World's Best Kitchen Decors (Updated November 2022)

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Many do not shy away from giving the kitchen the spotlight in their house. It's the heart of every home that brings people together and establishes a sense of familiarity through feeding. Whether you're cooking or baking, the simple act of preparing food for friends and family is a pivotal part of making your house a home. 

Design-wise, the demand for a functional kitchen that shows some personality and character is essential. Kitchen Science aims to give kitchen décor and design enthusiasts the world's best kitchen décor each month to show the creative side of curating a kitchen space that works for you. 

At Kitchen Science, we've got the world's best kitchen décor ready for visual digestion. Expect seasonal décor enmeshed in minimalist, farmhouse, and contemporary kitchen styles that help inspire and spark some creativity in your inner interior decorator and designer!

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World's Best Kitchen Decors (Updated November 2022)

World's Best Kitchen Decors in November 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decors in November

Winter is the best time to try new ideas for decorating your kitchen. These are the top 10 kitchen trends for November 2022, from wood to metal.

Black is a great choice for kitchen cabinets, as it instantly gives your space an air of sophistication. Lauren @at_the_barkers painted her cabinets a matte black color, put down white tiles, and then added subtle lighting—making this sleek and stylish kitchen.

If you're not ready to go all-out with a black kitchen island, navy blue can be a chic compromise, as Army Strong @amystormandco did in her timeless kitchen look.

Inspired by nature, Rachel Lynn's @rlynnmccloskey kitchen is an example of how a simple room can be made interesting with different textures. Using darker colors this month brings out drama and elegance.

Interiology's @interiologydesignco kitchens also feature dark islands that either contrast or match the other dark parts of the room, such as the countertops and cabinets.

White kitchens have a reputation for being cold and clinical, but adding comfortable seating can tell a different story. Cabinet Navigators @cabinetnavigators added rattan bar stools to this white kitchen, making it warm and inviting.

At the same time, Art Partner @artpartner_architects made Podil's Apartment a gray and beige kitchen for a modern soft look.

If you don't like colorful accents, Nteam's @nteam_design kitchen decor is something you might enjoy. Using neutral colors and wood cabinets, you can easily make a room look more stylish.

Instead of choosing between a traditional or modern kitchen, Jusso Design @jussodesign created a space that combines the best of both worlds.

Thomas Interiors' kitchens @thomasinteriorsanddesigninc typically feature white and wood tones. Their design for a black kitchen island and brass accessories resulted in a grand and elegant kitchen.

Lastly, we love how Garcia Cumini @garciacumini incorporated the woody green color scheme for her kitchen project.

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World's Best Kitchen Decors in October 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decors in October 2022

This October, get inspired with these top 10 kitchen decor ideas to make your dream kitchen a reality! The first project on the list is by Art Partner Architects @artpartner_architects. It has a stunning panoramic view of the Bay of Biscay and is the perfect example of minimalism.

Even though a contemporary-style kitchen has been around for a while, it is still very popular and is always getting new updates. The retro-chic design of Lindsay Frank's @lindseyfrankdesign kitchen is the best example.

Tineke Triggs' @tineketriggs sultry modern kitchen is where you can imagine eating cheesy oysters and drinking margaritas. At the same time, the traditional grey-brown cabinets in Loreen's @bothmindsdesign subtle brown kitchen are painted with a charming color from Farrow & Ball.

House of Jade Interiors @houseofjadeinteriors created the look of a midcentury modern by choosing the right basic furniture and decorative pieces. On the other hand, you can visually connect spaces with the same colors and materials, as shown in the open-concept kitchen by West of Main Design @westofmain. Large swaths of white in the kitchen area and living room make the space look clean.

Jane's @janeshomejournal dream kitchen has soft blue cabinets and white sinks that look great together. It also has a retro-style fridge that goes well with a mostly white kitchen. While the modern, eclectic, and classic kitchen by Anthology Creative Studio @anthology_creative_studio feature an island and countertops that mixes engineered quartz and natural marble.

