Customized Glass Container Tip - Image by flourishorganizingcompany

Christie's Customized Glass Container Tip - Image by flourishorganizingcompany

The Southshore's finest professional organizer, Christie from Flourish Organizing, has a simple yet efficient tip for us today: customized glass containers! They keep spices together while also adding flair in an otherwise dull space.

Have you ever wanted to cook a delicious dinner but couldn't find that one spice? Well, now, with this clever kitchen organizer trick from Christie's glass jars, cooking will be more accessible than ever. Simply label your containers and put all of the spices in them, so they're easy to see. You'll never have trouble finding the suitable ingredient again.

If you want to keep your go-to ingredients within reach, place them on the middle shelves of your cupboards or pantry frames to avoid looking for them during meal prep. Let Christie show you the beauty in simplicity with this nifty little hack you should invest in here.

4. Rachel's Spice Storage Splurge

Rachel's Spice Storage Splurge - Image by spaceinyourplaceorganizing

Rachel's Spice Storage Splurge - Image by spaceinyourplaceorganizing

Spices are expensive, which is why it's so important to make sure that you store them properly. They're also highly used in many kitchens, especially for those who enjoy a kick in their food and love dishes with spicy flavors like Indian curry night!

Keeping your spices organized will help create ease of access when cooking, and they'll be ready to go if guests want more on hand since we all know how time-consuming making these from scratch can get. Label jars alphabetically by type or use clear containers labeled with each ingredient name - this way; everyone knows where everything belongs!

Spices are always an essential part of any recipe but because they come at such high costs, correctly storing them becomes even more imperative as not to waste any. Besides, who wants the extra struggle if trying to find cumin anyways? Labeling your spice jars will also add a design touch if you plan on displaying them on open shelves. 

5. Teresa's Tidy Upper Cabinet 

Teresa's Tidy Upper Cabinet - Image by teresa.lifestyled

Teresa's Tidy Upper Cabinet - Image by teresa.lifestyled

Living in a city can be challenging for storage space for food. With small apartments and micro-living, kitchens often have less cabinet space, making cooking difficult at times if you love to do so. There are ways around this, though, that will allow you to save time and money on the groceries as well!

Let Teresa's upper cabinet zone give you an idea of how to keep your groceries and ingredients looking good. The top shelf has two baskets for excess condiments or snacks that the kids can't control themselves around. Still, they're not as unsanitary because they are stored in a basket with fabric lining instead of just on shelves without any protection from bugs.

Mason jars have been popular since people realized these glass containers were airtight enough to make them perfect for pasta noodles, grains, and cereals (because who likes eating dry cereal anymore?)

She also used baskets for most of her dry foods like snack packs, crisps, and chips, while keeping the tea bags, juice packs in a clear pull-out organizer, and canned goods on the bottom shelf.

6. Kristen's Under-the-Stairs Pantry Revamp

Kristen's under-the-stairs Pantry Revamp - Image by astoldbykris

Kristen's under-the-stairs Pantry Revamp - Image by astoldbykris

Here is a great way to get more storage space without having to buy an expensive pantry. Kristen converted her under-the-stairs closet, which was often used as just extra storage and heavy appliances, into a walk-in pantry by installing shelving units that doubled the height of this area.

She and her partner cleverly designed an L-shaped wooden shelf for their open pantry to easily store heavy appliances like blenders, juicers, crockpots and mixing bowls. They stacked jars with labels to properly keep dry food items in zones while right most corner played on texture by using rattan baskets for condiments.

They made sure to use a large storage container for their dog's food placed right beside the toy bin under all the shelves for their playful pup. They also maximized the bare walls by hanging up some of their pans on a copper pipe with S hooks to hold them in place.

This is by far one of the most budget-friendly closet renovations anyone can try in their home. Take a few hacks from Kristen's ideas here.

7. Gennifer's Playful Use of Lazy Susans

Gennifer's Playful Use Of Lazy Susans - Image by genniorganizer

Gennifer's Playful Use Of Lazy Susans - Image by genniorganizer

For a playful twist in the kitchen, Gennifer used lazy susans to hold their spices. This is also great for working with smaller kitchens as it keeps all your often-used items within reach at all times! Plus, who doesn't like to spin that organizer twice or thrice?

She ensured to keep dry pantry food items in her cabinet's first and second shelves, using transparent containers with airtight seals. The best part is how she used different sizes for each type of food and based on how much she used them in the kitchen.

8. Amanda's Walk-in Pantry Pride

Amanda's Walk-In Pantry Pride - Image by thiscrazylofevlog

Amanda's Walk-In Pantry Pride - Image by thiscrazylofevlog

A walk-in pantry is like a mini haven for your favorite snacks and cooking condiments. Amanda's walk-in pantry just feels perfect because she does such an incredible job making it feel inviting, cozy, and functional.

She maximized every corner by incorporating the organizer's best friends; baskets, bins, clear airtight containers, glass jars, and labels. Take a few ideas on designating items in shelves from most kitchen cabinets to least used in the kitchen. Consider the accessibility of some things like chips, peanuts, cereal, and other kid-friendly food that your toddlers and teens might want to munch after a long day at school.

The highlight of this lovely walk-in Pantry is the stylish bohemian touch brought by the hanging lamp fixture. It did not only make the small space luminous, but it also added an accent that made it easy for anyone to get distracted by a messy pantry; if ever that becomes an issue in your kitchen.

9. Kelly's Take on Refined Open Storage

Happily Blue Home's Take On Refined Open Storage - Image by happilybluehome

Happily Blue Home's Take On Refined Open Storage - Image by happilybluehome

When it comes to glamorizing your kitchen storage, kitchen organizers from Happily Blue Home will say nothing but "yes!" 

The typical pantry storage plays with a lot of containers, baskets, and bulky canisters. In their take on an elevated pantry look, using Moccona coffee jars is the secret ingredient. They have always been fond of this type of container since it posts several storage benefits, but most of all, they're transparent and look very stylish even from a distance. 

The open shelves help create a sense of unity inside the kitchen and make it look bigger than its actual size. The clear white coat of paint used for this storage cabinet, complemented by foods stored in the transparent glass jars, created a calming interior touchpoint.

Overall, this simplistic and elegant play of transparent glass and white overtones made glamorizing something as simple as a cabinet seamless and adaptable. See more of what Happily Blue Home has in store for your design and organizer needs here.

10. Natalie's Cozy Coffee Corner

Natalie's Cozy Coffee Corner - Image by Natalie

Natalie's Cozy Coffee Corner - Image by Natalie

Natalie puts her heart and soul into every single item she displays on her cozy coffee corner. There's a level of consistency that you will find in how she organized her dry foods and spices. From grains, baking ingredients to the snackable items she enjoys, there's room for everything, especially coffee.

As a coffee enthusiast herself, Natalie created a charming coffee counter with her espresso machine and coffee essentials like small packets of sugar, stirrers, and even sugar for herself and the guests who spend time in her home.

This is by far one of the most customized works of art in our list of the world's best kitchen organizers because it caters to personalization and shows a lot can be done with such a small amount of space.


Go home or go big - but never stay behind! Get your kitchen into the world's best by integrating style, function, and organization. Lazy susans are great for condiments, while sizeable airtight storage containers keep baking supplies organized.

And if you want to get professional help? Consider a Professional Organizer who can bring their expertise to show you how to beautify kitchen cabinets and pantries while considering a spot for other kitchen utilities like lid organizers, storage containers, spice racks, and cutting boards. 

Do you know anyone who has a rad new kitchen renovation that should be featured on Kitchen Science? Shoot us an email at and get featured on our monthly round-up!

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