30 Best Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas For The Holidays

A decorated kitchen for Christmas

It's that particular time of the year where loved ones gather accordingly, eat delicious Christmas dishes, and exchange gifts. Have you thought about what you can do to spice up your holiday interiors? Christmas decorations are so much fun!

In this post, we'll be showing you the 30 best Christmas kitchen decorating ideas for the holidays to pull some ideas from.

1. Get the Lights Ready

Yellow fairy lights

Fairy lights are a fantastic way to set the mood for any occasion. These can be used in your kitchen, on display near an active hob, or cupboards with dishware.

They also make excellent wall decor when wired up around Christmas trees! One less thing you need is an adhesive strip LED light – they're perfect if hosting friends over during this time of the year because it's not just about cooking food (although, let's face it- that always helps).

 2. Whip Up Some Scents

Scented candles

Whether it's a candle set that smells like cinnamon, gingerbread, or pine, homemade scented candles are a great Christmas kitchen decorating idea. You can also mix up your scent using essential oils and baking soda. Mix with water for a fresh Christmas candle you made yourself!

For something a little more personal and will have a longer-lasting scent on your kitchen, include a little bit of holiday cheer into your kitchen with baked holiday goods. Whip up some gingerbread men cookies, Christmas cocktails, to fruitcake; many different options will not only make the space feel warm and fuzzy inside but also smell great!

3. Always Go with Garlands

Garlands on the dining table

A garland of fresh pine needles entwined with mistletoe, holly berries, and greens hanging overhead like an ornaments symphony in December time is a sight to see.

Think about tastefully displaying them on the dinner table without taking up too much serving and dining space. It's the perfect way to create a warm holiday feeling when you enter a room where a feast is waiting for your friends and family.

4. Hang Up a Wreath on the Freestanding Cabinet

 Beautiful white kitchen decorated for Christmas

Wreaths are not just for the front door– nor are they strictly a stand-alone accent. They can also be used in many different ways. For example, think about attaching one to the gates of cupboards during other times of the year so it will look more festive than ever!

If you have an open pantry next to this area (walk-in type), then consider hanging up some fragrant cinnamon wreath from strings set inside with dried orange pieces mixed throughout as well. Hinting all those lovely and cozy scents that remind you of family and home during the holidays.

5. Bring Out that Festive Chinaware and Glassware

Christmas themed dinnerware

Christmas-y dinnerware makes for a fantastic addition to your Christmas-themed kitchen. You'll want these in the days leading up too, so why not display them proudly? The more Christmas-y design is dotted with trees and other festive decorations like reindeer or holly leaves. 

This red and green patterned set will look amazing on any surface! Ensure the striking holiday patterns blend well with your cabinetry, so it doesn't look out of place or distracting in that one corner in your kitchen.

6. Go All Out with the Christmas Scented Candles

Candles for Christmas

The perfect way to add some extra Christmas sparkle is by using your favorite candles. Candles are an excellent addition for turning any kitchen into an entertaining space or just something luxurious you can enjoy while cooking and baking on the stovetop.

Candles are a sure yet straightforward way to create mixed displays with pretty vases where light bounces off each ornament and glass beautifully.

7. Add a Cozy Christmas Nook

Cozy Christmas couch

Give yourself a break when you're working hard throughout the day. Create a nook or corner for relaxing in the kitchen for those moments between cooking and baking that require attention.

Just like the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, the Christmas season is one time of the year that screams comfort and coziness. Creating a cozy couch nook in the kitchen corner is a subtle Christmas decor like fairy lights, Christmas patterned blankets, and pillows are one way to boost your Christmas nook's vibe.

8. Go All Out with the Prints

Christmas decorations

When you're thinking about switching up your home decor this season, consider making some changes in the kitchen. There are endless opportunities than ever before for festive patterns and designs!

Take inspiration from Scandinavian interior design to add a little bit of fun into those soft seat cushions or oven gloves. Ensure you don't go overboard with it to diminish other design aspects like light colors, which will help create an airy feeling when entering through the front door on Christmas day.