And if you want to change things up, you can try different textures and materials, especially in a white kitchen. Above the countertop in this Alison Giese Interiors' @alison_giese_interiors kitchen is a cabinet that looks like it was made out of old wood. Lastly, the Amber Interiors @amberinteriors team creates a warm, textured space like no other with the changing seasons.

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World's Best Kitchen Decors in September 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decors in September 2022

See how these 10 simple kitchen decorating ideas can freshen up your space this month!

Using wood for your shelving and ceiling is a surefire way to give any room a warm, homey feel. In the Wabi-sabi kitchen by Yana @yana_design_home, the wooden accents pop against the white backgrounds.

An all-black or all-white color scheme is all you need to achieve a modern, chic look in the kitchen. It's easy to see how great they look in Rach's @renov80shouse contemporary kitchen, where the black and white color scheme works wonderfully with the softer furnishings.

Sherrie's @sherricalnanhome modern farmhouse kitchen is also a great example of how to experiment with new colors without going too far outside your comfort zone by adding some dark accents to an otherwise white space. In contrast, Carrie Delany @carriedelanyinteriors has several exciting new projects, but this kitchen renovation stands out among the rest. The ceiling details and windows are two of the most interesting parts of her kitchen.

Hw Interiors@hw.interiors decided to add color and contrast by painting their clients' kitchen island blue. In comparison, keeping the walls, floors, and countertops white is easy to have a predominantly black kitchen but still airy and bright. The monochromatic look is the most well-liked approach to decorating a black kitchen, as seen in Blanc Marine's @blancmarineliving Timeless and Refined Kitchen.

For a more curated and refined look like Kimberley's @kimberleyharrisoninteriors kitchen, consider using marble for both the backsplash and the island countertop if you don't mind the "high maintenance" marble entails. These days, dark kitchen cabinets are all the rage in the world of interior design. To draw attention to the kitchen's sleek black cabinetry, Raili Clasen @raili_ca_design polished the wood floors and ceiling.

On the other hand, Louise @thevintageroom uses a pale mint paint color to create an effortlessly cool aesthetic in her tiny kitchen. She finishes the look by putting a group of clear glass bottles with a single flower on the window sill of her space.

Furniture in the classic Shaker style is what makes Devol's Kitchen @devolkitchens famous, and everyone knows it. The walls were paneled in beautiful wood in their newly renovated kitchen and painted a custom grey to set off the wood's natural grain.

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World's Best Kitchen Decors in August 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decors in August 2022

Check out these 10 kitchen decor ideas to help update your space in time for August!

Sammy @thepennrenovation created a timeless kitchen with white cabinetry and gray walls. Its winning combination of neural hues and blue accents is an excellent way to cover up any imperfections in your home. While Amanda Barnett @amandabarnettdesign took down the walls between the original dining room and kitchen, creating a larger living and cooking space.

Anna, one of the best kitchen designers at System Six Kitchens @systemsixkitchens, paired a Manston matte black kitchen door with Aluma brass rails, giving the kitchen a modern and glamorous feel. Look no further than this beige kitchen decor for a classic space that will never go out of style. This simple design by Claire @littlepettittpad will fit the bill for anyone looking for a budget-friendly and minimalist kitchen makeover.

Sienna Miller's @busolaevans newly renovated country kitchen is the place you'd go crazy for. The vintage furnishings and fixtures like the Windsor chairs and pendants make it even more appealing in a laid-back space.

Lisa Piddington @lisa_loves_vintage realized putting air-purifying plants in her kitchen was crucial to help create a cheerful atmosphere. Beck @the_interior_lens loves a green theme and knows how to make her kitchen elegant. Meanwhile, Emma's @lovinglinden kitchen shows how fun it can be to bring pink into your home.

Jessica Helgerson's @jhinteriordesign kitchen decor is love at first sight! Her home in New York City has an open floor plan for the dining, living, and kitchen areas. Lastly, Lauren @lauren_nelson_design altered the floor plan by relocating some walls and replacing the range with French casement windows to make the room more open and airy.

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World's Best Kitchen Decors in July 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decors in July 2022

July’s roundup features a roller-coaster of kitchen designs, including minimalist, elegant, and budget-friendly.

