World's Best Kitchen Organization (Updated January 2022)

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Few things are more satisfying than walking into your kitchen and have everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you're cooking, baking, or just looking for something to snack on, a cluttered mess of cabinets and drawers is a problem you'll never solve.

Creating a reliable system with functions specifically for your needs can seem daunting. Still, at Kitchen Science, we bring you monthly round-ups of the world's best kitchen organizations to help you start strong. 

At Kitchen Science, provide design inspiration and ideas on creating your own world-class kitchen organization system. We've gathered the best tips and tricks from professional organizers worldwide to help get you started. See more of our collection of kitchen organization ideas on our Instagram.

World's Best Kitchen Organization in January 2022

World's Best Kitchen Organizers in January 2022

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh, and with a little bit of organization, your kitchen can run like a well-oiled machine. This month, we spotlight the spice organizers and sets that continue to bring a convenient and functional kitchen to life.

Uniformed and labeled, Jen Woodhouse's @jenwoodhouse floating spice jar organizer brings minimalist and modern approaches to her kitchen. Silicone sealed lids ensure the best herbs and spices in her kitchen are fantastic for those keen on quality assurance and preservation. Transparent shelves make the whole organization look seamless, along with the large white labels that make it easy to navigate while cooking.

A quirky way to use a higher corner space is to display spice jars with traditional clamp sealers the way Christine and Jan's @littlehouseonthecorner approach makes them a sight to see. Positioned by the kitchen window, natural light makes it convenient to see the dark labels for when you're looking for the secret ingredient in your favorite stew.

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World's Best Kitchen Organization in December 2021

Kitchen Organization in December 2021

A year-end organizer is a project for the nifty and type-As, but don't be mistaken; it's a time to relax and embrace quality time with loved ones. But who says organizing projects with family and friends isn't a way to spend quality time? Our 2021 December picks for the world's best organization centered on revamping the fridge. 

Many overlook the refrigerator as a storage space, but it can be turned into a culinary dreamland with a bit of creativity. Produce-friendly storage is one approach where Belle Abode @belleadobe showed us how chopping up fruits and veggies for easy meal prep Sundays can be achieved with ease using airtight sealed glass containers.

Meanwhile, Azure's @livecomposed take on a meal prep ready fridge is more scaled down to specifics. Using Lazy Susans to put jars of chopped fruits together and a bin to group tumblers is a way to go about top-grade fridge organization.

The play of flower arrangements did not fall short, according to Tania @homeganize's centerpiece. She placed stunning yellow roses in the center of her fridge while ensuring she used sustainable glass containers with Bamboo lids to keep her salad greens and fruits fresh and sealed.

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World's Best Kitchen Organization in November 2021

Halloween and Thanksgiving had many people prepping and stuffing their fridges with delectable food in time for entertaining friends and family. Our world's best kitchen organization in November featured creative styles when primping every nook and cranny of a refrigerator.

Take Danielle's @simplify_in_style rainbow-inspired organization, highlighting color coordination and proper zoning. The trusty La Croix drinks are decked out the rainbow style on the topmost shelf, while the left side of the fridge stored fresh fruits and veggies, and the right side kept the dairy, condiments, and green leaves in place.

Using clear bins with customized labels to arrange veggies and fruits is a grocery-style server that Lg Queen @lgqueenhomedecor showed us. A lovely farmhouse fridge by Kristen Hong @hellonutritarian features a rustic touch to kitchen decor and organization. 

She used wicker baskets and Bamboo containers to preserve fresh peaches, tomatoes, and mangoes with ease. Adding custom ribbons and cloth over salad greens to maintain their freshness was a nice touch to the fridge's exhibit. 

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World's Best Kitchen Organization in October 2021

The October round-up for World's Best Kitchen Organization is live and filled with unique ideas to get your kitchen in tip-top shape! October gave us some fantastic finds, from farmhouse pantries to hanging storage bags that will keep your produce fresh without a doubt.

The beginning of pumpkin spice season calls for open shelf systems. You won't want to lose the cinnamon and pumpkin spices at this time, and thanks to Paige's @farmhousevernacular, a possible inspiration to your next kitchen remodel won't hurt. 

She maximized open shelving to display her dry food and baking ingredients in glass canisters for easy navigation. The upper shelves were stocked with wicker baskets stored with condiments and bulk groceries for weeks to come.

Wicker baskets and white bins were highly utilized in the pantry and cabinets of Nicole's @niceandneat_athome kitchen pantry. Her canisters were labeled and strategically stored on open shelves. This organization is an excellent example of how to maximize vertical space. 

Condiments often used were splayed out on a Lazy Susan at the bottom-most shelf with the snacks kids will have an easier time accessing.

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World's Best Kitchen Organization in September 2021

Beautiful pantry storage is not impossible to achieve, and with our top picks from September's world's best kitchen organizers, there's a lot of inspiration to be had! This month's round-up is all about maximizing vertical space with gorgeous open shelves and neatly labeled canisters.

In terms of holistic execution, a beautiful kitchen pantry by Bettina Brent @bettina_brent shows the endless possibilities of what a customized pantry can look like. With white shelves and countertops where she placed her coffee maker, chopping boards, and cooking utensils, the ease of meal prep is nothing to stress about.

The upper shelves were decked with clear glass organizers and labels that make finding dry food, snacks, and ingredients convenient. The bottom shelves used wicker baskets and bins to store excess groceries and bulk purchases.

Pantry corner spaces are given a touch of playful fun with Robin Long's @coastalcraftymamad approach. She used clear containers with unique labels in each canister while creating different zones per shelf. They're separated by baking ingredients, dry food, and breakfast food and snacks. 

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World's Best Kitchen Organization in August 2021

August was an excellent month for organizers, finding refreshing ways to keep their goods in check and order. From small kitchen cabinets to large pantries, creativity doesn't fall short.

See Teresa Dinneen's @teresa.lifestyled charming kitchen cabinet, which uses a mix of textures from wicker baskets to large meshed baskets that are still visible. This makes identifying snacks no fuss. The bottom shelf is where canned goods and tea packets are stored for immediate access when whipping up dinner last minute.

Revamped pantries with hanging light fixtures and charming hanging rods where pans and pots are hung make Amanda @thiscrazylifevlog and Kristen @astoldbykris impressive kitchen organizers in our book.

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World's Best Kitchen Organization in July 2021

World's Best Kitchen Organizers In July 2021

July 2021 entries for the world's best kitchen organizations boast unique styles but equally serve function and design with ease. Grouping like items is a common approach that levels up each shelf in a cabinet or pantry. Take Michelle's @glitzypear straightforward cabinet system that stores all dry foods like pasta, rice, grains, peanuts, pretzels, and oats, among others. 

Jessica @simplymodernliving is a fantastic take on a cozy break room with a small coffee station and fully decked-out shelves that hold all the dry food and snacks. She added a magazine display for those who want to lounge and read during a break from a busy day.

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With some innovation and helpful tips from our world's best kitchen organizers, you can create a unique kitchen system that works for your individual needs. There is no one way to produce a system that works; playing around with your containers, canisters, and small kitchen appliances and organizers can make a difference.

Start with the messiest storage in your kitchen and work your way into the most flexible one to put together. Be sure to check out other featured bloggers' posts for more inspiration, then get started on creating the best kitchen organization system for you and your family.

Please don't shy away from showing us what you've got. Send us a message at if you see your kitchen being featured in our next month's round-up.

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