9. Christma-fy Your Open Kitchen

A Christmas-themed open kitchen

A stunning dining table is an absolute must for a festive meal, but ensure it ties nicely with your decoration scheme at the more functional end of the room. This has been done in many kitchens with open shelving. It uses lush evergreen branches as decorating accents and pares them off against white or cream candles on both sides.

This simple style can be achieved by asking any florist you know who sells greenery and foliage what they can recommend. This also allows you to decorate your dining table with a mix of Christmas decor and other accents that showcase your home's personality.

10. Make the Kitchen Island the Festive Hang Out Spot

Kitchen decorated for Christmas

As both Christmas traditions and kitchens modernize, more of us find ourselves entertaining in the kitchen at Christmas time - with our little piece-of-jigsaw (aka a kitchen island) at its center.

The kitchen island is a zone to keep your guests entertained for hosts who want to make sure all their guests are invited without making too much fuss. For chefs looking forward to providing delicious food while cooking on an open plan range, having just one place where these activities can take place is ideal with charming candles and red ribbons to highlight the seasonal charm.

11. Ride that Trendy Red Accent

Red Christmas decor on a countertop

Kitchens don't tend to be the colorful, exciting parts of our homes - but this Christmas, you can add some color and fun with red accents. From flowers on displays (which are hard enough to arrange) or even hidden tools inside bowls or jars like gold utensils, opting for just one shade will make things more eye-catching in comparison.

This will then give you leeway to add in those red accents to compliment the gold or silvery for the Christmas theme. Whether it's a red candle, a Santa Clause ornament, or even a table runner, there's a lot you can do to play around with the color red.

12. Go for Ceramic Christmas Trees

Ceramic Santa Claus , Snowman and Christmas tree

Apart from the living room having a pine tree show stopper for the holidays, the kitchen can have something a little more subtle. Add that ceramic Christmas tree into the mix to get that Christmas feeling in the heart of your home.

It'll be a great place for Santa Clause ornaments and other little trinkets you might want to show off. These unique ceramics are back with a vengeance, and they come in all shapes and sizes! You can go classic green or try out something more modern-looking like rose gold as well if you're feeling adventurous this year too.

13. Use Greenery to Frame the Kitchen Windows

Fresh Christmas pine

Adding some simple greenery like holly, ivy, or even pine branches will frame the windows and add that Christmas-y feeling to the room. Use white lights or garlands for a more subtle look, or add in those red and green ribbons for a more prominent color palette for the season.

14. Add Curtain String Lights to Your Dining Area

Hanging vintage string light

Magical string lights make the best backdrop for any holiday party. They are so easy to use; gently pull on each strand until you find a long enough one, and then tie it off at both ends! Your dining area will instantly be lit up in a warm winter glow - what could be more comforting during the dinner feast with your relatives?

15. Sneak in the Plush Christmas Gnomes

Christmas gnome plush toy

If you're not a fan of the garden gnome, then a plush toy version for Christmas decor is an excellent way to switch up your interiors in the kitchen. Christmas gnomes are not your average household decorations.

They're known to bring good luck and generosity to Scandinavian culture, making them perfect for this time of year. Place these adorable little guys around the house as decoration, or give a few away as gifts to your nieces and nephews!

16. Stick Christmas Snow Flakes on the Windows

Snow flake hanging above the window

A childhood decor that many kids get nostalgic about, this charming approach is an excellent activity to do with the kids. Still, it's also a budget-friendly way to decorate your kitchen windows.

You could also purchase a plethora of decal stickers perfect for the upcoming winter holidays. These adorable snowflake designs will be sure to bring some joy and cheer during the Christmas season.

17. Hang Christmas Socks at the Back of Dining Chairs

Christmas socks hung on chairs

There are so many different Christmas tree ornament options; you'll have no trouble finding the perfect one for your kitchen. From simple to elegant - everything in between - there's something out there that is sure to fit just right in your home.

Try something a little quirky by hanging the Christmas socks at the back of your kitchen dining chairs instead of the chimney. This will give your kids a fun tradition to follow and a way of hanging the Christmas socks by themselves.

18. Try an Accordion Christmas Trees

Trendy Christmas trees

These unique trees are the perfect solution for any kitchen. They come in three sizes, and their lightweight design makes them easy to move around when you need some extra room on display or want a change from decorating with lights!