Decorating Genius @decorating.genius recommends making simple changes in your kitchen, like recoloring or reusing appliances. In comparison, W Design Collectives' @wdesigncollective idea features a beautiful stained glass window that brings a medieval vibe to a spacious and bright space.

Next is Luxe's @luxe_interior_ design, which incorporates a smooth white paint to keep things looking clean and orderly. Artichoke @artichoke_ltd has created an orangery kitchen that combines European influences with a modern look. The room is divided into two sections: cooking and working, and the other for eating.

Furthermore, Ronittiken @ronitteken_interiordesign features an island set in a gold marble countertop, which provides a focal point for the area and brown-colored high stools for additional seating.

Turning a drab, boring spot into a cozy and inviting place is what Potonya Interior @potonya.interior did with their kitchen and living room project. 

A Chateau Margaux Kitchen by Emily @emilypueringerdesign is excellent for entertaining, and she went above and beyond to make guests feel at home. In comparison, Casa Kanso's @casa.kanso Japanese-inspired kitchen features high wooden cabinets and a smooth-surfaced kitchen island under a white ceiling with tiny lights. 

We all know black and white are the best for contrast. And Rangemaster's @rangemasteruk kitchen decor idea is the perfect example of using these colors well. Meanwhile, Tru Form Tiny's @truformtiny renovation project is ideal for tiny-home dwellers. Its stylish and functional design makes this kitchen space packed with hidden and smart storage. 

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World's Best Kitchen Decors In June 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decors In June 2022

This June 2022, update your space with one of these 10 amazing kitchen decor inspo!

The use of green cabinets and gold hardware in this kitchen creates an interesting contrast that makes the most out of your space. Expert designers Duane and Sarah at Arborand Interior Design studio will floor you with how much they've been able to maximize in their small space project. While for a modern feel, the Haus T Lux @haus_t_lux created their kitchen with light gray panels and appliances contrasted in high-gloss grey cabinets for an elegant effect.

A white country kitchen is a homeowner's fantasy. It's not difficult to see why Stephanie's @mymodernstyleig farmhouse kitchen is one-of-a-kind, with marble worktops in the middle and gentle lighting to create a sense of warmth. In comparison, Serpil @fam.b.home has always been drawn to the idea of darker cabinets. They can give your space a sense of depth and sophistication that's hard not to notice.

Kitchen design is all about statement-making and RTstudio @rteriorstudio has you covered with bold, bright colors or more subtle shades to match your style. On the other hand, W Design Interior's @w_designinteriors double island kitchen is the perfect space for entertaining. It offers ample room to prepare food and dine.

Design trends are evolving at an exciting rate, and the kitchen remodels project of Tec lifestyle @teclifestyle takes the latest trends with the use of a German handless furniture range to create a sleek modern look for any home. While the French farmhouse kitchen may not be replicated. Still, Deb @seekinglavenderlane of Seeking Lavender Lane has done an excellent job capturing its essence in her inviting cooking area.

Kelly's @kelly.e.stone kitchen has been given a stylish and modern makeover with the help of just a few changes. Finally, Tom's @tommarkhenry_ Kitchen is a cool and sophisticated room with navy blue paint as the primary feature.

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World’s Best Kitchen Decors In May 2022

World's Best Kitchen Decor In May

The world's best kitchen decors for May are a wonder to behold! It can be hard to decide which one will fit your home best with so many styles and trends. But don't worry, Perrine & Row have covered you with their gorgeous design. The interior has an elegant modern air, thanks to sleek gray cabinets paired perfectly against brass fittings. 

The elegant white kitchen designed by Katie is enriched by an amazing glass pendant light that hangs over the center island as its focal point. While Rhatigan and Dhicks' modern design has been executed beautifully, using interesting shapes and patterns to achieve a unique sense of style while still being aesthetically pleasing at heart!

Many people feel that the only way to get a modern country kitchen design is to use a Shaker-style kitchen. On the other hand, Shaw demonstrates numerous ways to get the same effect without conforming to the classic style. Meanwhile, Ham, an interior designer, incorporates cutting-edge appliances into his designs, such as the eye-catching orange stove range and oven and a rustic rug.

The combination of purple paint and dramatic statement create a sense of theater in Eilidh's kitchen design. At the same time, the balance between rustic elegance can also be found in Farrow & Ball's design, where Hagueblue color was used to accent its beautiful depth on cabinetry.

Sara's simple, sophisticated kitchen leaves plenty of room for experimentation. All-white kitchens are proof that sometimes less really is more. On the other side, there are various ways to bring a touch of spring to your kitchen. In the Lemonade kitchen designed by Neptune, they used a sunny yellow Quince-colored kitchen island.

Last but not least, a beautiful kitchen area by Katy's features deep navy blue cabinets and a kitchen island for a sophisticated feel.
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May 2022 roundup.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In April 2022

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In April

Looking for the best kitchen décor to spruce up your home this April? We have gathered some of the most stylish and trendy kitchen décor ideas that are sure to give your cooking space a fresh new look.

If you don't have much room, consider following Callie's advice of building your cabinets all the way to the ceiling to give the impression of a larger kitchen. For a rustic living room with a country feel, Sarah Shermans utilizes a wood ceiling for a natural appearance.

Design Shop Interiors selected the gray backsplash tiles to compliment the white cabinetry in the country-style kitchen. While an attractive white classic kitchen by Dawn Mackenna utilizes glass cabinet doors to provide a sense of extra space.

Beautiful contemporary design with marble counters and backsplash in Matthew Quinn's Luxurious kitchen will make any home feel more luxurious. As well, the interior designers of Les Ensembliers have put together a truly amazing collection of paintings in their kitchen.

Asia Baker Stokes' white brick-tiled kitchen is a great option if you're looking for something new. While Amy Storm's kitchen project also features a beamed ceiling, which adds a sleek aesthetic and serves as a subtle link between the room and its surroundings.

A kitchen island is a wonderful place to start if you're sick of using color in your kitchen. The PlaidFox Studio's kitchen design features a white countertop that is framed by a blue island. There are many all-white kitchen design trends out there, but Matt James' kitchen remodel is a refreshing change of pace.

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World’s Best Kitchen Decors In March 2022

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In March 2022

Kitchen design is about finding that perfect balance between modernity and tradition. It is all about creativity and expression, so take your time to find the style that best suits you.

When looking for a kitchen that is both modern and elegant, look no further than the one from Huntington Remodeling's Clean State Kitchen and Becki Owen's White Stoned Walls. They've managed to create an all-white design while showing different aspects working well together. 

Whether renovating your first home or revamping the space in an existing condo, Amber Lewis teaches how to layer pieces from different collections for a cohesive yet still uniquely styled interior design. At the same time, Italian marble has always captivated Devol Kitchens. This exquisite material's clean honed surface and delicate veining make it ideal for home décor.

Kate Markers' style loves a monochromatic palette. She employs mild and neutral hues with gold accents on a cabinet, faucets, and fixtures. The European-inspired kitchen by Light Dwell expresses simplicity. Details and earthy tones will surely attract you with unlacquered brass plumbing.

A sleek kitchen island with waterfall edges and rich wood and gold accents that oozes elegance is one of the main highlights of Corey Damen Jenkins' work. Warm accents contrast all that stone for a natural state look.

You'll be amazed how Marie Flanigan features blonde stain paint that gives the best impression of unfinished wood. Keeping everything white except the base cabinets and the island makes the space feel bigger and higher, shows Lindye Galloway's Sleek Gray kitchen. Lastly, the marble backsplash makes a stunning statement to Jodie Owens' kitchen design.

Get inspired by the best kitchen décor ideas for March 2022.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In February 2022

We’re always on the look for fresh new ways to inspire your home. When it comes to DIY interior design, Kinne Andersen combines white elements with abstract art pieces that accentuate the space. 

Bailey from Home and Huffman uses prints and patterns to bring a sense of play to the rustic and modern elements. One of the best kitchen decorators that brought traditional textures like brown plaid into a contemporary space is Oakstone Homes.