The handcrafted quality means they'll never go out of style, and that's why we call this tree "stylin'!" Plus, these beautiful Christmas decorations will automatically lay flat after displaying, so there is no risk whatsoever about getting tangled up during storage time post-holiday season.

19. Go for Electric Candles 

Electric candles

Imagine a world where every room is lit with soft and warm light. Now, thanks to remote-controlled candles, you can have that experience without having to light a match. 

With nine candles included in its price tag as well as a remote control, your choices are unlimited. It makes for a perfect decor for almost any occasion or mood imaginable. These also look superb as a kitchen island centerpiece guests will find charming!

20. Slide-in that Burlap Table Setting

Christmas table setting

The burlap runner is a simple but effective way to add style and color. It comes in both shorter and longer versions for when you need them at your most extended tables! Your decor will easily blend with this elegant setting with multiple color options beyond gold, white, silver, and beige.

21. Keep a Sleigh of Ornaments 

Xmas slay of ornaments

What more ideal way to accent your table than with a sleigh full of Christmas tree ornaments? These are perfect for centerpieces, but they can also be used as part of the place settings themselves! Add the ornaments to a bowl or dish, and you have an instant centerpiece for those who love the Christmas tree look.

22. Add a Funny Door Mat 

Merry Christmas doormat

Make your guests feel more at home once they get to your front door. Go with a wrapped up in this hilarious mat. Available in mini, standard, and large sizes, so everyone will know there's no place quite like theirs!

23. Try a Wooden Garland

Wooden garland piece

One of the most beloved Christmas decors people use is a garland. You can buy them at any store, but try using a wooden one if you want to make your own. This will give your kitchen that warm and rustic feeling we all love this time of year.

You'll be amazed at what simple wooden beads can do to your Christmas tree or fireplace. Play them up with faux garland and other decors of similar hues for a fun, colorful look that is both stylish and affordable!

24. Add a Quirky Book Snowman

Books as Christmas decorations

You don't have to be a kid at heart to enjoy these bookworm-themed snowmen. They can take up residence on your shelf or any corner table, and with three of them, you'll always find someone for company! There is no right or wrong way to decorate for Christmas.

25. Scatter a Bunch of Poinsettia Flowers 

Poinsettia table decor

Poinsettias scream Christmas and are perfect for any occasion, which will brighten any part of the home. They're also available in additional colors like red, pink, or silver, so you can choose the one that best suits what kind of room decor you desire!

26. Incorporate Customized Ornaments 

Handmade Christmas tree ornament

For a more personalized take, you can opt to make your ornaments. The thoughtful, personalized ornament makes the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their first Christmas together as husband and wife. Add an extra special touch by engraving it with "wedding date" or other reminders of your big day!

27. Hang a Burlap or Banner Above Your Kitchen Counter

Christmas burlap

A DIY banner or burlap is an excellent way to add a touch of Christmas cheer to your kitchen. You can conveniently make one yourself using fabric, ribbon, and a wooden dowel or stick. This is a beautiful way for kids to get in on the Christmas decorating action, too!

28. Display a DIY Wreath on Your Kitchen Door

DIY Christmas wreath

If you want your home to look beaming for the holidays, a wreath is an easy and fun way. You can either buy one or build one yourself, but if DIY-ing, why not have some kids on this project too?

29. Dare to Add Some Balloons 

Red and white balloon arc

Who says balloons are just for birthday celebrations? Christmas is an excellent time to create a balloon garland in any bare kitchen corners you can maximize for the holidays. You can try a colorful balloon arch with the usual green, red, and white colors or an alternative palette like blue, pink, and silver for a Christmas dinner party as well; it all depends on your preference.

30. Put Up Knit Stockings on Your Cabinetry

Christmas stockings

Knit stockings that look like they're from your grandma's closet? Yes, please! These knit stockings are not only customizable and comfortable, but you can also add them to your Christmas kitchen decor for a unique spin to holiday decorating.


Christmas is a joyous time of year, and there's no reason your kitchen can't join in on the fun. With these Christmas kitchen decor ideas, we hope you'll have a jolly ol' time in the heart of your home this season.

The possibilities are endless, from easy tips like adding festive garlands or putting up stockings to more intricate balloon arches!

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