Another lifestyle and design group that mixed rustic interiors through modern design tactics is Amber Pierce Designs while Julie Howard showcases hardwood floors and glass light fixtures that create a more open feeling. 

In contrast, MIF Design and Construction exhibits bohemian textures like rattan high-top chairs, making the marble backsplash stand out with ease. M&M Lighting made a spectacle of luxurious kitchen decorating with elements of copper, gold, and marble infused in a contemporary setting. 

Design Shop Interiors surprises us with their play on dark hardwood kitchen island and floors. Sarah Rose Inch delivers copper elements and marble countertops while highlighting the wooden beams of the ceiling.Now to  boast the wise use of both textures in doorways and window panes, Park and Oak Design creates a seamless juxtaposition of contemporary and farmhouse style.

View more in-depth ideas of the world's best kitchen decors in our February 2022 round-up.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In January 2022 

World's Best Kitchen Decor in January 2022

Start the new year with fantastic ideas to boost your kitchen decorating game. We raved about the tasteful kitchen decors in our January list across the US. A big play on corner kitchens made use of contemporary textures like Austin King’s mini-bar and alcove. The Bohemian tiles served as a delicate backdrop for his rustic wooden trays as a wine glass case. 

Another new year favorite was Mindy Gayer’s kitchen which boasts a mix of rustic flair and darker tones, complemented by the white cabinetry. The blossoming flowers on the kitchen island added a pop of color, elevating the space altogether. 

Adding flora and other plants into your kitchen has always graced the kitchen space, an excellent way to invite a more natural look to your home for the new year. See more pegs from Marnie’s vibrant kitchen for subtle ideas to incorporate bright flowers with bold kitchen colors. 

Get the best kitchen décor ideas to kickstart January 2022 here.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In December 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors In December 2021

The best Christmas kitchen decorating ideas for the holidays will have a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for gatherings of family and friends. Plus, a touch of holiday decor is a prevalent sight to see around late November to early January, brushing through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, of course.

A few suggestions we looked into included using the kitchen as a backdrop for Christmas decorating ideas. You can never go wrong with table settings that feature garlands or Christmas-themed utensils, dinnerware, and napkins. Hanging a wreath on the cabinets or the kitchen back door is another sure way to signal your housemates the most beautiful time of the year.

Using traditional Christmas snowflakes as hanging ornaments by the windows is another great way to signal winter. You can also go with sticker snowflakes in different shapes and sizes to adorn cabinet doors, fridge doors, or other flat surfaces.

If you're looking for a nifty way to add some life to an all-white kitchen for the winter season, consider using evergreen branches as decoration. You can find these at a local florist or grocery store pretty cheaply.

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World’s Best Kitchen Decors In November 2021

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In November 2021

A big part of making a kitchen pop is maximizing the surface and wall space, like the backsplash over your gas range. These are perfect for people who like to add texture with tile work. It's also a good option for those who want to display their collection of pots and pans.

Rugs are a type of kitchen and home décor that can bring a space together. They offer a sense of coziness and comfort. Laura Sima's beautiful kilim rug is a standout accessory that gives hardwood flooring a rustic feel.

For a more low-key look, Patricia Arruda's crisp white kitchen uses a light gray and white printed area rug that easily blends in with the darker tone of the wooden floors. In terms of space, if you have a small one, an area rug that's around two-thirds the size of your kitchen would be sufficient.

To maximize backsplashes, use a mosaic tile in muted tones like gray and white marble to accentuate the wood and cobblestone interiors. Go for Carrie Delany's bodacious kitchen in Utah for a precise play of textures. 

See more of the featured kitchen decors in our November 2021 list.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In October 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors In October 2021

In October 2021, we showcased the gray and white mosaic tiles Colleen Roberts used in her kitchen, which highlighted multiple textures that remained monotone in design. Nyla Free Designs' boho patterns for a modern farmhouse kitchen were subtle yet excellent textural play. The cabinets were walnut wood, letting the patterned backsplash stand out.

Sara and Dan’s inviting open kitchen was another standout in our list since it features a large window that lets in a lot of natural light. This highlighted the white tiles all over the walls and made the natural wood and marble countertops pop. 

You can incorporate geometric light pendants or another variant of hanging lights into your space. In our October 2021 feature, we presented round pendant lights with gold hanging chains that complimented the dark blue backsplash of Andi Morse's kitchen.

Karen Elizabeth could display traditional lamp posts in hanging fixtures in her kitchen. The transparency of the glass enhanced the yellow lighting and gave the two-toned kitchen a warmer appeal.

See the whole round-up for October 2021.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In September 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors In September 2021

Mid-century spaces' take on backsplashes was seen in many of our September 2021 picks, wherein monotone kitchens experimented with light gray and white tiles. This essentially created a more cohesive look for the kitchen, as seen in Modern House Glam's design and Emily Makselan's bold kitchen.

Another clever idea is to incorporate rustic designs into a modern kitchen with a Southwestern-inspired backsplash composed of gray brick walls. The brick backsplash laid the foundation of a warm and modern-farmhouse look for Amy from Modern House Glam's kitchen. You can get marble or stone wallpaper for that contemporary kitchen accent for those on a budget.

Emily Makselan showed a unique take on mixing darker colors with bohemian hanging lights over the kitchen island. She also used rattan, which encases the yellow light bulbs, producing a subtle and warm space while preparing meals or baking on the island. See how O'Hara Interiors maximized the larger area, then go for rugs at least twice as big as the flooring below it to create some breathing room.

Explore more of the featured decors in our September 2021 list.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In August 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors In August 2021

The right look and feel of a kitchen play a vital role in establishing the tone for the entire house. One way to achieve this is by utilizing color accents and nailing the right textures and palettes in your interior.

As seen in the August 2021 list, one of our favorites is the mid-century modern interior, which boasts black cabinetry and white countertops. An arched modern freestanding glass pantry is an accent piece that beautifully ties up the space.

We featured a lot of versatility in many kitchen decors and interiors in July as well, including what you can do with simple white countertops and kitchen islands. It’s easy to bring life into the space with fresh flowers and lively planters that add a touch of life. One of our favorites is Ruby’s glam kitchen which featured large billowing white roses to spruce up the space.  

A more simple accent used air-purifying plants, as seen in Rabail’s bright corner kitchen. It quickly brings life into a small and busy space, plus choosing pots for your green babies is another way to innovate with the décor in your kitchen.    

See more from our August 2021 round-up.

World’s Best Kitchen Decors In July 2021

World's Best Kitchen Decors In July 2021

Good lighting is a critical factor in any kitchen, and it is essential when working with darker colors, which do factor in other spaces in the kitchen. When selecting light fixtures for your kitchen, be sure to consider the size of your kitchen and if it'll be going over the sink area or the kitchen island.

Directing the vision upwards is always the goal of an interior decorator or designer to give off the illusion of tall ceilings. Bohemian light fixtures over the kitchen island are a superb way to incorporate natural materials like rattan, which is usually a heavy-duty and stylish addition to a warm wooden kitchen. Check out Ohara Davies Designs to see how she pulled it off.

EA Coast Designs from our July 2021 picks brought life into the kitchen with planters and succulents displayed on wooden shelves. The new year introduces Carole Carr Designs' take on corner shelves to a new level with its soft yet complementary tones. The display on the corner shelves shows collected ornaments and charming kitchen decor to add a personalized touch to the warm space.

Robekah Poppen also did a stellar job with our July picks, playing with bold color accents and producing a quirky and surprising palette. Wooden counters offer texture to the area, which contrasts with the dark green cabinets and stained white walls. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and textures to create a kitchen that you love without compromising function.

See more kitchen décor and interior design ideas in our July round-up.


You don't have to go overboard with a proper scheme when laying out a foundation in your kitchen. In this day and age, kitchen décor and interior design go beyond just redoing your cabinets or buying a new set of appliances.

There are endless ways you can inject personality into every nook and cranny in your kitchen. It takes some creativity paired with a couple of ideas from the world's best kitchen décor to layout the kitchen of your dreams. If you find your kitchen a possible candidate for our monthly round-up, shoot us a message at to learn how to enter!

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